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20140719 OMW: Your History With Michael


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OMW - Jul 19, 2014 - Your History With Michael


Channel: Troy Tolley


[nicksweeney] I just wonder how many times we've done this together in "the past?" ?


[MEntity] We understand that today's exchange is a focus on attendees' relationship with us in terms of history. This may not be able to be covered in full within the allotted time, but we can share an overall path, as well as some highlights that are significant to us.


[MEntity] In response to this first question, this is the first iteration of our exchanges with our students where the concept of a consistent relationship has come to be accepted as possible and understood as likely.


[nicksweeney] I thought as much


[MEntity] As we have mentioned in other exchanges, this is as clear as we have ever been able to be about who we are, and what we have to say. Previous to our work with Georges Gurdjieff, and then the fragment known as Sarah McCord/Chambers, we had been identified as any number of sources.


[MEntity] We have covered in a fair amount of detail our history with you since our fulfilling the Enlightenment Position for our Students, and since securing our Agreements with our Students as Teacher, but what many of you may not know is your history with us as fragments, incarnated alongside you, and how these incarnations had an impact on our affection for you.


[MEntity] And your affection for us.


[MEntity] Today, we will focus on the students attending, but we have had relationships of some sort with many of our students while extant.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that we have had the same approximate 6 million years to work through as each of you have had. For a great deal of that time, we were parallel in our Soul Ages and evolution.


[MEntity] So when many of us "first met," we were Infant Souls, as well.


[MEntity] Considering the Students in attendance today, our first meaningful crossing of paths would have been approximately 4.5 million years ago. In fact, nearly all of our more active students would be included in this scenario that set precedence for our relationships.


[MEntity] By this time, we were in the later stages of our Infant Soul Age and so had begun to be of the first to take on teaching positions among those incarnating.


[MEntity] Most of this entity were among those who had moved up into the higher grounds of where most fragments were incarnating. Chaos and insanity among fragments was not uncommon at the time, and we were no longer interested in those experiences.


[MEntity] We started incarnating into a more stable line of bodies and moved to the hills, so to speak.


[MEntity] Though each of you would have had different names or no names at all, we will refer to your previous exchanges with us by your current name for convenience..


[MEntity] The first of you to meet us from this particular exchange would have been Geraldine. She had never been keen on incarnating during this rather chaotic period of time, and so when the occasional incarnation came, it was not particularly delightful.


[MEntity] A great deal of her evolution over that chaotic couple of million years was done through acting as Guide, and incarnating by proxy. Though these are not "lifetimes," they cannot help but evolve the Essence, and so lifetimes as Guides are as important as lifetimes in a body. She opted for the experiences as guide, and then would "pop in" for the actual work of the evolution.


[MEntity] In other words, one can evolve as Essence without incarnation, but one cannot evolve in Soul Age without incarnation. This is the difference between, say, learning about karate by reading, and then actually having to practice it.


[MEntity] In this particular incarnation, Geraldine had wandered off in disgust at the behaviors of her peers, and that is how she found us.


[MEntity] Of course, as Essences, we had already made Agreements, but we did not have these terms at the time, nor did we fully understand how these things worked on an Essence Level.


[MEntity] Our first Agreements with her, then, were to be a source of solace and calm if she needed it during her rare incarnation at the time.


[MEntity] With much of the species living "wildly" and with no structure, stumbling upon our more organized and "civilized" establishment among the cave systems in the hills was quite shocking and intriguing.


[MEntity] We had no common language at the time, but communication was mostly non-verbal among the species anyway, and this was a link among all variations of Human at the time. There was always an immediate baseline of understanding and communication among all of us.


[MEntity] Gestures, behaviors, eyes, sounds, mouth, stances, etc. were immediately understood as forms of communication, as well as paraverbal resonance in the form of cords, if those were formed.


