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AnnaD's dream thread


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I had a dream about @PPLD last night. 

In the dream you and I were getting intimate. Which was great, but also, are we breaking boundaries doing this? whoops. lol George Clooney was there again and was amused by my dream, but not being too active or interactive. He was just there. Wierd. @PPLD

you were also taking over driving a train through amazing scenery. We were both in the train driver's cabin and I didn't quite expect you to take over the controls but you were quite capable. You were demonstrating to me that confidence goes a long way and winging it is a good way to live life sometimes, which, would have been a deviation from my usual course.  I remember thinking in the dream PPLD is like Wonder Woman except for these times. And this was a revelation! I also knew that this was a dream. You were a lot of fun by the way and you got me out of my seriousness which is a skill, so thanks for that. 


Look I know this is wierd, but the astral happens. Don't shoot the messenger (ducks)

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Just LUUUUUV your dream! Hahahaha!

And it kinda' makes sense;

Controls? Yep! These are mine.

Know what to do with them? Nah. Will figure it out along the way. Let's GO!

Thank you for dreaming about me... 👯‍♂️

(George is always welcome.)


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