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20141220 OMW: Hearing and Seeing the Truth


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OMW - Dec 20, 2014 - Hearing and Seeing the Truth


Channel: Troy Tolley


09:40:45 AM


MEntity: Troy suggested this topic to us in response to his noticing certain repetitive events in his life that could be considered as "messages." We know that many of our students develop a rapport with the universe in a way that allows for some symbolic and synchronistic dialog, setting oneself to a state that allows for "messages."


ViP: What exactly do you mean by "the universe" Michael? Guides, etc?


MEntity: It is valid to experience "messages" in one's experiences, synchronicities, and repetitive symbolism, whether these messages are "sent" or self-generated.


MEntity: By "universe" here, we mean any realms beyond the self.


ViP: ok, thanks.


MEntity: Though one cannot truly differentiate oneself from "the universe," for convience of language "rapport" is between the self and "the universe."


MEntity: What most tend to look for when open to messages are those indications as to what choice to make, what direction to go, what is "right" or "wrong" in choice. We will not be speaking on that form of messaging today.


MEntity: Instead, we will be speaking to you today on the subject of your "messages of truth" that you generate from your patterns of experience, action, and reaction.


MEntity: These would not come in the form of synchronicity and symbolism that leave you in charge of interpretation.


GeraldineB: This is definitely "More Messages from Michael" 🙂


MEntity: These would tend to be CLEAR and REPETITIVE messages that you either see and hear and know, or that you see and hear and resist or deny, see and hear and reject, or even refuse altogether to see and hear.


MEntity: Every fragment will have these messages.


MEntity: At any given point in your life, there will be 3 Rings of Truth about your life that are being processed, but before being processed, they tend to be resisted, rejected, denied, or refused.


MEntity: For simplicity, we will stick to the term REJECTED.


MEntity: Each fragment will tend to have an EMOTIONAL TRUTH that is Rejected, a PHYSICAL TRUTH that is Rejected, and an INTELLECTUAL TRUTH that is Rejected.


MEntity: Put another way: Each person will have Rejected Truths show up in Relationships, The World/Body, and Beliefs.


MEntity: Rejected Truths tend to come in one of two forms: a truth about others, or a truth about the self. In truth, these tend to be a mix, but they will more easily be identified as being those about others, or those about the self.


MEntity: If you are awake enough, sensitive enough, and honest enough, it will likely be startlingly clear that you have patterns in your relationships, patterns in your interaction with the world/body, and patterns in your beliefs as they are challenged, and that there must be something to these patterns.


MEntity: These patterns may span all contexts and not be differentiated among them. For example, if one has a repetitive pattern of body image issues, this can show up as a repetitive pattern in how insecurely one interacts with the world, patterns in how one notices ideals of beauty and compares to the self in a derogoatory or defensive way, and patterns in how these insecurities


MEntity: drive a wedge into intimacy and romance.


MEntity: For some, there may be clear lines of differentiation so that relationships have a unique pattern that constantly repeats, while interactions with the world/body are kept to the self and privately repeated, and very specific issues of repetition in beliefs that are challenged.


MEntity: Whether shared across contexts or divided, you will have your REJECTED Truths.


MEntity: Rejected Truths are dealt with through REINFORCED TRUTH.


MEntity: Reinforced Truths are Active or Passive. Active Reinforcement is when one takes a stand against the offending truths. This tends to happen when one has decided that his or her truth trumps another truth. There is a constant active stance in support of one's own truth.


MEntity: Passive Reinforcement is when one resigns to a dominating and repetitive truth, even if it betrays every fiber of one's being.


MEntity: Keep in mind that as we use these terms, they can be describing a dangerous and detrimental stance or they can describe a loving and noble stance.


MEntity: For example, if you reject the truth of your beauty, and you passively reinforce this with constant bombardment of images that prove you are ugly, then this is dangerous and detrimental. However, if you reject the truth that abuse and exploitation is acceptable, and you actively reinforce your truth by being an activist to help those in need, then this is loving and noble.


