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OMW - Oct 18, 2014 - You and Your Realities


Note: Michael Speaks: Your 9 Realities is referenced in this session and may assist in following the content of this workshop.


Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


We will discuss with you the concept of "reality" and what this means to you, personally.


In the broadest sense of the term, "reality" is a term that describes one's experience. Much of what happens, when it happens, etc. is of little relevance to what you think, feel, and do with what happens and when.


We have spoken with some length about the 9 Realities and how these are navigated and shared. We will not revisit that material as an overview, except where relevant. But we can suggest that a personal review of that material would help to add some depth to what we discuss today.


When we shared that information, we shared it more as a map than as something specific to an individual. Today we will work with each of you to get a better sense of your personal reality and what it means to have that personal reality.


As our first relevant reference to the original material, we will say that each of you exist within and as a Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual Reality.


While incarnating, the most persistently-shared of Realities is the Physical.


If you are sharing the same space, you are sharing the same Physical Reality. No one is NOT sharing in the same Physical Reality if you can see that person, hear him or her, or have other sensory input from that individual.


Spiritual Reality is the synthesis of the Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Realities.


If you exist, you share in a Spiritual Reality with everyone else who exists.


So this densest of Realities and least-dense of Realities are in many ways a Yin/Yang in the universe, or "two sides of the same coin."


At your densest, you share reality with everyone. At your least-dense, you share reality with everyone.


No matter how much you wish not to share the Physical Plane with some of your fellow Humans, you do, and you must contend with them.


No matter how much you may wish not to be evolving toward the same direction alongside those sharing in Sentience, you are intrinsically a part of that collective, and you must contend with that.


However, your Emotional and Intellectual Realities are of the most personal, unique, and differentiated of "spaces" that you own as individual fragments.


And so by "Personal Reality" we refer to your Emotional and Intellectual Realities.


You can be in the same room with 200 other fragments and you cannot NOT share in that Physical Reality. But you can have the most unique, personal, and differentiated emotions and thoughts while in that shared space.


Your Emotional and Intellectual Realities shape most of what you collect as what you consider "experiences." What you feel and think about everything shapes its value to you.


Throughout most of life, and for most who are alive, imprinting teaches that an individual is at the mercy of his or her feelings and thoughts. "I was just raised this way." or "That's how I was taught." or "You can't change how you feel." etc.


Most imprinting within cultures come from Young and Baby Soul mindsets that tell you that you are not in control of your emotions and thoughts, because as long as you do not have control over your own emotions and thoughts, you are much easier to control.


This is far from the truth, of course, and each of you are completely in control of your emotions and intellect.


Or, at least, have the capacity to control these.


Much of what has been described as "creating one's reality" is based on this truth.


You always have a choice in how you feel and think.


Even when there are chemical imbalances and disorders, there is choice.


In much the same way that a legless man can eventually run a race, or wheel a race, or play basketball, or create art, etc. so can those with chemical imbalances and disorders work to expand on possibilities.


Physical obstacles are valid, and they do have effect, and they do change the degree of difficulty for the individual, but there are degrees of obstacles and successes and inherent strengths in nearly every aspect of life.


But your Personal Reality is shaped by how you think and feel about everything, including how you think and feel about how you think and feel.


Choice is key here. Choice is either active or passive. You either create reality or allow it.


Both are valid forms of choice.


For instance, when you may wish to "put on a brave face" if you are starting a new job and need to focus on your skills and contributions. This may not remove your anxiety, but it helps, and your choice makes a difference. This is an active/creative choice. But if you are hit by a loss or upsetting news, you may feel sad and fall into grief. You may let yourself do this, and this is healthy.


This would be an example of a more passive/allowance. You know you must process something, and you allow for that process.


Because most of you were imprinted with the idea that you are controlled by your emotions and thoughts, or at least that you cannot legitimately change or transform these in an instant, you develop what we will refer to as "triggers."


How often one is triggered can be an indication for how asleep one is. However, this may not be an overall indication, but may be clear that one is asleep in one part of the life, and quite awake in another part of the life.


