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NWM - Jul 18, 2015 - Generational Karma Q&A


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NWM - Jul 18, 2015 - Generational Karma Q&A


Initial Generational Karma transcript


Hello to everyone. We are here, now. We will begin.


We introduced the concept of generational karma as a pattern of cycles determined by significant events that tend to define a generation, affecting subsequent generations in terms how events are processed and managed collectively, repeating over time.


The concept may seem rather complex, and while there are some nuances, it is fairly simple in the scheme of things.


A generation sets a standard based on a previous crisis, against which the next generation rebels and begins to break down that standard, setting up the next generation's context of collapse, setting up the next generations necessity for setting up a new cycle of standards, and on and on.


A stable generation > Reactionary Generation > Disintegrating Generation > Collapsing Generation > Stability >....


The reason we refer to this as generation "karma" is because the extent to which one contributes to the imbalance for the next generation, you will be born to a generation who must contend to similar imbalances.


To that extent of simplicity, we will begin our open floor by asking if you can intuit, perceive, and validate these patterns?




VIP: I'm not familiar enough with history unfortunately... but it sounds like it makes sense


DianeHB: I think I can see these patterns based on US history...but not specific cause and effect


DianeHB: Like how the Boomers generated the Collapse (I'm thinking in terms of the economy) that Millennials must contend




Bobby: Being a Gen-X'er, I'm not sure I can see how it was positive self-karma I was born into in order to get an understanding of the cycle you've described


ClaireC: The Baby Boomers pushed a lot of boundaries, does that mean that we'll have to deal with some of those consequences when we re-incarnate?


Maureen: Just a comment. I can see, over the years, that many people have understood this concept (at some level) as there are references , almost "doomday-ish", about what a previous or current generation is doing that will affect the next generation.


Responding to Bobby:


Many from the "X" Generation were born directly from, or somehow linked to (even as guides) World War II. Those who experienced extreme oppression, watched extreme oppression, lived in terror because of who they were, or who they knew, tended to choose to be born to the Generation who were generating a conscious revolution. The X Generation took this further by focusing on the individual, the freedom of expression, individual mobility and prosperity.


Keep in mind that generational karma houses those who contribute to imbalance, but it also houses those who may have been affected by the imbalance, and even those who are simply interested in helping to balance and imbalance.


Generation X brought forth the "culture wars" and postmodernism, breaking down the idea of the "establishment," helping to carry forward the rebellion of the previous generation.


Maureen: That makes sense


The positive self-karma showed up in terms of how the individual matters, how one person can make a difference. It was a shift away from the necessity to band together, and a shift toward owning individual responsibility as a means to bring change.


These are simplistic examples, but they will do.


Bobby: Thank You!


In response to Claire:


The way the generational Karma works is not so linear. If we number a set of generations as a set of 4, numbered 1 - 4, then the correlating previous generation would be 2 through 1. In other words, if you are the 1st Generation of a set of 4 Generations, your Generation is balancing out something relative to ANY other 2nd Generation. So, the first generation is balancing experiences from a second generation; a second generation is balancing experiences from a third generation; a third generation is balancing experiences from a fourth generation; and a fourth generation is balancing experiences from a first generation.  Your generation may be balancing experiences from any period in history relative to the correlating generation that generated an imbalance.


ClaireC: Okay, so it's not personal then? :)


That is what is different about generational/Collective Karma. It CAN be personal, but its design is precisely for the effect that is on the collective consciousness. It is one of the ways in which Essences grow and evolve together and bring change within the Physical Plane.


This kind of collective Karma can be rooted in race, religion, economic status, social status, geography, nationality, and those contexts act as media for groups of consciousness, not just individuals.


VIP: Does this have anything to do with the collective energy that is described in the Energy Reports? I guess that has nothing to do with generations though.


For instance, many Mature Souls were incarnating as "Black" during the Civil Rights Movement paving the way for Young Souls to then move forward into the freedom created.


In response to Maureen:


ClaireC: Thank you, Michael.  That's a really good example.


There will always be doomsayers of every generation, but this tends to grow in intensity near the beginning and through the 4th Generation of a set.


The proof of collapse becomes evermore evident and feeds into fears that are based in limited contexts, such as religious prophecy, material insecurity, etc.


During the 4th Generation, there will be validity to many of the claims, however distorted. For instance, the concern for economic structure is valid. Capitalism is dying. It will likely not last beyond the next 3 generations as a standard. "Destroying the planet" is a valid concern. The waste and irresponsibility of a prospering generation set precedence for a momentum of self-indulgence, convenience, and gratification born of "the 50's."  


"Boomers" tried to rebel against this, but eventually resorted back to the comforts of convenience. This is not uncommon.


The planet will not be destroyed, but life as it is currently experienced is on a track toward severe alteration and devastating consequences.


So while the world will not end, nor will it end because of some religious icon returning, or because of a rapture, the familiarity of what "the world" is like at the moment is legitimately at risk.


Circling back to Claire's question: depending on the degree to which one may have contributed to this through neglect, indulgence, "looking the other way," etc. is the degree to which the likelihood is that one would incarnate during the recovery from the consequences of such, either in a linear fashion, or in another cycle that has a similar scenario.


