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Been reading about John Dewey for school. The more I read the more I am convinced this dude was a Michael student. A lot of what he says about experience and continuity and interconnectedness sounds like the Michael material. I also think his role was Scholar. According to the book I’m reading (On the Wings of Metaphor by Stanley Ivie) in the chapter on J. Dewey,

“The Laboratory School at the University of Chicago offered Dewey a mechanism for testing his instrumenatalist philosophy; it also provided him with a rich background of experiences upon which to draw”


Dewey’s philosophy centered around experiences being the best way to basically verify existence. That sounds very scholarly to me. So I’m guessing he was a priest cast scholar. I’m also dying to know which cadre and entity he’s from. I’m going to guess C2E1 since he was involved in educational politics. Who is good at guessing entity flavors? @PPLD


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