MEntity: To determine if your Truths are loving and noble versus dangerous and detrimental, you need only ask 3 questions: Does this truth HELP myself or others? Does this truth aim for greater INCLUSIVITY and nuance? And Can this truth stand on its own?


MEntity: By "stand on its own," we mean that it can be true without requiring reinforcement and defense.


MEntity: The last question can be tricky.


MEntity: One way to help with that question is to ask if the truth would be true on its own. For example, if your truth is a stance for freedom and you fight against the oppression of slavery, which truth requires constant intervention? Slavery, or Freedom? Freedom would exist naturally. Slavery requires constant reinforcement.


MEntity: In vast world of truths, some truths are truer than other truths, and this is one way to evolve toward greater truths.


MEntity: Your choices are votes for which truths are truest to you.


MEntity: Even if they are lies.


MEntity: And each of you have your struggles with your Rejected Truths that are either rejected because they contradict your lower truths, or rejected because they are higher than the truths around you.


MEntity: So a Rejected Truth is not immediately indicative that one is wrong. Or right.


MEntity: But you must determine which is truer.


MEntity: Though this is highly simplistic, we can offer up that your Rejected Truths will show up in repetitive patterns in your Relationships, The World/Body, and in Challenged Beliefs/Ideals and speak to one of these 7 broad categories:


















MEntity: Your Relationships may host one of these, while your World hosts another, and your Beliefs host another, or one Rejected Truth may span across all three, or a mix of 2 to 1, etc.


MEntity: But in looking at this list, you may more easily be able to see more clearly where your patterns reveal what your Rejected Truths are about.


MEntity: It will be true that all of these categories may look familiar, but look more closely at the REPETITIVE PATTERNS that speak to your Rejected Truths.


MEntity: Before we continue, let us invite each of you to offer up which 1 to 3 of these stand out immediately as being related to your dance with Rejected Truths.


MEntity: **********


Rachel_L: B, C,D


DianeHB: B and E for me


GeraldineB: B, E for me


Janet: b, d, f


ClaireC: D mostly.


ClaireC: and A.


Bobby: A, F, G


ViP: A, D, G


Maureen: F, G stands out the most, but not all the time.


ViP: But can I ask something first to be sure of my answer - could you (Michael) clarify the difference between what "is good" for you/the world means, versus what "is right" for you/the world means?


MEntity: "Good In/For" = beneficial, nurturing, healthy for; "Right In/For" = justifiable, ethical, fair


ViP: Thanks - my answer stays as-is, then.


MEntity: Now, pick one of these from your list to work with right now.


ViP: A


Rachel_L: C


ClaireC: A


Maureen: F


Bobby: A


Janet: I think I’ve been working on F


DianeHB: B


GeraldineB: B is a constant and ongoing effort


MEntity: The repetitive patterns you see in relation to these Rejected Truths will continue until you RESOLVE the truth.




ViP: Can you offer or suggest one for Troy as well Michael, or is that something he would have to do himself?


MEntity: Oh, he is quite alert here and curious. His list is: B, E, and G.


ClaireC: lol


ViP: thanks 🙂


DianeHB: lol


Maureen: 🙂


MEntity: Before we continue: now take a look at the list and not which one of these is fairly profoundly NOT an issue for you in the least. This is not to say that it has not come up, but that you are fairly resolved in this particular area of truths.


MEntity: By "resolved" we mean that there are no patterns of contradiction, question, or real struggle.


MEntity: A peace.


MEntity: *look at the list and note


Bobby: E


ViP: F


ClaireC: F and G


Rachel_L: E


Janet: E


Maureen: D


DianeHB: A


MEntity: D for Troy, as well.


GeraldineB: d for me


MEntity: Do you notice a difference in how differently your areas of Rejected Truths feel from your area of Resolved Truths?


DianeHB: Yes


ClaireC: Yes, pretty well.


Rachel_L: yes


Bobby: less resistance


ClaireC: Less turmoil for me.


Janet: yes


ViP: fairly self-karmic feeling for the rejected ones if I had to compare it to something - versus peaceful for the resolved one


MEntity: There is a reason for this that goes beyond simple logistics and circumstances of the life.


