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Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


We see the concern over which direction we would go today in describing the variations on the Role.


Today, we are asked to discuss what might best be described as the "facets" of a Role. These would be the same, regardless of Soul Age, and do not represent a progression into the conscious use of the Role. The evolution of the use of a Role is relative to Soul Ages and Levels, so for instance, and Old Sage is very different from a Young Sage. But, today, we will discuss WHAT KIND of Sage, not necessarily how evolved the Sage.


We see there is speculation as to correlation with Casting as a means for defining these variations on a Role, and that is in part true, but only in part. These Facets "rotate" for each Role, and while Casting tends to describe a default, a Role can have locked into any one of the Facets.


After we do our best to provide a synopsis of the Facets, we can then describe what factors of correlation can be used to help determine one's Facet. The reason we will describe the Facets first is because each of you are probably well aware of which one you are, and the correlations may help to serve as validation.


We will ask you: which Role would you like for us to begin?


Maureen: Server
babylove78: could we do the roles we have in the chat first?
Claire: Good idea.
Kurtis: hence why I asked ?
Mariusyup: ordinal-->cardinal?

MEntity: We will begin.

Kurtis: We have a Sage, Scholar, Artisan, Artisan, Priest, Warrior, Sage, King, Scholar, Priest.  The only one we don't have is Server ?




For simplistic purposes, we WILL use the correlation of Casting to Role to help you to map the Facets, but what we will offer today are phrases or terms that might better capture the "sub-archetype" that is that Facet of that Archetype. We remind you that your Casting may not indicate which Facet of the Role you have locked into.


THE SERVER-SCHOLAR might best be described as the QUIET CONDUCTOR. This is the Scholar with the high levels of attentiveness and efficiency that knows best how to move people, energy, and events like parts of an orchestra. Even when not in any obvious connection, this Conductor is keenly aware of how even the compartmental elements of the life are working together on some level.


When this Scholar is in the Positive Poles, the Conducting is always for the best interest of what has been deemed this symbolic orchestra of the life. The efficiency and attention serve to bring out the best "sounds" of all involved so that all benefit. When this Scholar is in the Negative Poles, the Conducting is not in the best interest of the orchestra, so to speak, but in the best interest of just keeping things quiet, contained, and manageable.


THE ARTISAN-SCHOLAR might be described as the FAST THINKER. This is the Scholar who is quick on his feet, thorough in his thought, and quite vast in his range of thought. He is able to extrapolate quite quickly from data already known, and present valid ideas and concepts.


To "save time" in our delivery today, we will only share the Negative Poles, since the basic description has its Positive Poles implied.


When this Scholar is in the Negative Pole, the Fast Thinker drops into being a Fast Liar.


THE WARRIOR-SCHOLAR might be described as THE OPPOSITION. This is the Scholar who actively challenges you, ideas, and concepts, and is conservative and deliberate, headstrong. This Scholar will very easily flip to another point of view, as long as it is challenging.


In the Negative Pole, this Scholar just becomes pushy, badgering, and even bullying in perspectives.


THE SCHOLAR-SCHOLAR might best be described as THE DISCIPLINED - this is the Scholar who is impelled and driven and consumed by whatever has drawn his attention and interests. He loses himself in this, but for the sake of complete sensory experience.


In the Negative Pole, this Scholar reduces himself to addictions, compulsions, obsession, and does not lose himself IN an experience, but loses himself TO an experience. In other words, loses himself, altogether.


This Scholar will try to compensate through the use of control and even micro-managing.


THE SAGE-SCHOLAR - This Scholar might best be described as THE JUDGE. This is the Scholar with a keen sense of justice, "right," "wrong," and is very precise in his calculations, whether in broader, intangible ways such as assessing character, or in direct and tangible ways such as assessing actions.


When in the Negative Pole, this Scholar can fall into incite, provocation, barbed and abrasive assessments.


THE PRIEST-SCHOLAR might best be described as THE PHILOSOPHER - This Scholar is slower in his thinking, pondering, and tends away from conclusions and closed systems of thinking. Though he would be methodical, intellectual, and quite fond of systems, it would only be for the sake of grasping the nature of a thing, a person, or existence.


When in the Negative Pole, this Scholar might fall into escapist daydreaming, logical loops, and confusion.


THE KING-SCHOLAR might best be described as THE HUMANITARIAN - This is the Scholar who is most concerned with principles, ethics, quality of life gained from experiences, and not so much about curiosity, risk, and adventures. The emphasis is on how the knowledge can help sustain quality of life.