If you are triggered into reactionary states that are not specific to the necessity for survival, you are asleep to some extent.


So, in terms of your Personal Reality and your capacity to choose how you think and feel, you are, to some degree either more asleep or more awake in the life.


What we will share today is a way for you to see where you are in that range between being asleep and being awake.


This range is cyclical in its process, in that for say, the deepest of sleep has its deeper sleep and then its own version of waking up, before moving into the next range of wakefulness, which will have its own deeper sleep and waking up, and so on. These are no different from the Polarities we speak of in much of our teaching, and how those work.


The reason we are emphasizing your focus on the range between being asleep and being awake is because the more awake one is, the more one can choose one's emotions and thoughts in a way that creates reality to a higher level of fulfillment for you.


This range of sleep to waking is relative to Soul Age, so while this map can be applied to each Soul Age, an Infant Soul can be "totally awake," but within the context of that Soul Age, which means that a "totally awake" Old Soul will look very different.


Each of these states will be familiar to most of you, and will have been experienced in some form or another throughout the life. Each state will have its set of triggers so in considering your triggers, you can see not only which state of wakefulness you may be in, but how asleep you are within that state.


Within the format here, we will emphasize wording to be more relevant to the older soul, but if the subject is of interest for further elaboration, we may word things differently to describe the states for Infant, Baby, and Young.


We can do that in another exchange with you.


7 Points of Sleeping/Waking


We will use a bit of geometry to help describe these 7 States of Sleeping/Waking.


Imagine the most asleep one can be as represented by a POINT.


We will build from there.


As a single point of consciousness, the sleep is defined by self-preservation.


The triggers usually dealt with here are all about THREATS.


Whether real or imagined, Threats will trigger the person who is experiencing himself or herself as a single point of consciousness.


The reactions will be all about self-preservation.


This person will not wake up until he or she feels safe, or that he or she will SURVIVE.


Keep in mind that no matter how awake a person is, he or she can be knocked into a sleep of self-preservation as a means of aiming for survival against threat. This can come when there is a terminal illness or an environmental catastrophe or car accident, etc.


You are reduced to a point of consciousness that only seeks to survive.


So as we speak to you of these states and triggers, keep in mind that you will never be sustaining wakefulness in only one state. You will move about the map of wakefulness and sleep. But understanding this map can help you to make more conscious choices toward wakefulness.


So the person who has been reduced to a point of consciousness can help himself or herself toward wakefulness by either choosing to trust, or creating a sense of safety and comfort.


This person's personal reality can shift from feeling and thinking that experiences are only threats, to thinking and feeling that the experiences can be of use in some future.


And this moves the state into what we will refer to as a LINEAR STATE.


The Linear State is self-conscious.


This state is all about how one is contributing, what one is contributing, and the value that one is to life.


Triggers for this state are time and the future.


Fragments in this state shape their personal reality by aiming for the future and being sensitive to how time is used.


The more one is triggered by the passing of time and worry for the future, the more likely one is asleep here.


The more one consciously creates meaning from the moment, the more one creates a future to one's liking.


The more one creates meaning in the moment, the more one moves toward the next state of wakefulness, which is all about having.


We will refer to this third state as a TRIANGULAR STATE.


The Triangular State is one of self-permission.


This state is all about the self-permission to pursue goals, to aim higher, to have what one desires, to allow pleasure, to have fun, etc.


Triggers for this state are anything competitive, anyone interfering or imposing restrictions, or even shaming or guilting one for his or her ambitions.


Or lack thereof.


The person who is asleep here tends to be pushy, provocative, deceitful, opportunistic, etc.


As the person awakes here, there is a sense of choice in the matter of how one feels and thinks as one pursues desires. Having is not about taking, but about sharing, and this helps to move that person into the next state of wakefulness.


This state is the first state that begins to consider one's part in a collective consciousness.


This state would be the SQUARE STATE.


This Square State is a state of collective harmony.