MEntity: It is because your areas of Rejected Truths are the areas YOU PRIORITIZE AS NEEDING THE MOST EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, and EVOLUTION, either for yourself, for the world, or both.


MEntity: By "you" we mean BOTH Essence and Personality.


MEntity: This is one of very few areas that both Essence and Personality are intrinsically linked so that with or without conscious connection, both are on board for what to teach and learn from the life.


MEntity: It is the closest one can come to understanding "the purpose" of a lifetime.


MEntity: Of course, there is no specific purpose beyond the widest range of experiences, the life itself, no matter how it turns out, but to get an idea of what you are doing consciously or unconsciously in terms of what you uniquely feel, think and act in terms of purpose, these areas will help reveal that to you.


MEntity: Again, in short, these reveal what you most want to teach and what you most want to learn.


DianeHB: I don't feel like I prioritize the areas I most struggle with -- in fact they're probably my lowest priorities.


MEntity: Diane, if you struggle with these, they are automatically prioritized. We do not mean that you aim for them consciously or organize your experiences accordingly, but that patterns of struggle and repetition "force" you to contend with these areas of Rejected Truths, hence "prioritized."


DianeHB: I see


MEntity: In other words, they continue to "pop up" even when you are not looking to contend with them.


DianeHB: Makes sense 🙂


MEntity: No life will exist without an area of Rejected Truth.


ViP: do they continue to pop up because one's Essence forms agreements etc to continually bring them into focus, or is it another aspect of "the universe" that does it


Maureen: What we resist persists.


MEntity: Visaish, if Essence is embraced, then patterns can be helped along by Essence. But with or without Essence, the Attitude will ensure these remain in view.


GeraldineB: I thought Essence no longer makes agreements with regards to this Personality once it is born


ViP: ok, thanks


Maureen: Our Life Task is an agreement of sorts.


MEntity: No, Geraldine, Essence does not impose. That is different from being embraced and aligned. Then the Personality is acting on behalf of Essence. In essence, Personality then IS Essence.


GeraldineB: pardon?


GeraldineB: I think that's what I meant


MEntity: The Attitude is a filter, so with or without Essence, the Attitude will bring to the surface the rejected truths.


MEntity: Because Essence tends to have its own blind spots, learning curves, and interests, the more involved the Essence is in creating the life, the more that undercurrent of momentum is in place for the Attitude to pull up.


GeraldineB: resistence = pain, too


ViP: So in other words - the more we're manifesting Essence, the more of what we tend to struggle with, will show up? 🙂


MEntity: No. Let us clarify:


MEntity: Struggles will show up with or without Essence. However, in earlier lifetimes/Soul Ages, Essence is not as involved in the creation of the life, because there is still quite a vast range of life to experience. It does not start out with patterns, but develops patterns of interest based on experiences gained in those less-planned lives. But as the Essence evolves, so does its investment in the creation of a lifetime and Personality. The more directly involved, the more clarified an undercurrent of momentum in the life. That momentum/pattern is extracted by the Attitude.


MEntity: The more the Personality embraces Essence, the more help one has in moving toward Resolution.


MEntity: The more the Personality rejects Essence, the more repetitive the patterns and the longer the arc of exploration of the rejected truths.


ViP: thanks, that makes sense to me.


MEntity: In keeping with Troy's title for this workshop, then, the repetition that one encounters in terms of rejected truths is an area where one is working hard to HEAR or SEE the truth that is being revealed.


MEntity: So here is what to do with what you have learned today, step by step using an example:


MEntity: ONE) note the areas of rejected truths


MEntity: TWO) note where these show up (relationships, the world/body, beliefs/ideals)


MEntity: THREE) note whether you passively reinforce a truth by allowing it be true even if it contradicts your truths, or actively reinforce a truth because you find one truth to be truer than another


MEntity: FOUR) To help yourself determine which truth is truer, ask: Does this truth HELP myself or others? Does this truth aim for greater INCLUSIVITY and nuance? And Can/Will/Does/Would this truth stand on its own?


