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*This is a summarized description using my own interpreted understandings and a mix of many quotes from Michael that can be read+studied in the source material below. Feel free to check in for updates, as more information may be gathered on this topic from newer sessions.

STOICISM- Philosophy of NATURE
 Stoicism is chosen for its built-in capacity to slow down its processes of time, such as that reactions can be either evaded or diminished without betraying those processes felt underneath.
The Stoic sees life in terms of its nature, and they understand that one’s nature, environment and upbringing are naturally limiting and have their effects. That all of these contribute to the character+behavior of any person/situation, in somewhat deterministic ways.
Stoics see the world as if it’s all been seen before- fairly unflinching, unsurprised and perhaps uninterested, they manage life and view ethics in terms of one’s self-management, self-control and self-awareness.

In -Resignation, she goes too long seeing the same old without any surprises- and it is all grey, diminished, and less than it is-, or she is overwhelmed by too many new, or exciting surprises that throw her off.
She just stops trying, giving up to a false, imposed form of calm- “It’s all going to be the same, so there’s no use in seeing it any differently.” In this state she comes across as tedious, draining, difficult to communicate with and lacking passion, interest and attention. There is a sense of defeated distraction.
 And this prompts her BLIND SPOT, in that she DISCONNECTS, tunes out and turns off because too much of the same thing is being presented as if new/exciting when she presumes she already knows all there is to know from that, or too much of a new thing is being thrown in. It's too much for her to process, and it just needs to stop being the focus.

To move from Resignation to Tranquility, Stoicism must Verify if what she's resigned to is actually an imposition to her or her life anymore- if there is something new+valuable the experience can bring that can be meaningful to her that she resonates with.
Once this meaning comes- a sense of focus, change, beauty in chaos and serenity can return.

In +Tranquility, she is attentive, cool-headed and informed: embracing both life’s mundanities and surprises as meaningful experiences. Nothing to her, is required to be more than it already is, as this Stoic knows the ups+downs of life, and behaviors of others are simply part of their natures.
The Tranquil Stoic is calmly present- adapting+adjusting her perceptions as a means to see clearly: to remain, and be truly calm.


You and your Attitude
Blind Spots of the Stoic
Stoics in Social Situations
Member: Janet- Stoicism
July 2015 Energy Report
September 2015 Energy Report

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Thank you Joe. :)

If you find any more vids on any of these attitudes do share.


We'll all need a bit of traditional Stoicism to live through these next few years.

I can see now how Spiritualism is further partnered with Stoicism. Tranquility is a beautiful state that helps promote Verification.


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