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Summary of the Energy Reports of 2017

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Earlier on, I felt like rereading all the past ERs of 2017 to see overarching patterns, so I just wrote them down below.
Having the key parts in a compilation could be quite helpful and enlightening, so voila.
The Nexus & Energy Shifts are not recorded below- so I'll update on those another time. November and December will also be updated.
For October, I also drew from @DianeHB's session on Collective Energy. As I felt it was relevant to Greed.
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JANUARY (Focus moves away from WHEN/WHERE to WHAT- The Goal.)
Priest Energy focuses on inspiring the masses/whole.
-Zeal= The capacity to close one’s eyes to suffering and use inspiration to distract from or compound that suffering.
+Compassion= The capacity to open one’s eyes to suffering and use inspiration to transform and heal it.
-Intuition= Finding a way through the divisions/parts of a relationship, event or life by synthesizing all input into a clear understanding.  "BEING APART"
+Love= Transcending the divisions/parts of a relationship, event or life- to hold the parts of the whole together with a clear heart and vision. "BEING A PART"
Higher Emotion focuses on longer-term visions. Because of this though, it often defaults to the familiar+comforting EMOTIONAL CENTER as a way to understand everyone's differing visions:
-Sentimentality= Being attached to the heart of an event, person or experience- lacking logic. "CLOSING THE HEART"
+Perception= Bypassing logic to open to the heart of an event, person or experience. "BRINGING CLOSE TO THE HEART"
Submission is an active motivation to matter and make a difference.
-Subservience= Blind and unquestioned obligation or obedience to a person/activity/cause.
+Devotion= Love, loyalty and enthusiasm for a person/activity/cause.
1. How willing were you to share in the enthusiasm that is expressed and exhibited by others?  
2. What responsibility did you take for how you reflect the best of others back to them?  
3. What responsibility did you take for what you saw reflected about yourself in others?  
4. How willing were you to ask for help?  
5. How willing were you to see that another may need help, even if not asked?  
6. How much freedom did you allow for others to evolve at their own pace, regardless of your contributions from your own position in your own evolution?  
7. How much intimacy did you allow in your life, even with your wounds, your shame? How willing were you to allow the wounding and shame of others into your life that is not your own? (counting as one element here)  


Recommendation to use ELEGANCE to not BURNOUT= the process of harnessing fury and stretching this out into calmness.
This is done through 3 Criteria:
Simplicity= Showing up in the world to participate in causes without losing yourself. Giving yourself personal space to grieve/recover & acting on efforts that allow necessary rest.
Pleasure= Increasing your energy, passion, spirit and confidence by allowing yourself to live, celebrate, share affection and have fun in life. Freely and openly acknowledge the effectiveness of any+every effort, support and progress.
Ingeniousness= Simply being creative and responsive with the options and resources you have to affect change.


We entered a RECESS OF PLEASURE and enjoyment- or DEFINED THE HOW/WHY/WHAT OF OUR CAUSE, and practiced/nurtured PEACE in our efforts.




APRIL (Focus moves away from WHAT to HOW/WHO- The Mode.)
-Identification= Seeing yourself/your potential in another person/thing/event etc. So your identity is entangled and dependent upon that. There is a focus here on blaming, attacking and destroying what you don't want to see about yourself (Younger Souls)- or exploring, realizing and sorting through old ideas of yourself that you still depend upon+retreat into, but no longer serve you, confine your potential and need to evolve (Older Souls).
+Self-Actualization= Seeing these reflections as inspiration for how you can be more of your authentic self & realize new potential. There is a focus here on being enthusiastically curious about new terrains of self-discovery, and feeling a drive to own & be more of yourself.


This month helped us pay attention to how the world reflects us. 
The IMMEDIATE WORLD reflects your deepest fears and greatest loves about your self, body and life. This is anything that regularly catches your awareness/engagement. It's like your metaphorical home and exact position in life.
The INTERMEDIATE WORLD invites you to new experiences that reflect your potential directions. This is anything that inconsistently but repetitively captures your awareness/engagement. It's like your metaphorical neighborhood in life.
The EXTENDED WORLD reflects the larger population of humanity as a whole, and all its worst and best qualities. This is anything that isn't part of the above two worlds, but greatly impacts them from beyond. It includes politics, climate, world events, catastrophes etc. It doesn't reflect you, only your part in the whole of humanity.