MEntity: FIVE) Resolve your truth by embracing that which is truer


MEntity: For example:


ONE) You note that you struggle with constant repetition back and forth about what is "good for you." You know that a healthier diet and exercise would be better for you than to simply sit around and ignore you impulses to move.


TWO) this inner argument happens within on a regular basis.


THREE) you realize that you passively reinforce the truth that you are just fine no matter what you eat or do not do.


FOUR) Is it true that doing nothing and eating anything is truer than consciously eating healthier and making an effort to move? Does doing nothing and eating anything help yourself? No. Does moving and choosing healthier help yourself? Yes. Does doing nothing aim for inclusivity and and nuance? No, because it requires a disconnect

from the self and a distancing from participation in the body. Does the truth that you are fine eating anything and doing nothing stand on its own? No, because consequences are showing up in health that require intervention for recovering.


FIVE) It is truer that moving and choosing healthier diet is Good For Me.


MEntity: Some may find a different path in his or her line of questioning, and that is dependent on your self-honesty.


MEntity: And your Resolution may be clear, but it is up to you to implement that Resolution.


MEntity: But if you do not, the repetition will continue. And that is okay, too, but it will continue.


MEntity: Because, regardless of how conscious you are, or how much you embrace Essence, the truer truths will always seek to rise to the surface of your awareness.


MEntity: Or you will not evolve.


MEntity: How do each of you feel about approaching your Rejected Truths, exploring them, and embracing some form of Resolution?


Maureen: I feel fine. 🙂


Rachel_L: It certainly is a process


ViP: I think it'll be hard


ViP: at least the resolution part


Janet: It depends on how close I am to embracing some form of Resolution


MEntity: Resolution can come DOING, BEING, or HAVING the truer truth.


MEntity: For example, if one struggles with "What is Right in the world" and finds that his or her inclination to fight for what is right is truer than than what one is fighting against, then the Resolution comes in owning this fight. It is no longer a questionable stance. You embrace it.


DianeHB: it would be a challenge


ClaireC: Michael, does Resolution always entail action be taken after one has recognized a Truth?


MEntity: Claire, no. But some shift is required in either Doing, Being, or Having.


ClaireC: Okay. That's doable.


MEntity: It depends on the area of rejected truths.


MEntity: One last consideration:


MEntity: One tends to be drawn to others who share in Rejected Truths, either because of challenges to one's truths, or because of support for resolution. Usually there is a mix, but challenge or support can be strong in one direction or the other.


MEntity: This information about truths is also why some people find some experiences in the world to be quite compelling and personal while others cannot relate at all to why one would ever be bothered.


MEntity: What you are generating is what YOU are here to teach and/or learn. It is yours. If it is shared among others, then that is nice, but it is not necessary to recruit others or shame others for not sharing in your struggles and patterns.


MEntity: HOWEVER, there are others who have taken on the work of teaching/learning for an area you may have resolved for now, and this does not mean you should automatically reject what that peson is teaching/learning.


MEntity: For example, if you have very little concern for the well-being of animals or children, because your areas of rejected truths do not include what is "right in the world" or "beautiful in the world" then this does not mean you are exempt from contributing to the nurturing and support for the truer truths of existence.


MEntity: If you find you come across awareness for support for truer truths regarding an area you have no real personal struggle with, these are called your MINOR TRUTHS as opposed to your MAJOR TRUTHS. Major Truths are obvious struggles that repeat and haunt you on levels difficult to ignore. Minor Truths are invitations that ask you to help "vote" for anchoring a truer truth that your participation can help nurture.


MEntity: Minor Truths ask of you. Major Truths beg of you.


MEntity: We use those terms for effect to help in differentiating, but they are fair.


MEntity: We will conclude here for today. Regardless of what each of you choose to do in regard to resolving your struggles with a truth, the truth is there when you are ready.


MEntity: Good day to each of you.


12:09:39 PM

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Total synchronicity finding this again today. It really has some timely teachings for me and some people I know. Lots of really excellent channeling here. Thanks, @Troy and Michael, of course.

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