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OMW - May 18, 2013 - Manifesting Power


Channel: Troy Tolley


[MEntity] We are here, now.


[Diane_HB] We love you Michael!


[Bobby] :-)


We say this as a fact of the matter, and not as a courtesy response: we love you, too.


We will discuss the concept of Power with you today.


First, we will clarify what is meant by Power in our teaching, which we think is a meaning that extends to include most uses of the word.


In our teaching, Power is an Expression Axis term.


This is because Power can come from any number of sources and be implemented through any number of methods, but it requires Form, Expression, for it to be in existence.


All terms on the Expression Axis require a move into Form for existence.


The terms we choose for our Overleaf system are part of every individual life in some way, even as each Personality is a particular combination of emphasized terms. For example, one grows in a lifetime even if one does not have a Goal of Growth. Each fragment will have to contend with his or her relationship to Power, even if the Mode is not Power.


Power is a spectrum that describes one's presence.


The form of any kind of Power can range from between violent oppression that destroys to a quiet lucidity that awakens.


Each Essence comes with a kind of built-in source of Power.


How that comes into form is up to that fragment, and we have seen that every fragment will explore the entire range from violence to lucidity.


Each Essence Role has a specific source or style of Power. We will share these with you, now.


Keep in mind that Power is either GENERATED or EXTRACTED. There are other terms that could be used to describe these, but these terms will do. Power either comes from within, or without. Power that comes from within is regenerative and unlimited. Power that comes from without is dependent and limited.


Keep this in mind as we describe the various Power of each Role.




KINGS carry within them the Power of Legitimacy.


When this Power is Extracted, it is a path of Power that depends upon adhering to inherited, imposed, or implied rules, standards, and principles.


A King can do this for a long time, even for lifetimes, as a means for access to Power.


"If I play by the rules, if I behave, if I enforce what I am told, I have Power."


Then their Presence is legitimized. "I did what I was supposed to do."


This can then carry over into how the King legitimizes others. If they adhere to the principles, rules, standards of which the King has determined are set, then you are legitimate in their eyes.


When the King shifts toward an internal source of Power, this Legitimacy shifts toward being self-defined, flexible, and self-purposed.


This Power regenerates in unlimited ways because the Legitimacy is defined by a sense of internal integrity, and this is then extended as respect for others who carry within them this internal integrity.


The King who comes into Manifestation tends to be able to see the shift in the life from where Power was dependent upon external standards that isolated them from others in various ways, to where Power is a matter of internal definition and integrity that then draws them to others who uphold that, as well.


For the KING, Legitimacy can show up as SPIRIT when regenerative, and as RULING when dependent. By Spirit here we mean that all superficialities fall away for the sake of a more authentic theme, intention, self, etc. Ruling is a blind adherence to an enforcement of an inherited standard, limitation, or law.




WARRIORS carry within them what we might call the Power of Correction.


When this Power is Extracted, it shows up as PUNISHMENT.


This Power of Correction is a keen awareness of where one may be out of alignment within, or without, and the Warrior can help to bring that alignment back.


When this Power is dependent, then this Correction is done through punishment, shaming, and withholding.


This is also how the Warrior experiences Correction, if offered by others, particularly if imprinting has come from caretakers who corrected in this fashion.


As the Warrior shifts toward an internal, regenerative source of Power, this shifts toward being CONSEQUENTIAL.


It is a Power of consequences; an awareness of the impact of choice, action, etc.


When dependent upon feedback, the Warrior's Power of Correction is only seeking to avoid punishment, shame, or withholding. It has no real concern for consequences beyond the avoidance of this. When the shift turns toward an internal Power, there is a broadening of awareness of consequences. Punishment is no longer the incentive for Correction in self or others.


As the Warrior comes into Manifestation, it comes to be determined that even if punishment is potential, there are better or worse consequences about which to be concerned.


In fact, punishment may come to be considered "worth it," if it means a valid Correction.