When in the Negative Pole, this Scholar falls into apathy, dispassion, disillusionment.


Though these are quite brief descriptions of these Facets of Scholar, we ask the Scholars here if there is any resonance to one of these for you.


DianeHB: I'm pretty sure Tex is a Priest-Scholar (he thinks so too)
ClaireC: I resonate most with the Artisan Scholar.
babylove78: Kurtis, for the Scholar-Scholar I immediately thought of you:-)
Kurtis: it's probably my public facet then
ClaireC: The Server-Scholar sounds like my sister.
Kurtis: I know quite a few warrior scholars


We will continue:




THE SERVER-ARTISAN might be described as THE CATALYST - These Artisans tend to have an effect, with or without realizing it, and that effect tends to be in terms of energizing, bringing out a sense of presence and empowerment, and even prompting a sense of participation that may not be usual for himself, or for those with whom he interacts. The CATALYSTS tend to invigorate and motivate, and feel strongly about those qualities.


When in the Negative Poles, this Artisan can fall into anxiousness, frantic defense, and retreat from the very obligations and responsibilities he has created for himself.


In short, he resists change, particularly if that is not on his terms.


THE ARTISAN - ARTISAN is THE ANARCHIST - This is the most chaotic, explosive, and unwieldy of the Artisans, and this is a "good thing" for breaking down rules, owning responsibility for one's actions and creations, and bringing about drastically new directions.


When The Anarchist falls into the Negative Poles, it is corruption, violence, invasive, and complete disregard.


THE WARRIOR-ARTISAN is THE FACILITATOR - This is the Artisan who blooms when breaking from traditions, relies on personal innovation and invention, and becomes a facilitator for helping bring change to others by pure example.


When in the Negative Pole, this Facilitator becomes self-important and indulgent, detached from the impact of her break from traditions, and loses any sense of being meaningful in the lives of others.


THE SCHOLAR - ARTISAN is THE COMPOSER - This is the Artisan who is quite focused, strategic, and sensitive to fairness and balance in what is being created. The Composer draws from her experiences as a means to create, and considers the life and its relationships a resource, not a burden.


When The Composer falls into The Negative Pole, she begins to "play" people, to manipulate the song, so to speak, and to force scenarios based on distorted ideas of what is fair, mostly in terms of what is fair only to the self.


THE SAGE-ARTISAN is THE CHAMELEON. This is the Artisan who may not even seem like an Artisan, but is quite malleable, flexible, can appear and seem like whatever her surroundings might ask of her. This is a tremendously useful state that can help bring change, creativity, and insight into some of the most resistant scenarios.


When in the Negative Pole, The Chameleon can fall into uselessness, ineffectiveness, pointlessness, and lose herself to her surroundings, either because of the overwhelm of those surroundings, or the sense of personal identity is lost in her "cover."


THE PRIEST-ARTISAN is THE PROGRESSIVE. This Artisan is utterly original in her thinking and creativity, but mostly for the sake of propelling states toward more freedom and expansion and inclusivity. Whether in business, a relationship, or in a society, this Artisan wants to uphold freedom for all, not just herself.


When THE PROGRESSIVE falls into the Negative Poles, it can turn into an upholding of a vision to such an extent that the path to it no longer matters. The end justifies the means. Progress is at any cost.


THE KING-ARTISAN is THE INSTRUMENT - This Artisan becomes the change she wishes to see in the world, but not as an example, such as the Facilitator, but as a path. THE INSTRUMENT acts as a kind of magnet that pulls in those who wish to transform, and the effect is that there is transformation.


When The Instrument falls into the Negative Pole, there is grand delusion, complete loss of discernment, and high levels of empty promise.


Of the Artisans here, with which Facet do you find you resonate?


Mariusyup: very unsure
Kurtis: I guess I'd probably fit best with the scholar facet. I've leaned towards the organizing neutral i suppose


MEntity: We will say that of the Roles, the Artisans may tend to be the least likely to "see" which Facet, while those around them can see them as quite glaring.


Mariusyup: it IS very hard to see
Kurtis: it's just my intuition, but you might be a sage-facet marius?


MEntity: Look to your Casting for clues as a start, but that is only as a start. From there, depending upon your reaction to the description, you can then look to the Facet on that same Axis. Then go from there. Narrow down until one feels "right."


