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20140517 OMW: You and Your Reflections


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OMW - May 17, 2014 - You and Your Reflections


Channel: Troy Tolley


[CocteauBoy] ANNOUNCES: okay, I had planned for everyone to receive the OMW in advance so these chats could be used for more interactive time, but that flopped miserably. Just like the other Reports that had been offered over the years, I've come to discover that some things require the presence of others for the channeling to flow. I don't know why that is.


[CocteauBoy] CONTINUES: so, for the next OMW, I am going to meet with Bobby and/or Geraldine so we can get the OMW in early. That should work.


[CocteauBoy] So to accommodate today's chat, since we are going to get the details live, if anyone feels as if they do not get much interactive time, please feel free to grab a 15M Time Bloc


9:32 AM 5/17/2014


[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


[MEntity] The subject of focus today is the Inspirational Axis and how this works for each of you as a source of information.


[MEntity] All Axes are in constant effect around and within an individual, regardless of whether these are consciously acknowledged, utilized, or rejected. The Moving, Intellectual, and Emotional, or the Action, Expression, and Inspirational, are constantly at work in a dynamic dance within and without.


[MEntity] Even the most sedentary of bodies will still have the Action Axis at work in the functions of the body, for example.


[MEntity] Of course, the mere existence and presence and functioning of these Axes do not inherently mean they are serving you well, or helping. Consciousness must often come into play for the benefits to be extracted.


[MEntity] Yes, the functions of a sedentary body will automatically continue with or without your effort to move, but your conscious effort to move makes a world of difference.


[MEntity] When speaking of Inspiration, it is to speak of what you see as YOU in something or someone.


[MEntity] When one feels inspired, it is not a force that is emitting from the inspiring art or person, it is you seeing you in that art or person.


[MEntity] In most cases of what people think of as "inspiring," that "you" is a higher "you," better you, different you, full of potential, possibility, and then if this inspiration is utilized, you would seek to match that in your own behaviors, efforts, perceptions, etc.


[MEntity] If you see an armless woman creating art with her feet, it is not that you now wish to create art with your feet if you feel inspired by that person. It is most likely that you simply see in her that you, too, can overcome what might have seemed like an obstacle to your own expression or accomplishment, and then you work to bring that "you" to the forefront of your challenges.


[MEntity] All forms of Inspiration are inspiring TO YOU because they are telling you something about YOU.


[MEntity] If you are inspired by music, it is not often that it is meant that you wish to re-create that music, but that it is music that brings you back to you, to a part of you that may easily be forgotten, overshadowed, etc. So all Inspiration is really about bringing you back to you.


[MEntity] What we have mentioned, so far, is Inspiration that is fairly easy to spot. This is what most mean by "inspiring."


[MEntity] But Inspiration, like everything, has its spectrum, and not all of it is obvious.


[MEntity] If Inspiration is all about seeing yourself around you, and seeing ways to bring you back to you, or to bring more of you out of you, then nearly everything you see is some form of Inspiration.


[MEntity] More accurately put: nearly everything that catches your attention is some form of inspiration.


[MEntity] On the Positive end of the spectrum of Inspiration, it is REFLECTION.


[MEntity] This is the end of the spectrum where you tend to see the best of you in others, in events, in arts.


[MEntity] REFLECTION can be broken down into PASSIVE and ACTIVE forms of Inspiration.


[MEntity] PASSIVE REFLECTION is basically Empathy.


[MEntity] Empathy is triggered in you when you see you in someone or something. It is when there is no differentiation between yourself and that which is benefiting or suffering, successful or failing, happy or sad.


[MEntity] It is not that you confuse yourself with that person or thing, but that you simply see yourself through or in that thing or person.


[MEntity] There is no effort necessary. It is a dynamic that is inherent in your evolution from experiences.


[MEntity] ACTIVE REFLECTION is Awareness.


[MEntity] This is a state the comes before the Passive State.


[MEntity] This is a kind of inspiration that continues to return to you in a way that seems to be asking for your attention, inviting you to see something different, but that you must actively participate in as a means to truly bring empathy.


[MEntity] For instance, it may come to one's attention on a regular basis that the suffering of animals is unnecessary and that one can make a difference in that suffering, but it would take effort, action, changes. It is just outside of the edge of empathy. It is not that Reflection is missing, but that there is active resistance. This means active embrace would be needed.


[MEntity] One might feel a draw toward the plight of homeless children, but be overwhelmed by what actions could possibly be made to make a difference, so it is kept in the realm of Awareness, but not Empathy.