This is a state that aims for stabilization, solutions, problem-solving, and networking.


Triggers for this state are anything chaotic, out of order, discordant, challenging to the senses.


The more asleep one is here, the more one wishes to ignore differences, impose political correctness, ignore "the news," ignore politics, remove oneself from conflict or debate, etc.


The more one is asleep here, the more one wishes to presume that everyone should just get along at all cost, and to ensure a false stability.


As one awakens here, one begins to cherish differences and to celebrate those, enjoying debate as a means of gaining knowledge and insight. The Personality Reality is experienced as expanding because of these differences, even if wrought from conflict or debate, which leads to the next state of wakefulness.


We will refer to this next state as a CONICAL STATE.


The conical state is an emphasis on Collective Awareness.


Or being aware of each other, not just in terms of differences, but in terms of those differences being vital tools for teaching and learning.


Differences are then owned and shared freely as a means of invitation, teaching, and sharing.


Triggers for this state are any forms of inconsideration or dismissal of boundaries.


Many of our students sustain wakefulness in the square and conical states, with their personal realities entirely shaped by how differences are experienced, both in terms of triggers and the aim for more conscious choice in the matters.


The more one consciously owns his or her differences and allows these to be models of invitation for others to learn from, and embraces the differences of others as invitations to learn, even if these come in the form of "stupidity," inconsideration, or crossing of boundaries, it is the learning that will matter here, and this will help one to move into the next state.


This next state is what we will describe as a SPIRAL STATE.


This state is all about collective evolution.


This state recognizes that we are all in this together, and that all parts contribute to the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every element of reality, whether your own or of others, is contributing to the trajectory of evolution, however meandering, slow, or accelerated.


Triggers for this state are indifference and resignation.


If one is asleep here, then apathy, indifference, and resignation can "set this person off" in an instant, hating humanity and humans for not participating collectively and actively toward a common evolution.


A large group of our students sustain wakefulness here to a great degree.


The more one wakes up here, the more one begins to see all realities as contributing to the evolution of humanity, and that one reality is not better than another, just different. It is not indifference to recognize this. This can be difficult to sustain in wakefulness because it feels like permission and condoning for fragments to be ever asleep.


But the more one can practice this allowance for differences, not just in culture, race, religions, sexualities, or other tangibilities, but in terms of perception, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, ideas, insights, etc., then the more one begins to wake up into the final state:




We will refer to this as a "final" state because if one can sustain any wakefulness here, it is inherently inclusive of all other states. It has no sleep. It is utterly awake. It is at peace. It is wholeness. It is no longer triggered.


We have very few students who can sustain this state.


GeraldineB: A coma would seem to help for that state


Some who are asleep in the Square State may think he or she is here, but is often simply denying or avoiding chaos and conflicts as a means to pretend to be awake.


Geraldine, your humor is not lost on us.


So before we conclude today, we will pose these questions to each of you:


ONE) on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being completely lacking control, how much choice do you feel you have in your range of emotions and thoughts?


TWO) in which state do you feel you are most awake, and in which state do you feel you are most triggered? Are they the same?


You do not have to answer here, but can think about this and answer where this transcript will post.


For all of you here, we can offer up to each of you that you are not without triggers, you are not fully awake, nor are you utterly asleep.


Janet: Are the answers to TWO likely to be states that are next to each other on the scale you provided? Or not necessarily?


It is important to note that the aim is not for you to wake up, but that waking up is a natural process that occurs the more one owns responsibility for personal reality.


Janet, not necessarily, but often.


There may be elements of the life where one state is dominant, while the rest of the life is at a different state overall.


Janet: I see that certainly. Thank you.


GeraldineB: I see a lot of parallels between FEAR and Sleeping/Waking -- is this another way of describing how fear functions?


MEntity: Oh, of course. When fear is utilized as information, sleep is not necessarily in effect, but if fear is reactionary and habitual, sleep is synonymous here.


GeraldineB: I suppose I "should" have tied it to the triggers




Triggers described here are directly related to fears.