[MEntity] As fragments, we had already begun the practice of bathing, which was not common among most of the species at the time. This was one of the first striking things that Geraldine noticed. It was immediately obvious that "we" were different from those lower in the valley.


[MEntity] In a panic, she began resorting to the behaviors that were common among most of the species when panicked. She began flailing about and screeching, banging sticks and throwing rocks, and generally making great effort to terrify us.


[MEntity] By this time, we had begun practices in calming ourselves. Inherent in our species is a reactionary gene that can either freeze our position or send us into frenzied panic. So one of the first things we began to study was how to move into a space between that, a space of calm alert awareness, rather than panicked fight or flight.


[MEntity] More intriguing than our clean hair was our non-reaction to her frenzy.


[MEntity] To this day, one of the main baselines of knowing Love, even across other incarnations and into the current lifetime, is the calm that one can sustain in response to her reactions. That baseline was learned that day, and it never left her Instinctive Center as a vital part of her sense of Love.


[MEntity] We stood there. We waited. And out of breath, eventually, she began to laugh.


[MEntity] Laughter, Tears, and Pleasure were always accessible to the species. The Higher Centers were always accessible.


[MEntity] We are not spending a great deal of time only on Geraldine here. We are sharing this because through this moment is how we came to meet most of our current, active students.


[MEntity] After that initial exchange, the fascination with us was strong, and Geraldine moved among our families with great awe.


[MEntity] We were eating out of bowls, preparing foods, bathing, and learning/teaching organized sounds to represent objects.


[MEntity] But more than this was the calm.


[MEntity] This is what was most important to her at the time in terms of what to share.


[MEntity] After several instances of reactionary panic and fear or anger in which we would help move her into that state of calm, this could have been considered our first teaching for our students, though the idea of students had not formed for us in that way, of course.


[MEntity] Geraldine began bringing other fragments to our region, which included all of you at some point. And because we had begun to have a more ordered sense of the world and experiences, we began to organize our means of teaching this practice of calm.


[MEntity] Bathing, eating from bowls, organizing, etc could be shown and then mimicked, but this strange concept of calm was something that we could not display in a way that seemed to teach it.


[GeraldineB] Were we exactly the same hominid line at this time?


[MEntity] And so our first exchanges with many of our students while extant were through literal and powerful affection.


[MEntity] Stimulation was fairly understood at the time. This feels good, this does not. But affection was new.


[MEntity] At least, deliberate affection.


[MEntity] Depending on the individual, we would implement a different way of conveying this affection as a means of teaching calm.


[MEntity] Geraldine, not exactly, but we do not think we would be considered a different line as much as we were simply using the line differently.


[MEntity] To teach calm to Geraldine, we only had to show her something new, different, and intriguing. This was immediately calming. Holding her hand, we would help her to mimic uses of tools that were unfamiliar, and trace with her fingers those symbols that were coming to represent sounds.


[MEntity] What we will share next is our first contact with each of you in the most literal sense of the word, then.


[MEntity] Of this group attending today, Bobby and Maureen were of the first for Geraldine to bring to us for the sole intent of teaching calm.


[MEntity] We quickly learned that one means of teaching calm to one person would not work in teaching it to another. This was fascinating to us, as we (as in, our local "tribe") already had a common ground that was unchallenged in terms of teaching or sharing a concept." So when Geraldine brought us more "students," we learned for the first time the variations in how learning and teaching were necessary to adapt to individuals.


[MEntity] For Bobby, introducing new things was interesting, but did not teach calm. His means of calm was what might be considered "competence."


[MEntity] His fascination with us was that we had these positions in place among us, which we had taken for granted, of course. The person who made our bowls just made bowls. The person who put the food in our bowls just put the food in our bowls. The person who gathered the food only gathered the food, and so on.


[MEntity] What we taught him, then, was how to take care of the animals that were actively interacting with us in our setting.


[MEntity] Having been amid chaos in the valleys, other species kept their distance from the "crazy Humans," but in our tribe, local animals mingled among us in ways that were incomprehensible to most.


