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Dreams of Bill Murray

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I had a dream of comedian Bill Murray. It is probably the third or fourth time he has appeared in my dreams, but the fourth time, I have now caught on. 


In the dream I am living in my old hometown Christchurch New Zealand. Not where I live now. I am biking in my old highschool suburb and Bill Murray is walking along the footpath. He is wearing a white shirt, blazer, and some really fancy iridescent type shantung silk flared trousers, he is looking pretty smart. Every time in my dream he is walking away from me, but I always do a double take, check to see if it is Bill Murray, and as I am double taking him, and staring probably, to confirm it is him, he looks back at me and kind of smiles, I wonder if he gets this all the time? And the other part of me is going silently ITS BILL MURRAY! BILL!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE ACTOR PERSON but not saying it. He keeps on kind of looking back at me, then when he realises I am too wierded out to say hi he carries on his way.  I remember thinking in the dream,

Why do I keep seeing him here?

I know he doesn't live here in New Zealand, such a long way from Hollywood. 

Why does he live in Cashmere Christchurch?

Has he always lived here?

How does he go by so unnoticed?

He has a long way to go for job interviews.

He is a pretty snazzy dresser. 


It is about the fourth time I have noticed him and double taken him and looked back at him. What is he up to? 

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