But, again, if used as information for how one can make a more wakeful choice, then it can immediately transmutate.


To conclude for today, we will say that each of you are a walking set of realities from the most-shared to the most exclusive. Your most-exclusive realities are your personal reality, and you have full control over these, based on your willingness to make choices both passively and actively, creatively or with allowance. The more you recognize your triggers and associate these to a state of wakefulness, the more easily you can shift your personal reality into a state of fulfillment over a state of defense.


Bobby: So you're not going to tell us who of your students has reached the sphere state then, right? I had to ask 😉


MEntity: We may no longer share in your Physical Reality, but we will always share in your Spiritual Reality, and this how our friendships with you can continue.


GeraldineB: Probably someone in China we've never heard of -- they do have non-American students


MEntity: Regardless of our apparent distance, we are your friends.


Bobby: We get by with a little help from our friends


Janet: 🙂


For those who have reached a Spherical State, it cannot be sustained. It is experienced for stretches of time, but like Love, allows for a full range of experience. Each of you here have reached this at one point in your life, and many of our students have, but very few can sustain it. Those who do so can sustain it for one day to maybe a week before fluctuating. The key effect of this state is that when one falls back into another state, that state is not seen as conclusive or that one is trapped there. One now knows there is more, and allows the current state to be fully alive. That is the nature of the sleeping/waking cycle. None of you can stay awake for long in any literal sense without harming the self, and this is true in a more metaphysical sense, as well. Embrace your sleep as part of your wholeness and the Spherical State becomes easier and easier to access.


Good day to each of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.

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  • TeamTLE
On 5/20/2016 at 6:05 PM, Kasia said:



MEntity: We will refer to this as a "final" state because if one can sustain any wakefulness here, it is inherently inclusive of all other states. It has no sleep. It is utterly awake. It is at peace. It is wholeness. It is no longer triggered.


MEntity: We have very few students who can sustain this state.


GeraldineB: A coma would seem to help for that state


First, Geraldine was hysterical. Second @Maureen Does this resonate?

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  • TeamTLE
On 5/20/2016 at 6:05 PM, Kasia said:

One now knows there is more, and allows the current state to be fully alive. That is the nature of the sleeping/waking cycle. None of you can stay awake for long in any literal sense without harming the self, and this is true in a more metaphysical sense, as well. Embrace your sleep as part of your wholeness and the Spherical State becomes easier and easier to access.


and this! for those who have trouble sleeping! Thanks again @Kasia

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  • TeamTLE

I was in attendance at this session and then had the following dream about the Spherical State. The dream and Michael's interpretation is an excerpt taken from my blog Anxiety, Depression and Healing Dreams.


Maureen:  October 19, 2014: I’ve been asking for “help”, from Essence or from wherever, with the trauma I’m experiencing knowing about Lorie’s diagnosis. I went to bed feeling so much anxiety and a feeling of “loss”. What I experienced was more like a dream state than a dream. I may have been in “The Sphere”. The space was huge and I was small – there seemed to be a few other people there as well. It seemed to me that it encompassed the whole world – no one was “left out”. I felt peace and quietness and I was totally relaxed and had NO fear. It’s like it didn’t exist there. I “knew” that everything would be OK through every part of me and my being. I knew this each time I woke up and went back to sleep and it stayed with me even when I woke up in the morning. It was a very pervasive, peaceful, quite powerful “feeling”. Actually it was more like a state of being than a “feeling”.  The anxiety came back as I moved into my day. I wish I could carry this with me all the time.


MEntity:  The first dream:


MEntity:  You are correct in that this appears to have been a state that you generated from your own resources. It is not a state that can be sustained, but it is a state that you can access.


MEntity:  To access this again, call upon it from within and allow it to expand from your solar plexus, or your "gut." Do this with the intent of calming, but not replication. The extent to which the calming comes will be relative to what is needed or can be generated, but it cannot be forced.


MEntity:  You do carry this with you all day, and with practice, it can be called upon as needed, not as escape, but as a means of centering and grounding.



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