[MEntity] Awareness and Empathy are very close together. This is why there can be some confusion about what one "cares about" versus what one does something about. It is the difference between passive and active, empathy and awareness, but all of those things that matter to you are REFLECTIONS.


[MEntity] Awareness is not just in terms of suffering, but also in terms of successes and happiness. One can be fully Aware of how one can make a difference in his or her life when inspired by another, but simply choose not to do so. You are AWARE because you see yourself in the happiness of that person, but you choose not to act.


[MEntity] Keep this in mind when inspired by both suffering and pleasures; struggles and successes. Empathy is Passive because you are already there. Awareness is prompting you to do something so you can evolve.


[MEntity] Do not pit these against one another, of course. They are merely informative.


[MEntity] On the more restrictive end of the spectrum of Inspiration, or the Negative Pole, it could be said to be PROJECTION.


[MEntity] Where Reflection invites you to see yourself in things and people around you, Projection is when you impose or superimpose yourself on things and people around you. It is no longer about what you see, but about what you wish to see.


[MEntity] PASSIVE PROJECTION could be described as OMENS.


[MEntity] "You have seen this before so it must mean this again now."


[MEntity] If a person is behaving a certain way, it MUST be because his intentions are "this."


[MEntity] Because you know this from your own experience, and your experience is all that matters.


[MEntity] If it happened to you, then it must be universally true. Or if you have seen it before, it must always mean the same things.


[MEntity] You are no longer reflected in something or someone, but you are projected. This Passive side to Projection is prejudiced, biased, invested, and conclusive.


[MEntity] This is still Inspiration because it is still about YOU SEEING YOU. You are still seeing YOU in that person or event or thing. But on this end of the spectrum, it is about protecting yourself from your experiences.


[MEntity] On this Passive side of Projection, it is about patterns that you are ready to heal.


[MEntity] On the ACTIVE side of PROJECTION, it is DEFENSE.


[MEntity] Active Projection is when one does not like what one sees about oneself in others.


[MEntity] You see a "weak person" and it disgusts you. This is because you see yourself as weak, and it disgusts you. And the best way to keep from being disgusted with yourself is to be disgusted by others. It is an active defense against that which you refuse to heal.


[MEntity] You see an obnoxious or inconsiderate person and you are repulsed. This is because you self-monitor and criticize yourself to such a degree that it angers you that someone else might not have to do so, as well. It is unfair.


[MEntity] Your Defensive Projections tell you where you refuse to heal. It tells you where you have gained some righteous footing in your wounding.


[MEntity] Your Ominous/Omenous Projections tell you what you are willing to heal, but that you still wish for others to do the work of that healing.


[MEntity] Your Aware Reflections tell you where you are in your evolution, and what steps could move you forward in this life.


[MEntity] Your Empathic Reflections tell you where you have been, and how far you have come, and where you are, even if you have forgotten.


[MEntity] Do each of you see these variations in your life?


[ViP1] I do Michael


[Maureen] Yes


[ViP1] although some stand out more than others


[LisaC] yes


[Claire2] Oh yes.


[GeraldineB] Yes, I see that I'm far more Aware than Empathic -- and do see that Projection issue has still solidly in place


[DianeHB] Yes


[MEntity] We wish to clarify that this map is a matter of information, not a matter for reprimanding yourselves or assessing where you are lacking or should do differently. That is not our point, and that approach would not be helpful at all. Instead, this is information. It can help you to make the choices you wish to make, to take the steps you wish to take, that you are ready to take, and to accept those areas where you may now realize are helping you to heal.


[Jana_K] I can clearly understand Defensive Projections


[Jana_K] Still catching up with the other ones (I was a bit behind reading the transcript)


[MEntity] All of you are wounded. Most of you will be all the way until your last breath and beyond the last life. Many wounds require Review to fully heal. However, the more consciousness you bring to where you are wounded, and how you project that wounding upon others, the more choice you have within a life to free yourself from that, and to move into awareness and empathy.


[MEntity] YOUR HOMEWORK: (if you choose)


[MEntity] Look at what inspires you in the most common sense of the word. What elates you, lifts you, makes you feel a return to yourself, "inspired." List a few of these so you can look at how these might reflect your evolution, your experiences that have been integrated, and let yourself embrace that vastness.


[MEntity] Look at what keeps coming to your attention for making a change. Something gentle, but somehow important. Haunting you in some way without being nagging. Look at what a few of these might be, and realize that these are messages from you, asking you for that one step or action that might shift you into a different perspective, experience, and empathy.


