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Ask Michael - March 6, 2016


Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN


JanaK: Here is my boyfriend James's question: Jana brought up a concept of psychological conditions manifesting as physical ones if persistent, and mentioned an example of her male colleague who had a very bitter relationship with women as a whole and eventually developed a testicular cancer. I queried why this doesn't appear to affect others in a consistent way, for example why would someone like Jimmy Saville, who abused and raped vulnerable people and the dead for decades, not develop a physical problem in a similar way. Furthermore, why would seemingly ordinary well-minded people get a cancer? Can you comment?


First, it is important to consider that illnesses are not punishments. They are not developed as a means of justice. They manifest from among variables that include genetics, environment, the emotional and intellectual bodies.


For some individuals there is a factor of guilt that can generate symptoms and ailments that are the symbolic reflection of the stories behind that guilt.


For others who may have the same experience, make the same choices, and cause more harm, the absence of guilt means there will be no effects on the body from guilt.


The Physical Plane is always a gamble in terms of health. It will always be important to care for the body in ways that are appropriate, but this may not always protect one from the effects of genetics or environment.


One way of understanding this is to consider caring for your home. It would make no sense for you to trash your home and set fires within it or neglect it JUST because there may one day be a hurricane.


You cannot control the hurricane, but you can control how well you care for your home, even if it ends up in the path of a hurricane.


In terms of illnesses reflecting processes, there is always some sort of insight that be gained, but it is not always so wildly philosophical.


For example, if three people were to walk out into traffic and be hit by a car, one may have done so because he has a pattern of neglect that was reflected in his recklessness, while another person may have a death wish, and still the other person simply forgot to look up this one time.


Our point being that there is broad symbolism associated with illnesses, but we caution against such exact correlations.


As for cancer: even good people eat poorly. Even good people live in toxic environments. Even good people carry stress.


It is never useful to associate illnesses with punishment or deserving.


And it would be helpful to consider that some illnesses that manifest are not always physical.


There are some very healthy active individuals who are are barely held together on emotional or intellectual levels.


Though there are broad correlations and symbolism between illnesses and cumulative causation, it is far too nuanced to count on an equation of "IF X THEN Y."


JanaK: thank you


There is a lot of chatter going on that Trump is lot like Hitler. A friend of my husband said Trump is more like Mussolini or Peron than Hitler as Trump is more of a populist as he doesn't have a military agenda like an outright Fascist would have.


I think Trump is like Hitler more out of opportunity than nature. I can see that Hitler really believed what he was espousing while Trump is an opportunist who doesn't believe in anything but himself. Trump will go to any lengths to gain Trump "brand appeal" in any way he can. It always looked to me as if Hitler, in his heart, thought he was doing what was right for "Aryan" Germany, at the time.


What really stands out to many is how alike the followers / supporters of both Trump and Hitler are.


Would you comment on this time in history, in regards to Trump and Hitler and their Overleaves if relevant, and what is going on right now for their followers / supporters to be so similar even as we are in different times?


In technical terms, these fragments are very different in features, but not in function or potential outcome. It is not amiss to compare these fragments in terms of potential for parallel outcomes, even if each are designed differently.


Comparing these individuals and the effects/potential effects is similar to comparing the results of driving a car into a crowd or driving a truck into a crowd. Yes, you can point out how different each vehicle is and how one may have harmed more than the other, but it is fair to say that it is rather moot to compare them for differences when the intent, force, and effects are so similar.


The greatest difference at this point is the position of power.


If the position of power shifts for the King, so would similarities grow ever more similar to that of the Priest's.


A military agenda is not within reach at this time for the King, but when it is within reach, more similarities would emerge.


In both cases there is a mass Monad at play here involving Serving A Corrupt Master.


It is true that much of what the King promotes is merely for the attention and power. We have put his ideology at about 50% in terms of how much he, himself, believes what he says. He is marketing.


However, this is not to say that this line is clear to him. If enough power and attention were to be produced by the marketing, then the effort to fulfill the ideology and build upon it would shift that percentage.


In both cases "the heart" is not involved. It is essentially removed from the equation and process. Both are Moving Centered, Intellectual Part.


The Emotional element only comes into play as a balance, which most often shows up as "thin skin," easily offended, double-standards, pouting, and tantrums.


This is then used to fuel further the locked cycles of Intellect and Action without heart.


Erin: Hi Michael, I have a few questions for you, being new. But I am going to go with the least heavy topic since we've covered some heavy topics today. In the transcripts, I have read you mention that felines are most attuned spiritually can you further elaborate on what it is about cats that gives them this natural gift?