We ask ourselves vital questions:

Causes are lumped into 3 Categories:
JUSTICE (Causes for Truth) - Equality, rights, progression...
FREEDOM (Causes for Love) - Relief, rescue, recovery, protection...
EMPOWERMENT (Causes for Energy/Beauty) - Access to resources, education, choice, improvements, healthcare, healing...
With 3 Contexts:
PERSONAL= Cause for My Life.

GLOBAL= Cause for Our World as a Whole.

UNIVERSAL= Cause for the Collective Evolution of Humanity.
For those who don't find/create a Cause, they have two choices:
1. They may simply resort to a false sense of a cause by targeting other Causes. 
2. They may stop looking- returning to a state of rest, care and distance rather than a state of cause.

The Ms talk about the Reality that Emotional Tectonic Plates within us and within the masses must eventually shake up, break through and bring relief from any building pressures. This can feel chaotic and disorienting, as we must then refocus- allowing the time, energy, love, truth and patience needed for us to perceive beauty again. But we have to be willing to see/feel/know beyond what we know to do so.




JULY (Focus moves away from HOW/WHO to WHY- The Attitude.)
-Subjectivity= Reality is only what is externally real- or Reality is only what I feel to be true. Resigning to/Entrenched in the fact that "It is what it is." 
+Objectivity= Sorting through experiences without losing yourself in them- to better understand & be fair/just/impartial.
Realism learns that there is always more to know, more information, more context, and that any moment of understanding is only an approximation of fuller understanding that can come with more time, experience, information, and context.
Subjectivity seeks righteousness, justification and presumption. Objectivity understands fairness, justice and context.


Reality shifts into SURREALISM.
-Convolution= The reactionary process of distorting, over-complicating and twisting a new system/symbolism beyond recognition- while seeking to maintain a strict, oppressive and outdated one that sustains the old reality while creating such confusion+complication that participants are too exhausted/overwhelmed to see beyond what's defined for them.
+Revolution= The responsive process of overthrowing a strict, oppressive or outdated system/symbolism to create a new system/symbolism that is freer and helps move all toward necessary variation and evolution in life.
Essentially shows up as a need to escape/panic/disconnect/overwhelm (aka. needing to take care of what's immediately affecting you first)- or a wake up call to action/solution/participation (aka. needing to define your cause, aim toward contribution, and nurture networks of support+stability).


Focus shifts to ENDURING LIFE as a way to return to/find/create moments where you can LIVE IT.
If leaning to Subjectivity/Convolution there is a sense that "This should not be happening to me/us. We are fucked." There is only a focus on deserving, earning, suffering and surviving.

If leaning to Objectivity/Revolution there is a sense that "I am/We are going to be OK." There is a focus on navigating, trusting, surrendering and experiencing moments of pleasure.




OCTOBER (Focus moves away from WHY to WHEN/WHERE- The Chief Feature.)

RETURN TO HIGHER EMOTIONAL CENTER brings increased water, weather and geological shocks for the months to come.
Greed is an extreme fear of not having enough and an effort to destroy anyone who doesn't deserve more than you- because you're worth more than them, worth more than what you have, and have done enough to earn what you want/need.

Greed isn't the same as NEED. The latter is about legitimate scenarios where your access to resources is diminished, while the former is about deserving and violent or manipulative solutions.
-Voracity= Destructively, violently or belligerently taking, hoarding and consuming what you want/need to keep others from having it. You feel you'll never have what you crave, never notice when you do have it and even if you do, you crave more. So you're consumed by your craving.
-Appetite= Aiming toward what you want, so that once you have it you're satisfied and can breathe- for now. So you simply crave what you want/need to consume.
The Solution to Greed is to find/create solutions through COMMUNICATION- networking, learning, being clear and honest.
The anxiety+pressure of Greed can be lightened by a few exercises: 
1. NURTURE YOUR CALM, centeredness and clarity. Add moments before making choices so you can practice mindfulness, create breathing room and be as clear as possible in aiming for solutions.
2. Focus on acts of GIVING/SHARING generosity and kindness from or between you+others that reveal strengths, resources and effectiveness.
3. Practice PSYCHIC HYGIENE through conscious breathing, baths, showers, swimming, biking, laughing, healthy socializing, chakra scrubbing, gemstones etc. Anything that helps ground, soothe, clear or open your heart/mind/body, and returns a sense of safety.
4. SURRENDER TO YOUR GRIEF. Rather than avoid, distract from or rise above it- process and understand the truths of it.
5. SNAP OUT OF IT. This helps return a reality check of patience, kindness and trust so that you remember you're not trapped- you're in a phase, life cycle or passing challenge.


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@KurtisM, I recall you posting a summary of Energy Reports since 2010 or so... can you direct me to it?

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