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Oscar's Seventh Grand Cycle

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[Oscar] Hello Michael =) I'd like to continue with my Grand Cycles, and like to know about my seventh Grand Cycle (as an Sage). Could you please describe the species, life cycle, planet, details on its evolution as a sentient species, notable traits, things learned as its role, etc. I'd like to use the time for both questions for this.


[MEntity] Yes, this would have been as the Sage Role, and the Seventh Grand Cycle for your Essence. This Cycle appears to have been within a bird-like species who sang as a means of communication. We say "bird-like," but that is a bit misleading.
[MEntity] These creatures were bipedal and wingless and featherless, but "bird-like," nonetheless. The bones of these creatures were hollow, and the musculature growth around them caused by the high gravity led to an evolving species that had great strength.
[MEntity] A shift in the gravitational field of the planet over time left the species with a great capacity for leaping and jumping for great distances.
[MEntity] However, that shift also released the resistance that helped to build such musculature in the body. This led to technological developments that fitted each body with its own mechanical armor, if you will, and helped maintain the capacity for the species to leap great distances.
[MEntity] This may seem a silly priority, but imagine if your species were to suddenly begin being born with no legs, or a lack of muscular strength in the legs, immobilizing populations over time. There are many ways that this can be remedied, either through adaptation to that sedentary life, or through the replacement of the familiar mobility functions.
[MEntity] The use of wheels would be a fair solution, but wheels have limitations on terrain, so it would become a priority to develop all-terrain "legs" again.
[MEntity] And so it was that the capacity to leap was a priority.
[MEntity] So, to some extent, the species could "fly." Once the armor began including the capacity for gliding, and a brilliant platform system for travel, the distances that could be covered were even greater. The "singing" was similar to what you might recognize as "bird-like," as well.
[MEntity] Off-planet travel was limited, because the gravitational pull of most planets was simply too much for this species, so it became a planet for retreat and vacation and pleasure for other traveling species.
[MEntity] Much of the culture, then, was aimed toward art, performance, decadence, and entertainment, along with great services, treatments, and comforts.
[MEntity] As a species, this was a particularly exciting one for Sages and Servers, and any fragments with inclinations for Expression and Inspiration, but the Action Roles were quite comfortable, as well, since so much construction, planning, organizing, and functioning architecture was involved.
[MEntity] Plants were an important part of this species life as well, as it shared the planet with no other mobile species.
[MEntity] Plants were respected and honored in much the same way that animal companions are respected and honored among some in your current species. They were named, relationships developed, and roles played by them in society.
[MEntity] As this species were frugivores, no exploitation of plants was ever necessary, and the life cycle of any resource was profoundly honored.
[MEntity] What was learned from that Grand Cycle is too much to summarize, of course, but a theme that developed for that Role, and for most who incarnated as that species, was a deep undercurrent of sensitivity and awareness of the consciousness and vitality of non-sentient life.
[MEntity] There tends to come at least one species over the course of Grand Cycles that lives with harmony as the priority, and an awareness and embrace and agape that extends far beyond its own species.
[MEntity] This was that species for your Essence.
[MEntity] It is a kind of full circle, in those Grand Cycles such as this one, that help the Essence remember its own path of exploration as non-sentient, and as part of a hive soul.
[MEntity] That is a fair synopsis for now.

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10 hours ago, ClaireC said:

Star Trek's "Planet Risa" comes immediately to mind here, Oscar.  1f642.png

Sorry, don't know it.


4 hours ago, michael_k said:

Angry Birds - The species!


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