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Shonda Rhimes on Content Creation in the Mature Soul Age

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A bit of a prelude:
I was in a state of mental distress yesterday because recently I've been short-circuiting trying to manage all the energy+ideas flowing through me.
My parents are away right now, so I'm in charge of taking care of the dogs as my sister is also here but she works on the weekends- which hasn't been overly easy as we have a near-2 year old puppy that is very hyper-active and constantly wants to move and play.
Because I was already feeling the blunt of self-delegation, I needed to take a break from watching over the dogs and headed downstairs with the door shut for a bit. I was going to sleep off the day, but my parents ended up calling, forcing me to stay awake. I decided I'd just surf youtube for a bit and calm down.

I'm glad I did, because I've recently started getting a bunch of ads about creative programs that outlay the traditional models of education and lifestyle (12 years of School+University -> Arduous Career Life+Create a Family -> Retirement). They've reminded me of the changes toward entrepreneurship, digital accessibility and prosumerism that are a part of our Mature Soul Age shift and Resource-based Economy shift.

So I ended up getting another one of these ads from Shonda Rhimes, a content creator and producer of Grey's Anatomy, How to get Away with Murder & Scandal- which caught my eye since those are shows my mom has always watched. I usually move away from these ads, because although I find them interesting and useful, I do not have a current plan towards investing in this transition yet & the information is irrelevant to whatever video I'm wanting to watch.

I decided to listen though because I guess something about Shonda caught my attention, which led me on a little trip through videos and articles on Shonda Rhimes.
One such video on TED Talks relayed the need for us to play & have fun in life in order for us to return a sense of productivity, passion and love. That certainly struck a chord because I was resisting playing with my hyperactive dog because he always wants to play & I want to focus on other things (even thought those things may be keeping me stuck in a rut).
Which then led me to another video by Shonda with Cyndi Stivers about the future of storytelling- which again is super enticing to watch.
I suspect Shonda Rhimes is in my Mentor and Muse positions- reflecting something like FLEXIBLE CREATIVITY.
She definitely seems to have a Priority of Career, with what I think is a Primary Shame of Desperation. I think she's an Artisan-cast Scholar, with a CR of Experimentation and a GJ of Mediation or Integration on the Truth Side of an Entity 4- but you never know.

Anyways here's the video:

In a bit more depth: the two ladies talk about how virtual reality, freedom of expression, greater interactivity and inter-connectivity do and will play into the evolution of art and storytelling.

It makes me even more excited for the possibilities of the future considering all the stuff discussed is what I'm seeing, literally, on Youtube.

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Thank you for posting this, Kurtis!

I was avoiding watching it today because I have pushed writing to the side the last month and knew it would trigger me. So glad I watched it! Great questions I have been asking myself a lot over the year. I love Shonda Rhimes, even if she does make  crackcocaine tv shows where you need to go to rehab to peel yourself away. I always feel like a melodramatic woman with a dark history and a powersuit after 3 hours in shondaland. I could listen to her ideas on storytelling and characters for hours though, truly a master.

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