Kurtis: okie doke


MEntity: We can say that once one has eliminated both Axis options relative to Casting, then the correlation to MODE is usually next, then Attitude.


Kurtis: m probably neutral then




We are working on building our momentum of delivery.




THE SERVER-PRIEST is THE CAPABLE - This is the Priest who tends to endure, and can endure, for a very long time, because he CAN. There is a sense of dishonesty in moving away that that which is being endured because it feels as if it is a lie to dishonor that endurance. THE CAPABLE are surprisingly emotionally-intelligent and in need of expression far more than what is revealed.


The emotional intelligence gives great insight into the innocence and hearts of those around him so that it is difficult to fault them for what is endured, and the need for expression is often set aside in favor of enduring. The endurance is seen as worth it for the sake of keeping innocence alive.


When The Capable falls into the Negative Pole, they disappear. It is that simple.


THE ARTISAN-PRIEST is THE INITIATOR - We mean this term in both the sense that The Initiator acts as kind of initiation into concepts and ideas that were completely foreign to those now being exposed, and that The Initiator can be the one who prompts the start of a new direction.


When The Initiator falls into the Negative Poles, it could be said that she falls into simply being a troublemaker, instigator, antagonistic.


THE WARRIOR-PRIEST is THE BOSS. This is the Priest who, in all honesty and authenticity, literally knows what is best for you. They are confidence in the flesh, with high ambition for making sure everyone knows what is best for them, since they have that knowledge.


If you would "just listen to them" and "do as they say," you would be much better off.


And they are right.


When they are right.


When The Boss falls into the Negative Pole, it is all about being right, and not about being helpful. It is feels to be an affront to their core to be questioned or dismissed or to have their quality insights ignored. For The Boss to be ineffective or even have a suggestion of being "wrong," it is literally painful.


THE SCHOLAR-PRIEST is THE EDITOR - This is the Priest who is not so worried about the big picture, but is more worried about the details, and is quite good at seeing those details that need to be addressed and changed. The Editor will, literally, help one to "rewrite" patterns and behaviors that can bring about the change one might envision on a larger scale, but that bigger picture is up to you. The Editor is only concerned with the details.


When The Editor falls into the Negative Poles, she falls into tedium, banality, boredom, routine, and even apathy. Life becomes dull to the senses, and great blasts of "something, anything" are necessary to help revitalize her sense of participation in the world and her life.


THE SAGE-PRIEST is THE DIGNIFIED. This Priest is concerned with nobility, refinement, formality, and great consideration. They are an embodiment of elegance and discretion, and this is both in terms of superficiality and in terms of how energy is used in the life. When energy is used elegantly, there is a maximum amount of return for minimal amount of expenditure.


When The Dignified falls into the Negative Pole, there is collapse, hoarding, deep attachment to identity and appearance, and the things that represent these.


THE PRIEST-PRIEST is THE ABSOLUTIST. This Priest only knows what this Priest knows and anything beyond that is not worth knowing. They are often quite removed from the trappings of life, and and distance themselves in many ways from everything not deemed of value. This makes these Priests very good at what they know, but what they know tends to be quite specialized.


When The Absolutist falls into the Negative Poles, it can show up as profound arrogance, dismissal, and superiority complexes that are either crippling shyness or crippling vanity.


If you have not noticed by now, there is always one Facet of a Role that is the most challenging of the Facets, and has a hard time "being positive" in its function in the world.


VIP: I had not noticed that myself actually
DianeHB: The Priest-Priest and Artisan-Artisan and Scholar-Scholar?
Bobby: The same facet as the role?


The KING-PRIEST is THE DIPLOMAT - She is the Priest who can see all sides, is balanced in perspective and insight, and can help to bring that out in others. She is often in positions that resolve conflict, help to find common ground, and encourage strength in differences.


When The Diplomat falls into the Negative Poles, she can find herself in the middle of constant conflict, developing a kind of recoiling from anything different or challenging, and doing all she can to "keep the peace," even if it is false.


Shall we cover Sage, next?


Bobby: Sure
DianeHB: Sure


MEntity: Before we do, how do the Priests feel about their Facets and do you find resonance?


VIP: I'd say mine would be either server or king facet (although none of my overleaves are on the action axis - nor is my casting, sometimes sage as well but rarely - Endurance, definitely - I'm not sure about emotional intelligence for myself but it could be either way


We will point out that one's Facet does change. One tends to lock into one of these overall, but there may be a period of time, or a specific context, that draws up a different Facet.


