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Q&A about Cadres and Entities

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This material was originally posted by Geraldine on Ning TLE on August 15, 2009. 


Note from TLE Admin on October 26, 2017: This material is the reproduction of a post by Troy that first appeared in 2003 in the TLE Yahoo Group [now defunct]. Here is Troy's disclaimer prior to posting this: "My disclaimer is that I was channeling this AS I was trying to learn about [Michael], so that can throw off some of the accuracy in details, but they are a start."


Posted 4/23/03 On TLE Groups
Here are some old Q & A to Michael about the Cadres & Entities:

Here are the responses from Michael in regard to the questions posted. I hope you all find them interesting at the least. Thanks for participating!


********************** QUESTIONS & ANSWERS


QUESTION: I would really like to know more about what happens after we die in regard to entities. I know we join back up with our entity before we incarnate again. But I guess I would like to know specifics. What do we do with our entities while we're there?


It is not necessarily true that you “join back up” with your Entity between lives. In fact, you are never separated from your Entity at any point, except in perspective from that of the Personality. Depending on Soul Age, there will be more or less contact with Entity Members incarnate, discarnate, or otherwise. Early in your Cycle, little is regarded between lives except how to get born again as soon as possible. As your Cycle continues and consciousness grows in Essence, your Essence will seek more meaningful contact with other Essences as you are between lives.


You will seek “aspects” of those who are still incarnated at the same time (they do not have to be dead to communicate with them) for review or planning, and you will seek contact with those who will play parts in the next life who are not incarnate. This is not limited to any members of any Entity.


Depending on the lifetime just lived, you will either integrate the lifetime and Personality as part of the dynamic of your Essence, or that lifetime remains “alive” and functioning within its own timeline. That lifetime, along with any other lifetime that is relevant to a theme, acts as a long-sounding tone, so to speak, and a new lifetime being created must integrate that tone into its plans. Lifetimes then “cluster” in terms of “chords”, usually in groups of 5 tones around a theme; the theme acting as a “chord”. Until that theme is complete, each lifetime and Personality is literally “alive” and full of various potentials within that theme.


When the Grand Cycle is complete, the span of lifetimes is literally “heard” as a song.


QUESTION: And what exactly happens when everyone in the entity is cycled off? Do we merge into one nebulous mass? What's the purpose of this?


When all fragments from an Entity are complete in the explorations of the Physical Plane, integration does begin. This is done in the Emotional Plane, or Astral Plane. Using the analogy of each Entity being a “busload” of fragments, then the “ride home” through the Astral Plane is the “telling of stories” of all lifetimes to each other.


All Essences at this point have learned to relate to each other as separate and Physical and all of the ramifications of this, but the Emotional Realm of Essence is only remotely touched while Physical. Some dreams allude to the experience, but what is experienced as Emotion while Astrally-based and integrating your Entity is profound to a degree that a Physical Body could never truly process it.


Each group of Roles within the Entity shares within itself, then as a collective Role will share with the other Roles making up that Entity.


When this is complete, movement to the Causal begins.


QUESTION: And, within our entities, I know we become close with a handful of other souls. But does this closeness carry over when the entity merges after everyone cycles off? Is that even possible?


“Closeness” with other fragments, whether within your Entity or not, remains, even when completely returned to the Tao. There will always be a “signature” that is identifying of all Sparks that are cast “from” the Tao.


That basic signature, which is not the same thing as Essence or Role, will never change. There is a higher order that organizes the Sparks within the Tao, regardless of their undertaking a new Grand Cycle with a new Role, Entity, Cadre, etc. This higher order is how the Tao “breathes in and out” entire Universes. We, ourselves, still have an affinity toward many who are now our Students, but lived many lives with us while we were Physical. You do not lose this, though the way you may “feel” it now will certainly change.


QUESTION: I was also wondering what kind of agreements the entities have. Are some entities slated to become teaching entities? What other kinds of "jobs" are there for entities to do once they've cycled off?


MICHAEL: ALL Entities will teach. It is part of the process. The size of the population of the Students depends entirely on the choice of the Entity. How each Entity will teach is entirely dependent on the dynamic of the Entity and its placement within the Cadre. Each Entity will select a Parallel to teach in various forms, with at least one Parallel chosen for another incarnation as a Transcendental Soul.


QUESTION: I would like to know what the names of the entities and make-up of the various entities are for cadre 2.


There are no “nicknames” for these Entities with any consistency to comment on at this point. The primary makeup for each Entity is following, but bear in mind that there may be more than these Roles involved in each Entity:


Cadre 2
Entity One: Warriors/Scholars
Entity Two: Sages/Servers
Entity Three: Priests/Scholars
Entity Four: Kings/Scholars
Entity Five: Artisans/Kings
Entity Six: Servers/Warriors
Entity Seven: Priests/Servers


[Note from TLE Admin: Please see articles about Cadre 2 entities currently on this site. Information has been altered/updated since 2003.]


This is an Artisan-Cast, Cardinal Cadre bringing great amounts of creativity and innovation to the planet over time for the rest of the Energy Ring. Much of its contribution over time has been played out in Politics and Music. This is Knowledge Position in the Energy Ring granting the Energy Ring some of its greatest advisors across time, whether through example, questioning, facilitating, etc. This is not always in a “flattering” light as some of your recent Politicians in the more dramatic spotlight have come from Cadre 2.


QUESTION: Also, since most of the folks on the list are cadre 1, I find that I often feel drawn to people of entity 3. I know there is a certain bleed-through between the same entities of different cadres and I wonder how that works, why that happens.


MICHAEL: Links between fragments and some Entities are created simply by sheer experience, while other links are mathematical. Your link to Entity Three is due to your personal study of alternative perceptions of reality. Entity Three from Cadre One is held as the specialists in “seeing” the world through innocent eyes or at the very least, quirky enough to be considered independent from the impositions of environment. You adore this as Essence and this lifetime’s Personality agrees.


Mathematical/Musical links between Entities are formed previous to any incarnation and stand as links between fragments who are Essence Twins.


QUESTION: How long have the two cadres been incarnating on this planet?


MICHAEL: Nearly 6,000,000 years; measured by Earth’s rotation around your Star.


QUESTION: I'm really curious about the history of our entities (Cadre One).


MICHAEL: To delve into the histories of each Entity would be a grand topic that this channel will have to pass at this time by his choice. We can suggest the topic continue into your next month with this as an exploration, but eventually you will have access to the information, regardless.


QUESTION: What are the reasons behind the choice that the Entity we know as Michael would form teaching agreements with our Entities and Cadres?


MICHAEL: It is the nature of all Entities within Cadre 11 of an Energy Ring to form teaching agreements with the following Energy Ring.

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