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20140920 OMW: You and Your Working Group


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OMW - Sept 20, 2014 - You and Your Working Group


Channel: Troy Tolley


MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.


GeraldineB: MIKEY!!!


ViP1: hi Michael!


DianeHB: Hi Michael ūüôā


ClaireC: Hello.


Janet: So glad you could join us today Michael!


MEntity: Your enthusiasm is enjoyable.


Maureen: ūüôā


MEntity: We realize we have a great deal to cover, so we will cover this topic in as succinct a way as we can in this format.


MEntity: First, we will share with you the basic concept of what "Working Groups" are, and how these are organized.


MEntity: As you know, there is an awesome order to how each of you is a part of the whole that is Tao, fragmented down in various ways that are mathematically interconnected, such as

Design, down to Harmony, down to Composition, down to Arrangement, down to Sphere, down to Ring, down to Cadre, down to Entity, down to Essence/Fragments.


MEntity: This kind of mathematical sensibility is inherent in the core of your Essence. It acts like a homing device, a "GPS" locator for your Essence in the entirety of the universe and all of its variations.


MEntity: As the soul aged over its incarnations, this sensibility came up in the imagination of fragments as a means for generating new structures that were based entirely within the Physical Plane.


MEntity: Rather than being "limited" to only this highly-metaphysical mathematics of the universe, ideas began to form around the gravity of ideas and themes tying individuals together over incarnations, or over, at least, a lifetime.


MEntity: Rather than themes being a byproduct of interactions and patterns that revealed those themes, Working Groups came about as an idea to create conscious themes seeded within Essence that would tie linking among fragments for drawing one another back together over and over toward that working theme.


MEntity: There a multitude of ways that fragments are drawn together for themes and ideas and nurturing of patterns, and Working Groups is just one of those ways that it happens. What makes Working Groups stand out is that it is entirely seeded by a single lifetime. It is not assigned. It is not imposed. It is an invention that one can opt into, or not.


MEntity: It is generated by a lifetime in which Essence AND Personality cooperated as one.


MEntity: These Working Groups started with many from the Energy Ring previous to your own, but your Energy Ring took the idea and "ran with it."


MEntity: The idea has since propagated among Human Sentience. What began as a fairly localized (to your Energy Ring) idea into which approximately 500,000 fragments opted into, now includes well over 2,500,000 fragments.


MEntity: We expect this number to double over the next 25 to 50 years.


MEntity: The origins of Working Groups came about in the years around the 3000 BCE mark.


MEntity: The idea came about when those in positions for protecting information, history, knowledge, wisdom, etc. in a way that could be carried forward decided there must be a way to protect humanity from these losses.


MEntity: Reincarnation was a clear and solid idea among these fragments. These fragments also had access to the "cycles of forgetting" that prompted these ideas to begin this protection of information and knowledge.


MEntity: These "cycles of forgetting" referred to periods in humanity's history that were lost to devastation, interventions, population reductions, disasters, invasions, etc. Humanity has reached great peaks in advancement only to have that wiped out and forgotten, folded into the Earth, for which Humans then must rebuild from scratch.


MEntity: Humans began to consider the idea that memory and civilization need not be dependent upon material archives.


MEntity: And so it came to be that Working Groups formed for the entire point of archiving information from a lifetime in a new way that would "never be forgotten," and activated in future Personalities who could help with innovations, inventions, ideas, philosophies, etc.


MEntity: Being a part of a Working Group does not mean the current lifetime is actively working, but your experiences are being stored differently from most fragments so that if there comes another wave that destroys civilization, the "truth" will be activated and the prompt to help restore civilization from those memories would be activated.


DianeHB: How did they influence how memory is stored in Essence?


MEntity: Diane, for those who opt into a Working Group, there is a portion of the Akashic Records linked directly to those members in a way that is not dependent upon consciousness of the Personality. This may be difficult to describe, but we will try. For most fragments, the Instinctive Center is a local form of the Akashic Records, if you will. It is carried from lifetime to lifetime,


MEntity: "inserted" into each Personality and constantly records. This is then "uploaded" to the Akashic in various ways. So for most, this is a kind of vertical circuit between Essence/Akashic.


MEntity: For those who opt into a Working Group, there is a "horizontal" form of circuitry built among the members.