We might not describe this species as "most attuned spiritually," but we do speak of this species as having the capacity for more reception than most species. By "reception" we mean that felines are prone to "trance." They expand and contract in consciousness on a regular basis. Some felines are more inclined toward a "resting point" that is more expanded and receptive while others may be hyper-alert and focused with little room for reception.


Most expand and contract in consciousness throughout the day, and this leaves them open to receiving "signals" from various sources beyond themselves.


Some tune into reception from only known companions and caretakers. Some are open to access from consciousness well beyond this planet. Some are open to the deceased and act as portals for loved ones who have exited a life.


This receptivity is due to their biology. Because they are predators, there are long cycles of rest that are necessary for the surges that come from the hunt. We say "rest" because the feline is rarely fully asleep, but always aware to sensory input to some degree. These long cycles of half-sleep have evolved to be quite receptive to various frequencies of consciousness then.


We clarify here that they are receptive. This means the feline is not actively seeking the use of this state as a "gift," but its use comes as a byproduct of its simply existing.


In addition to the above, felines cycles of rest and receptivity are quite affected by weather patterns and emotional "weather" patterns of caretakers.


We can elaborate further on this topic, but we think this addresses your question.


Becca: Hi Michael, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. I'm new to these teachings and have a lot of questions! I recently read a book about reincarnation and children who could remember their past lives and I'm curious about how a person might distinguish dreams, anxieties and identity disturbances in current life from memories of past incarnations. This seems to be an anomaly. Is this somehow linked to the age of their soul or to connections with ‘spirit guides’?


In children up to the age of 7, it is accurate to assume there are memories involved. In children between the ages of 7 to 14, it is safe to assume there may be memories involved that are embellished or distorted in ways that are sourced from the current life. In anyone over the age of 14, all "memories" would do well to be treated as sources from the current life.


The longer one is incarnated, the more likely the "memories" are directly relevant to the current life.


This is not to say that the memories are not valid memories of past lives, but they are remembered because of the current life, not because of the past life.


If you treat your memories and associations with a past life in terms of how it is relevant to the current life, and not a distraction from the current life, then you gain the benefit and point of the memory. It is not necessary to sort out whether one dream is a memory and another is a symbolic digesting of the day's events.


We can say that it is safe to say that if you suspect it is a memory, it is more than likely a memory, but if that memory is used as a distraction or becomes a distraction from the current life, then the healing may delayed or lost.


For example: if you have dreams or memories of being a nurse during the Civil War of the United States, it can be treated as simply a snapshot from the family photo album of your soul, or you can look to your current life to see where there is relevant resonance.


Are you overwhelmed by the obligations of caretaking and helping others? Are you feeling prompted to move in directions of nurturing and healing others? Are you in a position where you feel you are navigating sick and wounded people in your life?


This was a random example and intended as that.


The difference between the older individual and the younger children is the input of life experience that triggers past life resonance. Where there is very little life experience to trigger resonance across lives, it tends to mean there is a carry over from another life that is of some importance to continue tending in the current life.


In older individuals with more life experience, the resonance is more about insight than it is about continuation.


There is more we can say, but we think this is a helpful start.


Becca: Definitely, very interesting, thank you :)


MEntity: We will take a final question.


Juni: A few months ago there was a conversation on one of the Energy reports about how a number of people were having dreams about people in their past whom they'd not seen for a while. It was suggested that this related to cord sorting. For instances where it was, what prompts Essence to engage in it and how is it beneficial, and can you comment on this within the larger context of this year with its theme of endings/beginnings, time allowing?


Cording evolved long before language, and its effectiveness and practicality transcend limitations of language, time, and space.


Cording is still useful for remaining close to those who are far away, or those who have died or those with whom you build a life.


The useful and energizing Cords are connected between the "fronts" of the bodies.


But as populations have grown and more people share space and time, Cording is sometimes generated as attachments that are not mutual or beneficial and these become draining, exhausting, and even painful.


Long after bonding is mutual, Cords can remain. Long after passing glances on a street, Cords can remain. Long after an argument, Cords can remain. Long after exposure to a crowd, Cords remain.


These are the Cords that one would sort and release.


The Cords that are intended or welcome are energizing, inspiring, and comforting. The Cords that are not intended, outdated, or remain without mutual consent are draining, exhausting, and distracting.


The differences between these are in the mutual exchange and circuit of energy shared vs that of simply taking energy and "feeding" off you.


For many who have been enduring or tolerating or being lenient with Cords attached that are not mutually beneficial, there has come a realization that it is time to let these go, to cut these loose, and to nurture healthy boundaries.


There is a shift in necessity for great clarity about where one stands and how one is receiving/giving energy.


We must conclude here for this evening. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.

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