DianeHB: Does it not change over lifetimes?
Kurtis: I wonder if the facets of these appear in contexts of overleaves. So a Priest with Acceptance might use the sage facet at times even if its not the main
VIP: I'd say I'm probably locked into Server then, "sliding" to King or Sage; can't say I identified with the other facets
Kurtis: but in terms of when they use acceptance most
Diane, yes. In one lifetime, the Facet might lock into one Facet while in another will lock into a different Facet.


AN ASIDE: The reason there are Facets to these Roles is because of your evolving relationship with your Cadences.


This is why your Casting is often the default, because it is quite natural to your Essence to function from what that Casting brings out as a Facet.


But you expand upon the functioning of your Essence by exchanging energy among your Cadence.


Very early lifetimes are locked into one Facet for great lengths of time, but as the Essence evolves, so does its capacity to draw from all Facets, even from within a single lifetime.




THE SERVER-SAGE is THE CONTRADICTION - This is the Sage who keeps everyone on their toes, is incredibly perceptive, discerning, and highly considerate, and almost always generates mixed emotions in everyone around them. They are a paradox of innocence and ancient wisdom, compassion and harsh criticism, irresponsibility and fierce accountability.


When The Contradiction falls into the Negative Pole, it could be said that they fall into caricature and cliche.


THE ARTISAN-SAGE is THE FIREBALL. This Sage is all about moving away from lethargy and complacency, bringing enthusiasm, invigoration, and experience. They "light a fire under your asses" by any means possible, and always for the sake for bringing life and creativity back into the equation.


When The Fireball falls into the Negative Pole, they simply become annoying, hyper, distracted and distracting.


THE WARRIOR-SAGE is THE COORDINATOR. This is the "least-sagey" of the Sages, and can often come across as quite stuffy and stuck compared to the other Facets. But this Sage is depending on self-reliance, proven methods, familiar directions, and stability. This is of great benefit to the Sage who has not had a lifetime in a long time that had any stability, or independence.


When The Coordinator is in the Negative Pole, stability takes priority over substance, and the stuff of life is stripped from the life in ways that tend to be cumulative so that the Sage "looks up" one day and realizes he has not lived.


THE SCHOLAR-SAGE is THE INVESTIGATOR. This Sage tends to be in a life that is all about itself and all that it can learn from itself. It is not your usual hammy, extroverted, or available Sage, but this is not to say they are particularly reserved or unavailable. It is simply that this Sage wants to learn and feels that most people and things can be a distraction from that. So they tend to focus on highly particular elements of the life, and then the life revolves around those elements for the whole life.


When The Investigator falls into the Negative Pole they can fall into squalor, neglect, tunnel-vision, and ill health that helps to evade experiences outside of a very quiet parameter.


THE SAGE-SAGE is THE BARRICADE. This is the Sage who reaches a certain point in the life and is then DONE. She is no longer interested in much past what has already been done. She will work through all that has been done, but will rarely take on more. This Sage knows that there are ancient wounds in the Instinctive Center and that one only gets a good lifetime every so often in which one can tend to those wounds. Her focus may seem insular and closed off, but she is doing the work of healing for lifetimes.


When The Barricade falls into the Negative Poles, she locks out anyone and everything. She is not just done with taking on more, she is done working on herself. She no longer lives, but simply waits.


THE PRIEST-SAGE is THE DESIGNER. This is the Sage who focuses his wisdom and communication on creating patterns that all play into a bigger picture or ideal. Nothing is without its calculation, skill, and refined agenda. This may be conscious or subconscious, but this is one Facet of one Role where "everything happens for a reason" is often actually true.


When The Designer is in the Negative Poles, she falls into fatalism, distractions with "signs" and "omens" and superstitions. She becomes so preoccupied with what "everything means" that she begins to diminish the meaning.


The KING-SAGE is THE ANCHOR. This is the Sage that will tend to have had the most scattered of origins and range of experiences, only to bring it all home to actually become a sanctuary for others. Their range of mistakes and failings and blunders and aimlessness turn into deep compassion and acceptance for the human condition and this translates into these Sages feeling a lot like Home.


When The King-Sage falls into the Negative Poles, she can fall into resentment, guilt, lack of sensation and sense of movement, and simply feel trapped or stuck.


For the Sages, do you recognize yourself in any of these?