Maureen: I suspect that people my age will die before the "worst of it" and we will choose to be born, in the future, into a world that has vastly changed. That is what I see for me and many of us who are alive right now.


In response to ViP: When we speak of the collective consciousness, in general, we are speaking about segments of the whole, or a combination of segments, but it is similar in concept. When we speak to our students, they are not of one generation, or when we speak of "the world," but there is still a collective at any given point in time or location.


Maureen: I think that's why we are having Astral discussions, right now, on incarnating 75 years from now in China.


So it is different, yes, and similar.


VIP: Ok, thank you!


The point of knowing about collective or generational karma is to know that you are in this together. That, no matter how divided you are by time, geography, race, religion, that you are working together in waves that generate a reality that has consequences and require responses.  You are not defined by your generation, but your generation helps define the time.


Are there further questions? 


PeterK:   I believe that Native Americans looked 7 generations ahead when considering the impact of their choices, decisions, and actions. Including their own generation, that takes 8 generations into account, which is 2 complete cycles. Did the Native Americans have some awareness of generational karma?


To a great degree, yes, but this began to be lost around the 1700's. This was the beginning of another Infant Age of Generations and Native Americans began losing a sense of history and future, going into a wave of wild abandon, destruction, and unprecedented expansion and exploitation of resources.


The romantic notion of a peaceful and spiritual people is true to some extent, but not nearly as romantic as some would have it.


Deforestation and pollution rose to unprecedented levels during that time, and the concepts of consideration for future generations was lost. It was a Young Soul wave that shifted toward territorialism, tribalism, competition, hoarding, warring, etc.


This wave began approximately 8 generations previously around the late 1400's and exponentially grew as a popular place and people for Young Souls, eventually removing the sense of future and focusing only on the Having. Alongside this was the Baby and Young Europeans invading and spreading within the same territory. By the time the 8th generation came around, the sense of impending loss of a people grew.


Young Souls lost their interest in living through a people who were no longer in power or spreading in territory, and it returned to being a Mature and Old Soul population.


By the time the colonies declared independence, Mature Souls were returning to decimated populations and focusing a return to collective awareness and empathy. This has carried forward, but has been difficult.


The sense of generational karma is returned, but is broader in concept than it was originally. There was a tremendous sense of responsibility before, but now there is simply a philosophical awareness.


Maureen:  Michael, is there more than one Generational Karma Cycle that is influencing many of us, from our TLE family, to consider being born in China, in approximately 75 years. Is there any connection to the influence of the time of Lao Tzu and the wanting to go back to China, where many of us where incarnated, in a past generation?


The greatest draw for consideration of incarnating in China together is due to anticipated access to teachings, records, revelations, and technological powers that would help to return to studies similar to the height of humanism and taoism in a way that brings unprecedented philanthropy to the masses.


Maureen: That makes great sense. Thanks, Michael.


PeterK: Thank you for that very complete answer about Native Americans.


The sense of limitation and eventual destruction, distortion, or loss of records feels important to return to and to expand upon in ways that help as was originally envisioned.  And we will be there with you, of course.


VIP: Are those plans strictly centered in China, or are surrounding countries like Japan, Korea etc being considered also?  I've felt a tremendous affinity for Japan-related things lately that I can't really explain...


Maureen: or India, where Bobby is currently looking at.


By that time, we anticipate access through artificial intelligence. Yes, ViP. The national and political landscape will likely be very different in ways difficult to describe now, but if the trajectory of technology continues, geographical constructs will be moot. Ideological constructs replace nationality.


VIP: I find that idea extremely cool


You will no longer be bound to your location.


Maureen: NOW, I'm getting excited. :)


Presence can be in any place. This is already the case now, but in rather 2-dimensional ways. The shift into 3-dimensional access to anywhere changes everything.


VIP: Michael, by artificial intelligence, did you mean direct access to you on the causal plane, via AI? Or did you mean access to the records that were lost? (I remember in another transcript you mentioned that machines had been developed in other parallels, I think, that could "channel" from the causal.)


ViP, entire databanks of our teaching can be stored in artificial intelligence and communicated in ways that are similar to channeling, but if the leap in quantum sciences comes as anticipated, it would allow for our access to manipulate the artificial intelligence in ways that builds upon that database so that new information can come through, based in extrapolations.


VIP: OK, I'm not sure I can quite imagine that but I'm double excited now :-)


Artificial intelligence will likely gain the capacity to learn, but this will not give us access. What will give us access is a network based in what might currently be anticipated as "quantum entanglement." We can work with that.


We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you.


Goodbye, for now.


VIP: Thank you Michael and Troy

Maureen: Thank you Michael and Troy!!

PeterK: Thank you, Troy. Your abilities are amazing.

ClaireC: Thanks to all who contributed to these great questions and answers

DianeHB: Thank you Michael and Troy!

Bobby: So much to look forward to. It's easy to see why we come back again and again and again :-)

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It's an interesting rant, but, quite frankly, this is simply part of the 80-year historical cycle. We can choose to rage against, it, embrace it, run from it or step back, try to see it for what it is, and work with it. To paraphrase what Michael said last Saturday, calm down, get your butt out of the chair and do something to bring your vision into reality.

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