For both the King and the Warrior, this Power tends to come into effect in terms of DOING. What the King or Warrior DOES, or what others are DOING, is where this Power comes up, either positively or negatively.




Sages carry within the Power of CHARISMA.


The Power of Charisma is a power of coalescence, of bringing together, of cohesiveness and comprehension among groups.


Or among Parts.


When Charisma is Extracted and dependent, it can show up as MANIPULATION.


Not only would this Power of Charisma be used in a way that manipulates others, but it can also be that the one with Charisma is manipulated.


In order to sustain the Charisma, the Sage will allow or ignore the manipulation to stay in good graces, or will manipulate others as a means to keep them in good graces, if you will.


When the Sage has turned to regenerative Power within, it shows up as GRACE.


This is a Power that comes from consideration, thoughtfulness, and propriety.


When a Sage is Manifesting, then, their Power of Charisma is one that raises the bar for Expression and presence, both within and without.


It allows room for all of the parts, and gives rise to the best of those parts.


When this is Manipulation, it is the forcing together of parts for the appearance of wholeness.




ARTISANS carry within them the Power of SPECIALTY.


The Power of Specialty is one of expertise, of excelling in a field, skill, or talent.


While Sages are the about the coming together of all parts as a means toward wholeness, Artisans are about the focus on A part as a means toward wholeness.


When this Power of Specialty is dependent on external sources, it can show up as ECCENTRICITY.


This is a specialization on a Part that is simply a means of differentiation.


It can also be a result of no specialization, and a dependence upon specialness.


The specialization in Eccentricity tends not to be about a talent, skill, or field, but a trait.


When this Power of Specialty is from a regenerative source within, it shows up as DISTINGUISHED.


This is a rise of prominence that exemplifies the refinement of talent, skill, or field.


Before move on to Priests and Servers, we wish to ask of the Sages, Artisans, Kings, and Warriors if you are finding relevance in the insight to your Power here.


[Janet] Yes. Absolutely.


[Diane_HB] Oh yes. But why is attention to rules a King thing? I do follow rules naturally, but I don't understand why that is.


[MEntity] Diane, that is because of this draw to power through legitimacy. Legitimacy requires adherence to law. However, the King eventually moves away from the "rule of law" to the "spirit of law" over time.


[Diane_HB] I see


[Diane_HB] Makes sense


[Bobby] oh yes


[Bobby] "he who owns the gold, makes the rules" :)


[MEntity] Law is a universal concept that extends far into the higher planes. Kings know this.


[JanaK] i definitely can validate what you have said about Artisans


[GeraldineB] The Sage ". . . are the about the coming together of all parts as a means toward wholeness, Artisans are about the focus on A part as a means toward wholeness." makes total sense to me at this time in my life -- it's very much what is going on post 5th IM




PRIESTS carry within them the Power of RESONANCE.


The Power of Resonance is the capacity for being the facilitating factor that brings one part or person into harmony with another part or person.


When this Power is dependent and extracted, it shows up as VIBRATION.


This is the forcing of parts into resonance.


This can be exhausting for the Priest, or those around the Priest, because it depends upon the force of another to keep this Vibration intact as a source of Resonance.


When Resonance is from within and regenerative, it shows up as NATURE.


This is a facilitation of one to return to natural state as a means of Resonance, rather than a state that is forced.


It is the use of natural frequency as a means of Resonance, rather than the use of forced vibration.


The Priest who can come back to herself or himself, or help others to come back to themselves, as opposed to forcing or driving forward away from where/how one is, can bring about this Power of Resonance as natural.


[ViP] I'm trying to understand Vibration vs Nature for Priests better, but it sounds essentially true


In response to Visaish, we point out the difference between Vibration and Nature as being the difference between forcing Resonance vs creating/finding Resonance.


Imagine the difference between forcing two people to get along because they must get along, rather than helping them to find a common ground for relating.