DianeHB: Is Troy a King-Sage?
babylove78: yes: DESIGNER is probably my main facet and then I also see CONTRADICTION and FIREBALL...
Kurtis: I see nicholas as designer too
AnnH: I see quite a few. ? Server one really resonated.
babylove78: ?


MEntity: Troy has long been The Contradiction, and is owning his Facets as The Designer and The Anchor as his life unfolds.


DianeHB: I thought he fit both Contradiction and Anchor


MEntity: Each of you will have resonance to all Facets. They do not disappear when one comes to the front.


DianeHB: Do we have time for one more? Can you do King next?
Bobby: Do King before Warrior please. Save Warrior another time if need be.




THE SERVER-KING is THE BELOVED. This is the most nurturing, loyal, and sincere of the Kings in terms of how they go forward into Mastery. Their tactics tend to grant them great respect and admiration and love from all who know of them or who are affected by them in any way.


This can be subtle or obvious, but it is something they come to realize sooner or later as they wake up in the life.


When The Beloved falls into the Negative Poles, it never occurs to them that they could possibly be so loved, that they could possibly make much difference, and everything simply seems obligatory and routine. In short, they miss out on themselves.


THE ARTISAN-KING is THE CREATOR. This is the King who is slow, deliberate, and is greatly concerned with the greater arc of the life and an ultimate creation or fulfillment.


When The Creator falls into the Negative Poles, he forgets that he is creator. He falls into a kind of amnesia that feels as if the life is a constant struggle to wake up into, and even then, there is a struggle to feel as if one has a right to participate.


The WARRIOR-KING is THE CUSTODIAN. This is the King who feels responsible for "everything," and will work hard to maneuver the life and the lives of others in ways that help all parts to work together for the betterment of everything.


When The Custodian falls into the Negative Poles, he will tend to check out, to resign, to to become embittered and distanced from all forms of responsibility.


THE SCHOLAR-KING is THE ADVOCATE. This King takes on causes and stands as representative of those causes, being a resource for information, structure, and direction for fulfilling the direction of the cause.


When The Advocate is in the Negative Poles, he falls into stridency, warring, and combativeness that often tends to defeat the very point of the fight.


THE SAGE-KING is THE WISE ONE. This is the King who is all about being a source of information, sharing observations, and exemplifying adaptability.


When The Wise One falls into the Negative Poles, he is a fountain of inappropriate information and observations that have no bearing on the current contexts.


THE PRIEST-KING is THE PRECEDENCE. This is the King willing to do what others would not do so as to set precedence, pave a way, and open of paths for others.


When The Precedence falls into the Negative Poles, he becomes repetitive, breaking into directions for the sake of impressing or making a point, but not with any concern for those who might follow behind.


The KING-KING is THE CORNERSTONE. This is the most immovable, predictable, and "safe" King. He has established his position in the life and will not move from that. This can be quite comforting and bring great stability to a "kingdom" and a lifetime that comes after great arcs of strife and struggles.


When The Cornerstone falls into the Negative Poles, he becomes "dead weight" or a "black hole." This is the King who has determined that his direction or stance is not up for examination or change, and this means he can hold steady even on a crash course, taking everyone and everything down with him.


We know we have not covered all Roles, but Troy is exhausting his limits. We must conclude here for now. We can continue in further exchanges.


Good day to each of you.


Goodbye, for now.


[EDIT FROM TROY: I decided to get these in as soon as possible, so I am up at 8am to finish this! Here you go!]




THE SERVER-WARRIOR is THE CHAMPION. This is the Warrior who tends to go for standing up for people, for aligning with the underdog, for defending the weak. The Champion will even do this for those he does not like or care for, but feels the impulse to protect, defend, and help create more room for their existence.


When The Champion falls into its Negative Poles, he can begin to "champion" for those who need no defense, to defend at the expense of his own well-being, and to defend "just to defend." This is because he is feeling defensive in his own life, and since no one is coming to his defense, he frantically looks for anyone to defend as a means for compensation.


THE ARTISAN-WARRIOR is THE BOHEMIAN. This is the Warrior who is irreverent, unorthodox, "breaks the mold," and helps pave the way for less-creative souls. He learns to shake off expectations, demands, and obligations as a means to create a path that represents himself more authentically, and widening that path for anyone else who wishes to do the same.


When The Bohemian is in the Negative Pole, he is combative for the sake of being combative; taking stands without actually intending to follow through, puffing up like a peacock to display himself for defenses and a way to just hide.


