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Night in the Woods

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On the subject of video-entertainment that I find moving: I was very pleased to discover that there will soon be new content added to the already stellar video game Night in the Woods.  Finji and IF will be be dropping a "Weird Autumn Edition" update thingy in early December.  It looks like this new edition may also include the two "prequel" games set in this particular game universe: Longest Night and Lost Constellation.


If you aren't familiar with Night in the Woods, I heartily recommend that you give it a look!  It's a story driven "exploration platformer" -- you travel around, trying to get into and explore new areas as they become available, so as to hunt out all the various bits of story and lore, delivered through the often snarky main character's observations ... or her conversations with the other inhabitants of Possum Springs ... and the resulting scribbles in her journal.


The setting is quintessential small town Americana -- a rural, crumbling, one time mining and industrial community that has clearly fallen on hard times (I understand that according to the game's designers the locale is loosely modeled after rural Pennsylvania.)  The setting is today.  Quite literally "today" as I'm writing this on November 2nd, 2017 and the game takes place in the latter part of October and the early part of November in 2017!


The characters are anthropomorphized animals, with the protagonist being one Mae Borowski -- she's a cat, and she's just abruptly dropped out of college (for ... reasons) to return home where she will try to reconnect with her old friends and resume her aimless life there.  There is a strong millennial perspective, and I'm struck by how the game can run the gamut of humor through sadness and sweetness, packing in tragedy and comedy, all over the course of a single conversation.


Oh, and in the midst of this moving exploration of flawed characters trying to make their way in the world, there appear to be some supernatural shenanigans -- Halloween horror-story things -- going on in Possum Springs as well!


(I've played NITW through several times myself.  Lately I've been enjoying watching "let's plays" of it -- always nice to see other's reactions to the game!)


Most of the game is less "action-y" than the trailer may make it appear:




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