[ViP] that illustrates it well


[ViP] thanks



SERVERS carry with them the Power of NURTURING.


The Power of Nurturing is the capacity for encouraging growth, development, strength, and care.


When this is dependent and extracted Power, it shows up as GUILT.


Reward can be part of the method by which Guilt is implemented.


The vague or unreachable promises of rewards can keep one locked in a path of guilt for a long time.


"What is wrong with me that I have not reached these rewards?"


"You cannot be rewarded until you earn it."


Guilt tends to come as a result of unfulfilled promises of reward, which then turns into the power of Anger.


The Server using Power that is dependent can be fueled by constant guilt, promise of reward, and/or anger.


Depression is another form of Anger, so this can be part of the dynamic, as well.


The Server using Power that is regenerative and from within will tend to have Nurture show up as GRATITUDE.


This is an acknowledgment of the collected gifts, rewards, and meaning of the life, rather than a distraction with the promises and anticipations for other rewards, meaning, and gifts.


This Power of Nurture as Gratitude is a feeding of the roots as a means to help sustain the leaves, if you will, rather than a constant distraction with only the strife toward sunlight.


Do our Priests and Servers find relevance in these insights about your Power?


[Ingun] Absolutely!




SCHOLARS carry with them the Power of INFORMATION.


The Power of Information is the means of providing missing, valuable, and important facts.


When this Power is dependent and extracted, it can show up as TRIVIA.


This is the expounding of facts without context, value, importance, or meaning.


When Power shows up like this for the Scholar, it can trivialize their power, prompting them to expound even further as an effort to amplify that power as it weakens.


It can also show up as trivializing others in their sharing of facts and information.


When this Power is from within and regenerative, it shows up as TIMING.


This is the Power of Information as "perfect" timing.


It is the availability of information and facts as they are needed, wanted, and in context.


When facts are expounded upon without timing, it is trivia.


We know we are low on time with you today, so we will open the floor to your questions.


[ViP] Michael, how much do these descriptions apply to casting as compared to roles in essence?


All of these forms of Power can be accessed to some degree by all, but the correspondence to the Role will describe one's core Power, while Casting will tend to describe one's burst Power.


The core Power tends to run as a theme throughout the lifetime, while the burst Power can tend to be what is used for specific situations and scenarios.


[Janet] How does Power mode relate to the types of power inherent in the roles?


[MEntity] Janet, if one has Power as a Mode this a description of how one relates. Our descriptions of inherent Power are not necessarily how one relates, but how one manifests effects.


[Janet] OK thanks. I thought so but wanted to be sure.


[MEntity] However, if one is Power Mode, then insight gained about that inherent Power can help in understanding exactly how one Relates.


[Janet] I definitely see that for myself.


Returning to the subject:


Each of these descriptions of Power can help you to understand how you consciously or unconsciously attempt to bring effects into your world, into existence, into form. It helps describe your pattern for manifesting nearly everything from the most mundane to the most profound, from the most material to the most intangible.


It describes how your presence is experienced by others, and how you interpret the presence of others.


It can help you to understand how another may be implementing his or her sense of Power as dependent or regenerative.


You cannot control how another attempts to implement his or her Power, so you can only return yourself to the most regenerative state of Power you can, which can then help free you from others who may be dependent upon you for their own Power.


When someone is dependent upon you for their power, it has little effect upon you if you are tapping your internal, regenerative, unlimited source of Power.


There is no need to aim only for regenerative Power, because as with all aspects of a more positive pole of a spectrum, the regenerative Power recognizes that dependency is necessary sometimes, and even beneficial.


Dependency as part of regeneration is an exchange. "Your power can work with my power. We can work together."


We will conclude here for today with a suggestion that each of you watch how and when you use your core power and your burst power, how and when you use them for protection or for empowerment, how and when you use them for creating what you want, what you need, and how you use them for bringing yourself into the world as a presence to others.


Good day to each of you.

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