THE WARRIOR-WARRIOR is THE AGGRESSOR. This is the Warrior who is in a constant fight for his life, for something, for someone, and he cannot rest. This Facet tends to come up when there has been a long stretch of oppression, imprisonment, or some other form of confinement either across lifetimes or earlier in the life. He comes up swinging because he has to.


When The Aggressor falls into the Negative Poles, he is exhausted, broken, refusing to acknowledge any wins or successes, and even as he is being lifted in celebration, continues to swing and try to hit.


THE SCHOLAR-WARRIOR is THE EXPERT. This is the Warrior who "knows his shit." He can fix things, he is tireless, and he is direct and to-the-point in getting things done, or communicating.


When The Expert falls into the Negative Poles, he behaves as if "he is the shit." He knows better than you do, dismisses your input, and even if he feigns to consider your input, he will continue to do exactly what he was going to do anyway.


THE SAGE-WARRIOR is THE SURPRISE. This is the quiet Warrior who keeps to himself just how wise he is and then springs it on you when he knows you can hear him. He will do his best to bring levity in the place of your not listening, sneaking in a chance to connect through humor and play. Despite his cover as a goofball, he is surprisingly realistic, practical, and down-to-earth.


When The Surprise is in the Negative Poles, he can suffer from crippling shyness, extreme frustration with being ineffective, unheard, and not being taken seriously. It matters deeply to this Warrior that you listen, and when he feels he is not heard, he can shut down, and even shut you out. Permanently.


THE PRIEST-WARRIOR is THE WINNER. This is the most-competitive of the Warriors and his intent is to win. Not necessarily against you, but with you, or for you. If the win is for himself, it must be on his own terms. He seeks for himself and others to earn and sustain respect and to show results for efforts in this world. He will hold himself and you accountable for your actions.


When The Winner is in the Negative Poles, he begins to blame. He blames everyone and everything for his lack of win, and if you are struggling in your life, then it must be your fault. The Winner becomes the sore loser.


THE KING-WARRIOR is THE HARD WORKER. This is the Warrior who perseveres, pushes through, and goes that extra mile to ensure that the job was done properly and well. If it, or you, are worth his time and energy, then it or you is worth the highest quality of that time and energy. This is the devoted Warrior who does not give up, and can find workarounds and solutions that make the best of obstacles.


When The Hard Worker falls into the Negative Poles, he just becomes frantically busy, keeping himself occupied with something, anything that will hopefully give his life a sense of direction and meaning. This can be one of the Facets who most needs the benefits from breaking down and crying.




THE SERVER-SERVER is THE DRAMA QUEEN/KING. This Facet of the Server has the Sage beat in terms of "everything" being a drama, struggle, ache, pain, struggle, and you will not escape without hearing about it. This Facet tends to come up when the Server has been invisible for far too long and has proclaimed her every right to EXIST, even if that means pointing out all of the pains of existence.


When The Drama Queen/King falls into the Negative Poles, she is a mess. She is no longer just proclaiming her state of existence, but becomes so defined by her pain, struggles, and woes, she stays there.


THE ARTISAN-SERVER is THE BOLD ONE. This is the Server who is not afraid to break from traditions, to move in unexpected directions, and to use creativity to resolve problems or beautify her path.


When The Bold One is in the Negative Poles, she can simply be eccentric, odd, and "the crazy lady" down the street who barks out her views. She is most distrustful.


THE WARRIOR-SERVER is THE QUIET LEADER. This is the Server who gets you going, moving, and guided without your even knowing it. She can help lead the way, even if from behind. She knows the best paths, and she can get you where you need to go without your ever even asking her to guide you.


When The Quiet Leader is in the Negative Poles, she no longer leads, but pushes. She can be disgusted with your lack of capacity to pick up on her cues, signals, and direction. She thinks you are stupid.


THE SCHOLAR-SERVER is THE PRACTICAL ONE. This is the Server who seeks to enlist the physics of elegance by maximizing the return with the least amount of investment. She moves through life in a way that is willing to flow, idle, and even remain still, as long as she is comfortable, content, and happy. There are very few conditions to be met in the life for this Server to be happy, and she helps you to understand that you can be happy in this practical way, too.