[MEntity] The calm that was felt from affection with non-human species became a source of calm.


[MEntity] It took us a while to figure out what would calm Maureen.


[MEntity] Actual contact, animals, new things, were interesting enough, but it was not until we thought to point upward that the calm could come.


[MEntity] We thought it was the sky, the stars, that became her source of calm, but what we would discover long after these incarnations was that it was the first realization of Time passing that was the key.


[MEntity] The patterns, the movements of stars, the changing of weather, etc. Our pointing up somehow got this concept moving in her in a way that would be explored over many lifetimes from there.


[MEntity] All of the various ways Time can be observed, understood, or measured would evolve over time and be explored, but at the root of all of it was this fascination that things changed.


[MEntity] Her calm came from a vague realization that what she saw as static redundancy suddenly had potential.


[MEntity] Of those in this group attending today, we would meet Nicholas, Claire, and Martha next.


[MEntity] This may seem strange, or not, but the idea of extended affection was simply non-existent at the time among most fragments. Sex was as affectionate as one could get, for the most part, and this pattern has not changed much among the species in many ways, actually.


[Martha] I knew it was going to be sex


[MEntity] But holding one another was new. Simply hugging, petting, grooming one another for the sake of affection was bewildering and beautiful to these two.


[Martha] oh, not sex but cuddling?


[Maureen] I knew it was going to be looking "upward" or going "out of my body" (for me) ?


[MEntity] Martha and Nicholas, this was not just about "cuddling," but about receiving. We did not know that at the time. We thought it was simply a matter of touch that affectionate, but it was more than that. It was that you had to do nothing to receive it. It was just yours to have.


[MEntity] And so the calm came, not just when given to you, but in the realization that you could give to others.


[Martha] I was just doing that with Beau earlier in the chat


[MEntity] The two of you went on to be affection ambassadors, if you will, and were of the first to create calming spaces for others to be groomed, to rest, to bathe, to be "pampered" in some way.


[MEntity] For Nadine, making sustained eye contact was how we taught calm to her at the time.


[Nadine] Oh, do you mean me or Claire?


[Nadine] You mentioned her as arriving with Martha and Nick...


[MEntity] We are coming back to Claire in a moment. At the time, everything around a person was a matter of concern for the most part only in terms of navigation. Do not bump into one another, watch out for this, do not eat that, etc. But it was rare that one would really look at another person, see into his or her eyes, and fully embrace the face as a representation of a person.


[Maureen] Michael, isn't sustained eye contact rather unusual for an Infant Soul?


[MEntity] So for Nadine, we would simply spend time looking at one another, smiling. We did not know this at the time, of course, but this was calming because it meant to her that she mattered. She was not just another body among bodies, but a person, an individual, and she was noticed.


[Nadine] That's still important for me when spending time with others...looking into their eyes...


[MEntity] Maureen, yes, that is true. Infant Souls are assessing environmental threats on a constant basis, so the eyes cannot linger long on much of anything, but when the eyes see into other eyes, it is disconcerting because it hints at another realm that exists beyond the more tangible one.


[MEntity] More Instinctively driven a creature, the shorter the ability to sustain eye contact.


[MEntity] An aside: as the Emotional Center comes into play, such as in dogs and cats, the more easily eye contact comes to be important, if not vital, because it speaks to a realm beyond the tangible. The Emotional realm. However, hold up a camera to these creatures and you may find immediate aversion. This is, in part, because the camera is a lifeless "eye." It is confusing and disturbing for many of these creatures who have come to rely on eye contact, to then to see this symbolic eye that has no realm behind it.


[MEntity] Returning to Claire, there were two things that were found to be capable of teaching calm: one was group activity. As long as Claire was being included, felt included, and a meaningful part of a group, she sustained a sense of calm.


[MEntity] This took some time to figure out because she was quite a loner at the time, and "hated" the ground.


