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Philanthropic Karma




Can anyone point me towards channelling on philanthropic karma? I'm still quite unclear about what it means and how it manifests. If there isn't anything comprehensive, maybe we can consider for a topic?

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9 hours ago, SharvariJ said:

Can anyone point me towards channelling on philanthropic karma? I'm still quite unclear about what it means and how it manifests. If there isn't anything comprehensive, maybe we can consider for a topic?

When I searched (in all topics) with the words ‘philantropic karma’, I got no results, but when I searched with ‘ karma owed’, I got 8 hits. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out yet how to post links to those hits, but you can find them by doing a search with the same words. There is no comprehensive explanation or overview of the topic in those search results, but you might gather some bits and pieces that might give some more insight. 

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2 hours ago, Juni said:

I think @Heidi  has some info on this?


Sharvari, here's a link to a session I did with Michael that might help (I share Philanthropic Karma with my brother) :

I know there isn't much info on Philanthropic Karma around here. I first read about it in one of the CQY books. If I can find the page on it, I'll share it here. If I remember

correctly, all karmic ribbons (whether the "good" or "bad" kind) are created through intensity. "Bad" karma is usually caused from the intensity of a choice taken away and "good" karma

from the intensity of a choice provided (e.g. a patron of arts providing room and board with no strings attached for a starving artist). 



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@SharvariJ,  I remembered some channeling my sister @Diane had a few years ago on a girlfriend (at the time) of her son who was experiencing the effect of being on the receiving end of her Philanthropic Karma. It may lead to more insight on how this Karma works. I left it more or less intact so you could see any nuances in Michael's channeling.  NOTE: Simon is a 7th Level Mature, Warrior-cast Sage from C3E6, an Idealist with the Goal of Acceptance.


From a Private Live Chat with Diane and Michael on February 13, 2013:


Diane:  What is Chantelle’s role in Essence, Casting, Soul Age/Level, Cadre/Entity and whatever else might be significant at this time, in her Overleaves? She is Simon's girlfriend, living in Halifax


MEntity:  The fragment in question appears to be a 6th Level Old manifesting at last Mature, a Sage-Cast Artisan from Cadre 1, Entity 5, and an Energy Ratio of 35 focused to 65 creative, and an 85 Frequency, in the 313th lifetime, and Grand Cycle #10, a male Priest Essence Twin from Cadre 1, Entity 7, and a female Scholar Task Companion.


MEntity:  This fragment is an Emotionally-Centered, Moving Part Idealist in Passion with a Goal of Flow that slides to Growth and Submission, with a body type mix of Venus/Solar/Saturn, and Chief Features of Arrogance and Self-deprecation.


Diane:  When Simon told me about her in October he described an attraction he felt in his heart but said he wasn’t physically attracted to her. Please comment.


MEntity:  The permission to be himself is extremely comforting. The Artisan has no preconceived notions of who he should be, could be, could have been, or should have been, and this is profoundly healing.


MEntity:  The Artisan is in a lifetime where the intent is to burn as many Ribbons as possible, and most of these are sundry or minor Karma. They will come with inherent compulsions when activated.


MEntity:  Most of the Ribbons in effect are philanthropic.


Diane:  It is interesting that she is in C1E5 is there any significance to me? Is this a coincidence?


MEntity:  By this we mean that the Artisan had been in positions in other lifetimes to receive help and comfort that proved to expand upon choices, and now the effort to balance this is in effect.


MEntity:  Bringing a moment of joy, a sharing of absolute acceptance, an enthusiasm for passions, unapologetic appreciation for creativity, etc. can prove to inspire the range of choices for another fragment.


MEntity:  Of course this is no coincidence.


MEntity:  The significance is that you are entity mates, and that your Essence knows this Artisan very well.


MEntity:  There is a great deal in common even between your Personalities in this lifetime.


MEntity:  It helps explain the warmth, comfort, and familiarity appreciated by the fragment who is "Simon," as well.


MEntity:  However bizarre or foreign the reflection, Simon is finding greater ways of accepting and loving through intimacy with another Personality who is similar to your own, but from a different angle. He is drawn to the strength of those at the 6th Level, who often represent the best and worst of a Soul Age, as he prepares for his own move into Old Soul perceptions.


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