MEntity: It is never dependent upon "uploads" but is always cross-referenced and uploading. Always.


DianeHB: What I'm trying to get at is how did/does this circuitry get created once one "opts in" to a Working Group? Do the original personalities who opted in do this consciously?


MEntity: If ever the knowledge is needed that is relevant to that Working Group's focus, it would be active and available very early in the life and not dependent upon the Personality regaining consciousness.


MEntity: Diane, that kind of circuitry did not exist before the idea of Working Groups. In the same way the neural pathways open when a new idea is practiced, so can there be variations in the way that more metaphysical pathways get generated.


TnT: (Can personalities consciously and in real-time access information the other members are uploading? Like a chatroom such as this or a google drive document all are working on?)


MEntity: So as the original members opted in, their consciousness created this experimental circuitry, and then as this idea propagated, so did the strength of this new circuitry among Human Sentience.


MEntity: TnT, no.


MEntity: When the information is needed, it is there.


MEntity: This circuitry is built using the same structures of Cadences.


MEntity: Every Working Group is a group of members numbering no more than 49 members.


MEntity: The Working Group will always have a member count in multiples of 7.


TnT: so the 'memory' is more like another instinctive center/akashic record specific to the group


MEntity: Some Groups will only have 35 members, some will have 42, and most will have 49.


TnT: in a similar way that an animal species has a collective instinctive center?


MEntity: TnT, that is a fair analogy.


MEntity: The most-ancient of Working Groups are IBIS, SCARAB, GAZELLE, COBRA, JACKAL, ZEBRA, and FELINE. These formed in the areas of Egypt and led to the beginning of the uses of Hieroglyphs as a first idea for permanent knowledge to be carried forward through symbols.


MEntity: Within 1000 years of the first Configuration of Working Groups, the second Configuration began to form.


MEntity: This time it would form in the area known as England around the building of Stonehenge, and is the only Configuration of Working Groups that are not animal or insect: BIRCH, OAK, ASH, ROWAN, YEW, SPINDLE, and ELDER.


MEntity: The third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Configurations of Working Groups would eventually form in the era often referred to around Library at Alexandria.


MEntity: Nearly all Working Groups we refer to when speaking to our students refer to those Working Groups formed at that time.


GeraldineB: This would imply that all of the knowledge "lost" during the destructions of the Library wasn't lost at all


MEntity: The structure for Working Groups was finalized during this time so that now there were PODS/CONFIGURATIONS/GROUPS. And so the first Pod was completed.


MEntity: Geraldine, that is correct.


MEntity: We will return to that idea in a moment.


MEntity: The Third Configuration then is comprised of EAGLE, ANTELOPE, HAWK, BUFFALO, COYOTE, STAG, and WOLF;










MEntity: All listed above are POD ONE.


Maureen: Are the numbers - 1 through 7 representative of "Roles"?


MEntity: So those in Starling, for instance, would be POD ONE, CONFIGURATION SIX, WORKING GROUP FOUR.


MEntity: Maureen, yes, there would be correlations that can be drawn in the same way that one can do so with the Overleaves system.


Janet: Would we only be in one working group?


MEntity: Janet, yes.


MEntity: However, one can leave a Working Group and move to another. This is rare, but has happened.


GeraldineB: I see several animals from So. America -- is this a more global thing than just the Mediterranean?


MEntity: To leave a Working Group requires an exchange with another fragment, either between Working Groups, or one opts in where one opts out.


MEntity: Geraldine, the names relative to the Working Groups often change. They are more a convenience than anything. They are not literal, but refer to a kind of collective symbolism that is marked deeply within each fragment involved.


MEntity: Though the names can often be relative a region, they are also meant to transcend regional references.


MEntity: Keep this in mind as you explore the concepts here, because the names of the animals, insect, reptile, or plants do not mean you particularly "like" them.


MEntity: VIP = RAVEN










MEntity: Did we cover everyone?


MEntity: Troy is of the OTTER.


(Janet = Antelope; Maureen and Claire = Starling)


GeraldineB: So, I don't know anyone in my WG?


MEntity: Geraldine, there are very few fragments incarnating from the original Configuration, many of whom opted in post-cycle, such as fragments from our own entity. The original Configuration of Working Groups is the only set of Groups that included guides/non-physical opting in, which is how the circuitry was helped to be secured.


