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Celebrity Profiles Project: Top 25

Celebrity Profiles Project: Tiebreak Vote  

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Happy New Year! The vote is now closed - but wait, we have a tiebreak! Isn't it fun to use your voting power again? Use the poll designed above to vote for the last celebrity to get into top 25.


24 personalities have made it to the Top 25 list: Keanu Reeves, Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Watson, JK Rowling, Carl Jung, Carl Sagan,  Elizabeth I, Stephen King, Jim Carrey, Johan Sebastian Bach, Srinivasa Ramanujan , Elizabeth Warren, Jeff Buckley,  Charlotte Brontë , Hafiz, Richard P. Feynman, angelina jolie,  Stevie Ray Vaughan,  Chef Gordon Ramsay, Eric Arthur Blair,  Ursula K. Le Guin, John Cusack, Andy Kaufman, Jim Morrison


A few thoughts:

1. A deadline has not been set yet as I would rather hear suggestions from you than to make a decision myself.

2. Feel free to discuss in this thread as the tiebreak vote has been moved to the poll.

3. Any new votes to the "answers" section will not affect the 24 personalities that are already on the list. Use the poll on the headline to participate in the tiebreak.

4. Please consider making a donation. Link to the donation page was created by Troy in the original discussion post:



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10 hours ago, NickF said:

 As for “celebrity” overleaves., I‘d be curious about Jane Goodall and Dan Rather. I couldn’t  find that having being done by Troy via search here. If I get a chance to ask myself, I’ll post the results.

Ha, i was just coming here to say Jane Goodall!!


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