[MEntity] Choose one or two, and let yourself make that leap.


[MEntity] Look at what you constantly see around that is irritating and agitating, constantly meaning something distracting to you. Let yourself in on the fact that there is wounding here that may need your attention, and it might be time to do the work of that healing, instead of presuming it is someone else's problem or cause.


[LisaC] Are we meant to list them here, or just think about it?


[MEntity] In those instances where you are ready to heal, it is often only a matter of choice in that moment when you are next triggered. Do you react? Or do you respond? Let yourself be triggered, but unless you are in some way being truly violated, you may simply be able to soothe your feathers and see the experience in a different way.


[MEntity] You do not have to know exactly what the wound is, or how it got there, or what to do to heal it. Just shifting the experience will usually begin that process.


[MEntity] (Lisa, this is for you to do on your own.)


[MEntity] And finally, look at what you righteously stand on as justified disgust or repulsion. List 3 things that "really get to you." These are almost  incapacitating in their effects, angering, or depressing, defeating.


[MEntity] These are areas where you refuse to heal because you probably have more work to do in that area of your life, or across lives.


[MEntity] This can help you to gain insight into your Self-Karma and Karma.


[MEntity] Now, before we leave you with all of that, we will return to the point that this is only INFORMATIVE.


[MEntity] For example, if you are repulsed and angered by the raping of a child, there is nothing wrong with you. For most of you, this wounding will carry forward through to the last of your lives, as most of you will have had this experience stored in your Instinctive Centers and networked among the species. Some wounding is IMPORTANT.


[MEntity] The quadrants of Inspiration are there to help you sort out your experiences, to use them in ways that evolve you, and to use them in ways that help you to help others.


[MEntity] So what you would want to do is look at what wounding may be serving you, and which ones are not. Those that are not serving you are probably those that can be healed, shifted, and moved toward Empathy.


[MEntity] If your wounding helps you to navigate, then it is serving you. If it debilitates you and incapacitates you, then it is not.


[Maureen] Michael, you said: The quadrants of Inspiration are there to help you sort out your experiences, to use them in ways that evolve you, "and to use them in ways that help you to help others". In what ways can we help others?


[MEntity] If it is not serving you, it can move into healing.


[MEntity] Maureen, if a child is being raped or abused, or an animal is fighting for its life on a factory farm, and there is repulsion at these ideas, then your prompt to intervene is helpful, not just for yourself, but others. Inspiration is always about you, but it can often be about how you can help others to be more of themselves, too. The point is not to aim for apathy, but empathy, so some wounding will always stay sensitive and raw.


[MEntity] Repulsions do not have to be toward such obvious scenarios, but about how another makes choices, behaves, affects others, etc. However, in those more nuanced scenarios, one must do the work of assessing whether this Projection is based on beneficial wounding to help you navigate, or if it is simply a deflection from your own responsibilities to make different choices and behaviors, yourself.


[MEntity] As a simplistic example, if one has been threatened when walking down a street at night, it is fair to then reconsider a different route the next time. This is helpful and increased your navigational skills. If you, instead, now never go out at night at all, you have probably fallen into a Self-Karmic or Karmic scenario.


[MEntity] As Troy has suggested, if any of you would like to discuss a couple of your forms of Inspiration as both Reflection or Projection, you would now schedule 15 minutes with us so that we may focus on that with you. For now, we will leave you with this mapping of Inspiration to help you take a new look at your spectrum of experiences and how you arrange them.


[MEntity] Good day to each of you.


11:22 AM 5/17/2014

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"You see an obnoxious or inconsiderate person and you are repulsed. This is because you self-monitor and criticize yourself to such a degree that it angers you that someone else might not have to do so, as well. It is unfair."

This absolutely hit and landed, this morning. I never thought of it this way, but it makes total sense. Unprovoked rudeness infuriates me and I think this is part of why.

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On 8/19/2016 at 10:47 AM, Juni said:

"You see an obnoxious or inconsiderate person and you are repulsed. This is because you self-monitor and criticize yourself to such a degree that it angers you that someone else might not have to do so, as well. It is unfair."

This absolutely hit and landed, this morning. I never thought of it this way, but it makes total sense. Unprovoked rudeness infuriates me and I think this is part of why.

I related to it too, Juni.
We both have Martial in our blood too, and you know what Martials love to think about? "What NOT to do."

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