MEntity: Over time, for those with the interest, we can map out the entirety of the Pods/Configurations/Groups.


MEntity: In addition to your Pod/Configuration/Group, you also have your Position. We will note these for each of you now.


MEntity: These are similar to your Casting Positions within a Cadence. We will refer to your Position using a whole number from which you can do the math in terms of "row" of 7.


MEntity: Bobby is number 46.


MEntity: Geraldine is number 38.


MEntity: Claire is 43.


MEntity: Diane is 23.


MEntity: Janet is 35.


MEntity: Maureen is 27.


MEntity: TnT is 39.


MEntity: ViP is 36.


MEntity: Troy is 35.


Janet: Are you going to tell us more about each of our groups? Is there time?


ViP1: Also, do the position numbers indicate the order in which a fragment joined their group, or something else (or nothing?)


MEntity: Janet, we will elaborate upon the Groups in further exchanges. Expanding upon these vast concepts is trying for the channel and we are nearing his limit. We will work with him in providing this follow up to your posted transcript. To help you get started, however, we suggest that each of you look up your Group title in the context of "power animals," or shamanic interpretations, dream


MEntity: symbols, or general symbology of those animals to gain insight into what it means for your Essence.


MEntity: The most insightful would come in terms of "power animals," as our first suggestion.


Janet: Is it possible to say which of our groups are active in this lifetime? Some of us have found connections I think, which I suspect means the group is active?


MEntity: VIP, no, this is not dependent upon an order of joining, but a matter of quality that one wished to bring to that group. Our channel, JP, has mapped the entities in a way that can shed light on your position. All positions mapped as 1 through 49 have been attributed a quality that is fair in describing how your own Position plays in your Working Group.


ViP1: ok, thank you!


MEntity: For instance, your position is relative to FORGIVENESS.


MEntity: We know that we cannot fully explore with each of you what these terms mean for you, but having this base can help you to form questions that you can explore with us in further exchanges.


MEntity: Janet, connections will be made to some degree, no matter what the times bring, but when there are more precarious times, such as this shift into a Mature paradigm with such violent and destructive resistance from younger souls, many Working Groups, while not active, are certainly "on call."


Janet: That’s good to know. Thank you.


ViP1: that is good to know indeed


MEntity: We think what we have shared today is a start toward comprehending the point of the Working Groups, how we/you created these, when they are relevant, and then each of you can explore what these mean to you in more personal terms in other formats.


MEntity: We will conclude here for today.


MEntity: Good day to each of you.



(Note from Kasia: The following were posted as comments on the original forum post, and include information about specific Working Groups.)  



Comment from NickF on September 30, 2014:

I thought it best to post this as a reply here so as to, hopefully, add some additional information on this subject. In a Michael session today I asked further about Working Groups. I wanted to know about the Dragonfly Working Group as it was not mentioned in this OMW. Below is the exchange I had with Michael. This may add insight, and hopefully help anyone else who did not see their Group listed at the OMW.


NickF: The name of my 'Working Group' was 'Dragonfly'. However during the last OMW 'Dragonfly' was not mentioned as one of the Groups during the time of the Library of Alexandria.. Could you please explain and comment on this?


MEntity: Those covered in our discussion at the time appear to be only in Pod One. There are many more.


NickF: I must be from a different Pod then. Is it possible to find out which Pod that is?


MEntity: Yes, Pod Two, Configuration One, which is comprised of: Ant, Butterfly, Bee, Dragonfly, Cicada, Spider, Wasp.


NickF: That is helpful to know, thank you! Any significance to the use of insect names?


MEntity: Configurations formed around similar groupings of mammals, reptiles, insects, plants, etc. The idea was that the Configurations would be easier to find one another because of these nature groupings. It was more a convenience of organization than anything. However, the choice for insects does reflect the overall themes of the Configuration in that some work as cohesive groups much like one mind, some work as individuals, some collect, some use tools, etc.


Comment from MikeClev on October 2, 2014:

Some more info on Working Groups:

I had a session with Michael and Troy this evening where I asked a few follow-up questions on Working Groups:

Originally posted to my blog, here: http://explore.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/187/566/more-on-leopard-working-group-an 


[MEntity] Hello to you, Michael. We are here, now. We can begin now. 