[MEntity] We could not get her down from the trees.


[MEntity] We came up with an idea to create a swing for her, using various materials intertwined and looped so that she could come down but not have to touch the ground.


[MEntity] The irony here is that in the process of our trying to put this together, Claire decided she wanted to help.


[MEntity] She came down from the trees for the now-paradoxical project that was generated as an idea to accommodate her preference to remain off of the ground.


[MEntity] We were careful not to point this out until long into the project, near completion.


[MEntity] And as she took her seat in the final testing of the swing, it was then that she realized that her sense of separation, along with the avoidance of the ground, was all from presuming a lack of inclusion.


[MEntity] And so it came to be that her sense of calm was found in not just feeling included, but in the effort to include herself.


[MEntity] Again, we did not necessarily have these concepts formed so clearly back then, but we knew it had to do with working with others.


[MEntity] In addition to this state of inclusion as a means of calm, it was the first time Claire realized that something could be her own.


[MEntity] The idea of having things was not quite formed in the species, yet, but this swing was Claire's and it was moving to her that others had helped to make it happen just for her.


[MEntity] And so it began that her appreciation of arts started as her source of calm.


[MEntity] This idea of having something for the sake of having it was a beautiful thing to Claire, and she began to make things just to make them, and giving them, just to give them, so that others could have them, just to have them.


[MEntity] When we met Visaish, he was with a bit more caution and distrust than the others here. We were able to gain his trust by meeting on his terms, leaving our familiar ground to go to his choice of meeting ground. Because we had to do this, we had to carry objects with us that we had come to consider a great start to exploring how to share calm with another.


[MEntity] Rather than carry these back and forth, we conspired with him to find a hidden place to stash these items and then leave them for us to return to upon our next meeting.


[MEntity] We did not expect that this would be his source of calm, but it did.


[MEntity] Our leaving these objects completely in trust of his knowing where they were, leaving him to sort through them, use them, play with them, even on his own, was his first time realizing how the dynamic of trust was not one-way.


[MEntity] It was always assumed that his navigation was based on how well he trusted others. Suddenly, it dawned on him that he could be trusted, too. Or that he may be distrusted all while being as trustworthy as he expected of others. How had he ever proven trust before? How would others ever really prove trust?


[MEntity] This was not be processed with such clarity at the time, but in more vague terms, of course.


[MEntity] However vague, it "changed everything."


[ViP1] still my #1 issue...


[MEntity] From that point, forward, trust was presumed a default, and it was something that could be lost, but not something that was necessary to prove or gain.


[MEntity] Our teaching of calm continued through to contact with about 1500 of those fragments who would come to be known as our students. We came to be referred to as something that might be translated into "the people of the mountain." While chaos continued among the species in the valley, this state of calm was spreading quietly among those who are our students, and how "you" implemented this changed the course of your own evolution forever.


[MEntity] And our own.


[MEntity] From these first encounters, we had begun to understand the nature of Roles.


[MEntity] The calm that was necessary for each person was found to have had patterns, and this began as a base collection for our eventual understanding of the Roles.


[MEntity] Troy was one of the last to be invited up to us. He had been born somewhere along the middle of that 1500 we would come to exchange with. He was born through Geraldine, who decided to try to teach calm to him as he grew. As her calm was all about the new, learning, and exploration, she taught him in the same way. It was with great meaning that she, eventually, brought him up to meet us, and share how she had conveyed calm to another on her own.


[MEntity] Troy was one of the first to be taught calm before knowing us, and not directly through us.


[MEntity] This may sound romantic and nostalgic now, but it was an exasperating and exhausting process for Geraldine at the time. In subsequent lifetimes, it has often been revisited and remained so, in new ways.


[MEntity] When Geraldine died, Troy was one of the few who remained with us, and did not return "home." Most who continued contact with us would have their base remain where it was familiar, but some chose to live among us, especially after those first arrangements with Geraldine for Troy.