When The Practical One falls into the Negative Poles, she is horrified at any prospect of moving too fast, moving too unexpectedly, being thrown a curve, or in any way moving her at a pace that is not defined on her own. Anyone and anything that tampers with her comfort zones is deemed a threat and they are either quietly evaded, or directly confronted. She expects that everyone should already know what her needs and boundaries are, because she is very clear about them on her own.


THE SAGE-SERVER is THE MINDFUL ONE. This is the Server who already knows you. She has sized you up and can assess you in a few moments of your expressions. She then adapts to this and finds a way to communicate with you in a way that you can hear, and that she can be most effective.


When The Mindful One falls into the Negative Pole, she becomes frantic for you to know who SHE is because she already knows you. You need not chime in. But you do not know her, so she will now proceed to make certain that you do. She talks AT you, not TO you, and when there is no one to talk to, she feels she disappears.


THE PRIEST-SERVER is THE NOBLE. This is the Server who has a keen sense of ethics, "right and wrong," and the nuances of navigating these things. She is very sensitive to your boundaries and is willing to circumvent anything that might trigger you, all for the sake of helping you to wake up at your own pace and to see the bigger picture at your own pace. Her integrity is high, and honesty is tantamount to the sense of valid nurturing. She will tell you the truth, even if it hurts, but only if that truth is going to help.


When The Noble is in the Negative Poles, she plows into your life with standards that even she cannot live up to. She is brutal in her honesty, even if it does not serve you, and she defends any negative effects with a stance of righteousness.


THE KING-SERVER is THE HUGGABLE ONE. This is the Server who is magnetic, affectionate, and does not shy from contact. She is personable, inviting, and knows that human contact is essential for vitality, networking, and a sense of well-being.


When The Huggable One falls into the Negative Poles, she is the "huggable cactus." Yes, she can still be approachable, inviting, and personable, but she becomes prickly, might simply pat you on the back, and is not really interested in your affections. She becomes quite strict about who can be close to her and who should be kept at a distance. She no longer recognizes affection as an expanding life force, but experiences it as a sapping of her life force.

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  • 7 months later...

I sue came across something interesting today.

Have a look at this image:

This is apparently from a site called howtofascinate.com, who interestingly has used something very similar to the 7 Facets of Role to explain our language of self, particularly how we fascinate/manifest in the workplace.
The site seems to be geared for Late Young-Early Mature, which I'm sure many today in that general Soul Age would find interesting.

Notice the c. 2014 indicates this was made even before this session here was done in 2015.
What I find interesting is the uncanny use of terms for describing some of the Archetypes.

The Terms are as follows, as I seem to have found:
Innovation= Artisan, Passion= Server, Power= Warrior, Prestige= Priest, Trust= King, Mystique= Sage, Alert= Scholar.
The Column to the Left is relative to CASTING/FACET OF ROLE, and The Row to the Top is relative to ROLE.

The creator of the system seems to be more interested in a person's PUBLIC FACET than their TRUE or PRIVATE facets, which also seems interesting, because I never thought of these Facets of Role in terms of public or private.

(Following my Private and True Facets, I function mainly as the COMPOSER. But in Public I'm seen as the DISCIPLINED, or CONTROL FREAK as this diagram puts it. Or even the FAST THINKER(QUICK-START as above.))

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Hilarious! Made the test (l.u.v. tests haha).


Primary "Mystique" + secondary "Power", combination called "The Mastermind" which is one of the labels for INTJ, my non-changing professional MBTI profile over the past 25 years :) .


But my Role/Casting is the Quiet Conductor, and would correlate (as to your reference Kurtis) with the Orchestrator in this test. 


I think I can see your point here @KurtisM with Public overleaves. Sage/Warrior (if we stick to your comparison) is definitely one of them. That is when people are doing what they are supposed to do and I am at my best self ;). 

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  • 1 month later...

And then five months later, Sam said:

I'm the Intrigue, eh?  Heh, seems like a good stage name...

I actually feel like I consciously relate more to this test's result than Michael's description of my facet ("the Opposition").  I do feel, though, like my inner, "natural" self is an automatic contrarian.  I've consciously chosen to cultivate the Intrigue's approach to things because I profoundly dislike upsetting people, and as it turns out disagreeing with people constantly even when you actually agree with what they're saying is an excellent way to upset people.  My father tends to see my "real" facet the most, since I'm both comfortable enough with him to openly dispute his opinions AND disagree with him about almost everything.

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7 hours ago, Sam K said:

And then five months later, Sam said:

I'm the Intrigue, eh?  Heh, seems like a good stage name...