[MikeClev] Hello ūüôā


[MikeClev] Leopard Working Group was not mentioned in Pod One in the recent Working Groups OMW. Could you please tell me which Pod it is in, which configuration, and what the 7 Working Groups in that configuration are? Does this configuration have a shared theme? How many Pods are there? 


[MikeClev] Does a Group's position relate to your system of 7 for Roles etc? What is my position # within the Leopard Group, and what does that position entail? Do I know anyone else in the Leopard Group? (PS my son today told me he has been assigned to Leopards 'House/team' at school, which made me laugh!)  Thanks. 


[MikeClev] Oh and could you tell me which Working Group Victoria is in, and what their theme/task is? Thankyou.


[MEntity] Leopard would be POD TWO, CONFIGURATION FIVE, with your Position at 29. The Working Groups are ONE - Buffalo, TWO - Giraffe, THREE - Hippopotamus, FOUR - Elephant, FIVE - Leopard, SIX - Rhinoceros, and SEVEN - Lion. The Configurations tend to have themes around the geographical origins of the animals, plants, or insects referenced, but that is not always the case. Sometimes members were not in agreement with a specific area. In your case, the fascination was with Africa and its wild. 


[MEntity] There will be approximiately 10,000 PODS grouped in sets of 12 that could be called anything, but for simplicity's sake we can refer to them as Greater Pods, so there would be approximately 900 Greater Pods. 


[MEntity] There is relevance to the Working Group's position within the Configuration of Working Groups as it correlates to the Roles. This is simply the nature of the mathematics, and not consciously intentional. More insight can be gained by these correlations. 


[MEntity] Your Position within the Working Group is one of coordinated access to information and experiences. We think this is referred to as "sharing" in the mapping of numbers. 


[MEntity] It is not unusual for those fragments who come to recall or be invited to recall their Working Group mascot, the more prominent that creature becomes symbolically in the life. 


[MEntity] Victoria appears to be from POD TWO, CONFIGURATION SEVEN comprised of Warthog, Seal, Penguin, Hyena, Crocodile, Wildebeest, and Shark. She is of the Penguin in Position 35.


[MEntity] The Penguin Group is themed in enduring tasks that require long-term devotion, commitment, and some degree of love to be fulfilled. 


[MEntity] However, they are also themed in being the surprise element of a scenario, in that they will suddenly provide a breakthrough, realization, revelation, that changes "everything" in terms of a particular task or commitment. 


[MEntity] They tend to also share in a theme of keeping feelings close to themselves while hosting great resevoirs of emotion and perception about experiences, relationships, and events. 


[MEntity] Until those come into form, they are much like a still, deep lake. 


[MEntity] We think we have covered each of your questions. This is new information through Troy, so the delivery is a bit slow, but it will continue to gain momentum and clarity with the questions of students.

------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- 

On to the analysis.


Position 29 is, as Michael says, labelled 'Sharing'. Server Casting/Column, Sage row. I wonder if it is relevant that I am Sage cast, and my Essence Twin is a (Sage cast) Server?


Vic's Position 35 is labelled 'Authenticity', and is at the opposite end of the same row. King Casting/Column, Sage Row. Vic is an Artisan cast Scholar, Server ET, so no correlation there.


The number of pods was surprising- 10000!  Each pod has a maximum of (up to 49 slots x 7 Working Groups x 7 Configurations) = 2401 Essences. Multiply by 10000 pods, means that's a potential 24 million Essences involved in working groups!


The animal names of the working groups in my configuration feature a lot in my games and imagination/playfulness with my kids. I often make up names for them based on those animals. 


So combining the session info with the information Nick F added to the OMW on Working Groups, we have this info for Pod 2:


POD TWO, CONFIGURATION ONE are: 1: Ant, 2: Butterfly, 3: Bee, 4: Dragonfly, 5: Cicada, 6: Spider, 7: Wasp.


POD TWO, CONFIGURATION FIVE are: 1: Buffalo, 2: Giraffe, 3: Hippopotamus, 4: Elephant, 5: Leopard, 6: Rhinoceros, 7: Lion.


POD TWO, CONFIGURATION SEVEN are: 1: Warthog, 2: Seal, 3: Penguin, 4: Hyena, 5: Crocodile, 6: Wildebeast, 7: Shark.


I hope you found this interesting!