[Bobby] Generally speaking, how many of "you" would have been incarnated to be part of this teaching process? Also, I assume, it would not have just been your Entity members but others from across the Cadres and Energy Rings?


[MEntity] We decided to focus on this first meeting of fragments because, though it may not have been as intimate as later exchanges, it exemplifies how we came to learn from you as our aim toward teaching grew more emphasized. It exemplifies how precedence is set for relationships that might carry over across multiple lifetimes and Personalities, and how each of you, regardless of Personality and lifetime, are still a consistent Being who has a core.


[MEntity] Bobby, at that time, it was mostly our own Cadre incarnating among us, but early incarnations of groups are often quite literally entity members, so what we described today was limited to our entity members as they grew with those who would be our students.


[Maureen] Did all of us here today decide to stay with "you" along with Troy?


[MEntity] Though this is far from exemplary of our multiple lifetimes with each of you across time, before we cycled off, we think this is meaningful and important as a start for that exploration. It marked both our own shift in awareness toward the concept of teaching, but also shifted your own awareness in terms of your comprehension of experience. In both cases, our evolution accelerated, not for mystical reasons, but from effort.


[MEntity] Not all of you: Martha, Troy, Nadine, and Claire remained, while the rest of you visited and continued your own paths at your base, sharing what you were learning.


[MEntity] We must conclude here for today. Needless to say, our meeting with you in this lifetime without bodies is the result of a long road walked alongside one another while in bodies. We have known one another a long time.


[MEntity] Good day to each of you.

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  • TeamTLE
On 5/20/2016 at 2:40 PM, Kasia said:

[MEntity] In other words, one can evolve as Essence without incarnation, but one cannot evolve in Soul Age without incarnation. This is the difference between, say, learning about karate by reading, and then actually having to practice it.

This stood out to me (among many things) in this session. More questions for Michael have arisen for me. That's the thing that keeps happening: no matter how much I learn from a session, more questions arise. Sometimes reading these posts it feels like fireworks going off in every direction and I eventually have to remind myself that I cannot imbibe everything all at once, and focus on one thing at a time. But the fireworks show continues to explode and my attention keeps getting drawn to one beautiful display after another. 

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  • TeamTLE

Just a little bit of channeling that got lost in the shuffle of life. @Diane received this from Michael in a Private Live Chat on April 26, 2016. It's related to our history with Michael. 


Diane:  We all met the Michaels around the same time?  What soul age were we when we were introduced to the Michaels?  What soul age was I when I was introduced to the Michaels?


MEntity:  We met all of our students at different times, sometimes in groups, but many met across various incarnations as fragments. Since our position as teacher from the Causal Plane, we met with our students in groups over time, but not all at once.


MEntity:  All of our students were late Mature to Old upon activating our Agreements.


MEntity:  You were Old.


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After this session I asked about my history with Michael in a private session, April 26, 2016:


[Diane]  How was my essence introduced to you 4.5 million years ago?

Who was ”I“ with?  I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Maureen’ introduced me to you back then too!  How was I taught not to fear, how did you teach me calm?


[MEntity]  You are correct in that the Priest introduced us. When we met you while extant, we found that your "closing your eyes so you could see better" was the greatest source of calm at the time. This was because your Personality was wide-eyed and in constant assessment of threat, which served the survival element of the self and tribes well, but not the clarity and well-being of the self. Helping "you" to learn to close your eyes, breathe, and let the internal self settle down was our first contribution to that practice in clarity and calm.

This was never forgotten, of course, and we could see this used as a means of gaining clarity and calm across many Personalities over the millenia.


[Diane]  Yes, I do that in this lifetime as well.  Thank you

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  • TeamTLE
1 hour ago, Evelin said:


I saw this somewhere, remembered this session and nearly laughed my head off!




@Evelin,  brilliant!!!! This is funny anyway but it's extra-funny in this context. 