I actually feel like I consciously relate more to this test's result than Michael's description of my facet ("the Opposition").  I do feel, though, like my inner, "natural" self is an automatic contrarian.  I've consciously chosen to cultivate the Intrigue's approach to things because I profoundly dislike upsetting people, and as it turns out disagreeing with people constantly even when you actually agree with what they're saying is an excellent way to upset people.  My father tends to see my "real" facet the most, since I'm both comfortable enough with him to openly dispute his opinions AND disagree with him about almost everything.

Yes, I would say that howtofascinate.com's approach is an excellent means to promote harmony in our social external lives. I applaud them for their thorough research. I have no idea how they got 49 archetypes out of it without channeling! Lol.

But Michael's approach is excellent also for peering into our true selves that are sometimes hidden under layers of imprinting, conditioning and fear.

Taking a moment to look at our Private Selves is also significantly useful- because often it can put us at odds with others when we're not aware.


That would make you a Server-cast Sage on the public front, Sam. Which ironically, per the Ms makes you "The Contradiction" rather than the Contradictor. ;)


Edited by KurtisM
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  • 9 months later...
5 hours ago, Stickyflames said:

Oh wow. I just did the how to fascinate.com test and got catayst as well....these 49 personalities are identical to this michael report......

fascinating shit.


Whooaaaa... I just glanced over the site and that's fascinating! There has to be a correlation or connection. And I would love a section of our community for a self-test/results like that! I'm inspired! I will see what I can do.


I thought the questions in the test were not easy for me to lean one way or the other in answering, but I got the results below. In Michael's System I'm "The Contradiction," so I'm not sure if/how they correlate. I'll be exploring all of this further! Thanks for pointing to that site!









warm and cool




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No kidding, @Troy! That will translate to server cast sage to Michael’s system! So their test is not bad at all ...


me on the other hand, got the “talent” which translate to server cast priest in Michael’s. I guess I can see that given my overly priestly overleaves...


@Stickyflames, aren’t you sage cast “the chameleon” artisan? I thought server cast is the “catalyst”.


what do you guys think? Do you feel the site founder has Michael knowledge and created something based on it?

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  • TeamTLE

Here's what I got:


THE ARTISAN (WTF???? Seriously!)











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  • TeamTLE

Like Troy, I had a hard time selecting a response to some of the questions. But I got this:









Primary Advantage: Innovation

Secondary Advantage: Alert

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20 minutes ago, Stickyflames said:

It is on the website

I must be blind. I'm not finding the link to this site. I read that I looked at the whole topic and did not see where it is written what is the site..IoI


Someone put some link? There is any indicacion in the table? I am relly not sseing..IoI

Edited by Luciana Flora
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I am The Veiled Strength
- Realistic
Prim.Advantage: MYSTIQUE
Sec.Advantage:  POWER
Edited by petra
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  • TeamTLE
53 minutes ago, luluaussi said:

Hi all..interesting info, but when I tried to access site to do assessment was told I need a "book code"  ?


Toni, be sure to click on the option "create an account"  You have to do that to take the test/see the results.  It's free.

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  • TLE12







Autonomously creative




Hahaha. Michael said that these two are my favourite roles. The Sage Cycle was apparently quite a blast, and half of the time I was an Artisan (4 out of 8 Cycles),

Besides, my ET is an Artisan, so I would say, it makes sense.

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  • TeamTLE
38 minutes ago, Luciana Flora said:

I could not see the test result. You have to make an account. Put company name.


Just make up one.  It doesn't check to see that it's real ?

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35 minutes ago, Luciana Flora said:

I could not see the test result. You have to make an account. Put company name.

You just make something up. For a lot of the questions i just typed in a single letter...

I got

The Rockstar (Innovation & Passion)

Adjectives that describe you






Primary Advantage innovation

Secondary Advantage passion


Sounds higly exaggerated!! That;s more like what wouldbe great to be, but i dont see myself as manifesting that for sure.

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That was my result.

Edited by Luciana Flora
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7 hours ago, Stickyflames said:

Wow. You got the server casted sage Intrigue! Amazing.

I was subtly shocked myself when after deciding that the catslyst was the only one that fit me from the michael transcript, to then get the catalyst on this test of 49 personality archetypes.


How do you know what corresponds to what? I only got a paragraph and a prompt to pay money if I wanted a full report. How did you figure out intrigue is Server-cast Sage? That’s uncanny if it correlates!

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