-Mike C


Comment from H2nna on October 3, 2014:

Great OMW! I've been channeled to be in the Dolphin group before. Michael said "The Dolphin Group tends to focus on paraverbal communication and self-expression as a teaching."

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  • 11 months later...

This is so COOL!

I am so happy that Michael Provided info about my WG, in my session. We "just" stumbled upon it :) 

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  • 1 month later...

Several years ago I asked about my WG in a NYC Michael Speaks-  I am in ancient Scarab.  I keep forgetting to ask more about it. 

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  • TeamTLE

After this OMW, You and Your Working Group, Geraldine had a private session of her own on Working Groups on September 22, 2014, which I attended, where we got more information. Here is a link to her blog on Working Groups.


Also, after this OMW session, and then Geraldine's session, I had even more follow-up questions on Working Groups (how they archive, how they work in deployment, etc.) that I was able to ask in my own Private Live Chat on September 25, 2014. For those who are interested here's a link to my blog More on Working Groups.


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  • 1 year later...

AskMichael, 4 November 2018 - About the Deer Working Group 

MEntity: DEER Working Group is one of the first Working Groups set as part of what we would describe as POD ONE of Working Groups. This Working Group is Configuration Seven of Pod One. All within this Configuration are focused on COMPANIONSHIP. All Working Groups in this Configuration are themed in ideas around the intimacy that builds from routine, familiarity, and proximity. In the case of DEER, the theme focuses on CAUTIOUS SENSITIVITY.

MEntity: Deer Group is all about the experiences of navigating with full vulnerability and innocence, but with the capacity for great awareness of boundaries and necessary caution. This is the Group that helps each lifetime and others within the lifetime to remember that vulnerability and kindness and play are strengths. They teach that vulnerability and kindness and play are not invitations to others to harm or take advantage. They teach that the reason vulnerability and kindness and play can be strengths is because they have clear boundaries and limits that must be honored.

MEntity: We can say that there are a handful of Deer Working Group members as part of "TLE."


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  • TeamTLE



This is the Group that helps each lifetime and others within the lifetime to remember that vulnerability and kindness and play are strengths.


Johanne, based upon the above, I'd almost be willing to bet you have a bumper sticker on your car that reads:



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@Johanne  Thank you, my dear (deer) roommate from TLEEG, for bringing up the working groups to my attention again.
If I would have known your theme "Cautious Sensitivity" then, I would not have been so stressful on you, when you were laying awake and keeping the lights on for my return and thinking I am lying in some ditch after the bonfire and needed to be rescued, not knowing that I made it to the sofa in the living room.
Love YOU Johanne
and happy translating, of Troy's and Janet's and so many others great work, of getting the Books out in French !!!
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Deer are naturally shy, but the description fits, and I love horses which are so similar, so I think I might be a member.



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Thank you @petra. And you bringing up my good memories of the last TLEGG. Love you too ? Take care

@Sky Goldy Nice! For me, when I read that description, I felt like what that group is teaching is what I have to learn more. And yes kindness and play in terms of strengths and boundaries and cautious, are something I have been "exploring".  Thank you!

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  • TLE12

@Johanne I may be a member of the Deer working group. I haven't had it channeled, I only read this recently. This lifetime, I didn't use my boundaries and I was harmed but I learned from it. This past year, I have done work around gentleness (same as kindness, really) and wanting to help others bring gentleness to how they see themselves.


This isn't necessarily related, but there have been a few times over the years when I've done automatic writing and information from a group calling themselves "the gentle ones" came through.


All the more reason to make a trip to Montreal!

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There was another student here, KarineB, that was also part of the Deer Group, but I can't find her or her sessions here on TLE any longer.

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  • TLE12

I am in POD 1 Configuration 7 too. My Working Group is Mouse. This is part of what Michael shared with me on Mouse. I wonder if there are others on TLE who are part of Mouse.


"MEntity The MOUSE Working Group was formed by those with an interest in what might be described as QUIET SCRUTINY. There is a theme here of observation that is quite stealthy, often invisible and unnoticed, and this works in favor of the integrity that the Mouse seeks to uphold.


MEntity Mouse is comprised of 49 Positions. You are in Position 18.


MEntity The fragment known as your father is Mouse, Position 11. Your Artisan guide is Position 9."

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