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On 5/21/2016 at 6:40 AM, Kasia said:

[MEntity] By this time, we were in the later stages of our Infant Soul Age and so had begun to be of the first to take on teaching positions among those incarnating.



Are The Michaels saying that they were later Infant Soul Age "humans" on the physical plane, and we were, younger Infant Soul Age "humans" on the same physical plane? Like siblings or more probably, neighbours?


If this is the case, how is it that we have evolved so slowly and are still Old level "humans" on planet earth, on the physical plane, meanwhile The Michaels completed the Physical plane, completed the Astral plane, and are now Causal plane inhabitants? What part of this am I missing here or - I can speak for myself I am slow- are we really slow to evolve relative to The (speedy) Michaels? I must be missing something here.


I loved the information about calming, especially the "Affection Ambassadors" (can I join you?) and @ClaireC's sense of inclusion, that brought some tears.

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@AnnaD that was new (or gone from my brain..) information to me too and i'm guessing as they are from a different energy ring, they just chose to do things differently. Like the 4th cadre from out own energy ring, who were Lemurians, so a very different timeline and path! Time is a funny thing and i guess we tend to be a bit obsessed with it here on the physical plane where it is so prominent in our lives. Remember how Geraldine's essence somehow took a million year break after the transfer to Sirius, and is an old soul here with us just the same.
I would love to hear about Michael's whole history though, as in on a timeline!

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@Miizle, I prefer the phrase "extensive long term experience in physical plane situations" over "slow to learn on the physical plane". And The Michaels are Kings and Warriors. I am also solid, so what is my excuse lol?

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You've got it right. In the 4,500,000 BC teachers/students encounter, Michael was late Infant, and we were a bit younger in Soul Age. We'll actually be addressing a lot of your questions in future chapters of the Origins Club. Michael always seems to have been a step ahead of us, but when you think about it, they evolved through their Soul Ages almost as 'slowly' as we have. They lived alongside us for 6 million years, but none of the Michael Essences reached their Old Soul Age until roughly 150,000 years ago, and they cycled off only 7,000 years ago. That isn't a very long time ago, in the grand scheme.


Michael also addressed the uneven rate at which various parts of the Human Design cycle off. One thing to account for is the fact that sometimes groupings of Sentience within our Design hook into an experimental line of development which leads to rapid Cycling Off, like what the Lemurians experienced, and other smaller pockets of Humanity throughout history. In other cases, it seems certain parts of a Design have loose plans to be part of the Grand Cycle's beginning and to stick around for the ending, while other parts of the Design are more interested in Cycling Off over a briefer period of time.


From "What Comes First? Energy Rings or Design?"

MEntity: Oh yes, there are Energy Rings that began incarnations long after yours who are long ago cycled off, and some like yours, who have been here "since the beginning" and remain with several Soul Ages within.

The bulk of Energy Rings who cycle off first are those who came in the "middle" of the waves of incarnations.

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@Connor, thank you so much for explaining this. This has been doing my head in for ages. It is kind of useful to know this, for me it is like having confirmation of diagnosis that "I knew" was there, was coming.


The other part that gets to me is: What did The Michaels do, to speed up their progress through the planes? And, is what they did to speed up their progress through the planes still an option for "us"? (I am guessing not, but, I had to ask). And, also, are some of "us", experiencing that "speeding up" of theirs, as a kind of mid cycle abandonment? I experience it a little this way, some kind of yearning for The Michaels, kind of like they died way too quickly. And fucked off. I would love to know how they experienced this separation. I would really like to know. Was it a deliberate choice, or did something force the hand? I am reading into it, no doubt.


I will be following Origins closely. I would love to know who else is on the scenic route, with "us", as well. And who did the budget route without "us". I want to know their names as a group, if there are Lemurians, and I realise that there are Lemurians, well, anything/combo is possible, excuse my lack of Michael correct terms for things. 

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