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7 Stages of Incarnational Cycle of Bonding with Animals

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Channelled by: Troy Tolley

Date: July 25 , 2017

Excerpt from private session

Comment: Links to quoted and additional information provided in the text




You have provided very informative descriptions regarding STAGE 4 - CATASTROPHIC and STAGE 5 - CHAOTIC.


What I particularly like about these descriptions, is the understanding of how the Earthling is experiencing its Emotional Centre development in each Stage. 


Would you be so kind and provide similar type of summary for the other Stages?





In this Stage the creature is either new to being the species, new to bonding with a human, new to bonding with a human as that species, or all of these. The animal will tend to be more distanced, frightened, aloof, even problematic and difficult to discipline. It is a stage of Bonding where the animal must have everything on their own terms. In this Stage there may be extreme territorialism, as well.



In this Stage the creature is willing to be touched. You may be touching in the Cautious Stage, but there is a difference when the animal is willing. This is a Stage where over-eagerness and excitement can be quite apparent as the animal explores "everything" that is involved in your shared life, from the objects of your life to the inner workings of you.



This is a Stage where the animal rests and basks in the safety and sanctuary of your bonding. The animal is done testing the bond, and is now establishing it, immersing in it, and is done "questioning" or challenging the bond. This particular stage can stretch across several incarnations.



(Original channelling: Juni, Martha)

In the stage of Catastrophic, events come together to challenge all that has come to have been experienced before. It is a shift in awareness around fear, safety, trust, and endurance. It can either mean that there is tremendous upheaval in the household through which the creature must endure, or that the life of the creature is thrown into turmoil as a form of emotional exploration.



(Original channelling: Martha)

(Additional information: Janet)

In a "Chaotic" stage, the Animal experiences its first sense of emotional autonomy and this can launch into wave of defences, offenses, boundaries crossed or sustained. The Animal hurting the Human caretaker, is not hateful or means to be offensive emotionally. It is about means of trying to take control of its own body, space, environment, to bring some sanity to its emotional self.



This is a Stage where the interferences to the bonding are passed, and the focus is on tremendous affection and can even lead to issues of separation anxiety. The intensity of emotional bonding in this Stage can be high because it is akin to a reunion.



This is the Stage when the bonding is beyond a point of any return. It is secured and it is now the link that will ensure new cycles in another species. The life where Closure is in effect, tends to bring with it a familiar and deep bonding, but the death experience has some level of peaceful understanding that does not leave one deeply grieving.



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Thanks @PPLD. From those descriptions, I'm pretty sure Kali is Content, although Comforting might also be in effect. I also think about Rudolph, the Golden Retriever I cared for. His death left me bereft and unwilling to adopt another pet for many years until Kali came along and adopted me. As with everything, there's so much more than meets the eye. That's why I find Michael's information so valuable.


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