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20130112 OMW: Checking In With Essence


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OMW - Jan 12, 2013 - Checking In With Essence


Channel: Troy Tolley


[CocteauBoy] Okay, so today's topic is CHECKING IN WITH ESSENCE.


[CocteauBoy] I thought this would be a good subject to explore because we tend to think of a new year as a turning point where we review where we've been, and look ahead at where we'd like to go.


[Maureen] Will it be interactive Troy?


[CocteauBoy] It's not that Essence is something separate from us, but that we (as personality) are a PART of Essence, so there is some sense of identity that is monadic (two parts that intrinsically create the whole).


[CocteauBoy] So "checking in with Essence" we can think of it as checking in with something beyond ourselves, or as checking in with ourselves in a different way than usual, or whatever works for you.


CocteauBoy asks - FIRST QUESTIONS: What does it mean to you to "check in with Essence," and why did this title for the workshop interest you? What do you expect to gain from this workshop?


[CocteauBoy] Answer as you like...


[Janet_] You mean, like, right now?


[Martha] I think I do it a lot, but I think I could do it better


[CocteauBoy] Janet, yeah!


[Janet_] Like Martha, I think I do this, but it is hit or miss.


[CocteauBoy] I want to read where each of you are with the idea, and what you thought this workshop might produce for you, before going into trance.


[Martha] it's hard to tell "me" from "Essence", would like more of a sense of a conversation


[AnnH] Because I don't think I'm all that good at checking in with Essence and would like to be more aware of it.


[Nadine_AP] I thought it would be a good idea to keep in check while working through my 4th IM


[GeraldineB] I've read and reread most of the articles on a Conscious Connection to Essence; however, I still consider it a whole lot like "praying," i.e., it's not an interactive process, I don't get feedback. So, it's like talking to thin air.


[AnnH] (Exactly, Martha)


[CocteauBoy] Make sure you read the question. It's not an assessment.


[AnnH] Also, because it would be fun. I think my Essence is fun when I get tiny glimpses.


[Janet_] I'm hoping for suggestions on how to more reliably check in and know I'm in contact.


[Maureen] I see it Essence and Personality like a continuing discourse -- listening and talking. So I guess checking in with Essence would be to stop for a minute and and see where we are at. -- as a "team".


[GeraldineB] Well, I'm trying to explain that this would be my "goal" or interest -- a sense of genuine interaction.


[Bobby] Frequently, I'll be involved in something and will just say "oh, LET'S see where this goes" as in Let Us, me and Essence


[Nadine_AP] Same as Janet and Geraldine, I would be able to make a more conscious connection, too


[Diane_HB] I suppose I check in with Essence quite often, but I'd like to hear what suggestions Michael has on the subject.


[Nadine_AP] *would like to be able


[Bobby] I like to think of it as a partnership but like Geraldine suggested, one of the partners is blind, deaf, and mute 🙂


[ClaireC] I'd like to be able to truly differentiate between what the CF's are saying versus Essence feedback.


[GeraldineB] I think I do pick up a fair amount of contact information through intuition, but I don't know where I end and Essence begins


[CocteauBoy] I'll bring in Michael for the rest of this workshop now. If you have more to write, you can keep sharing as I go into trance. Have a great session, you guys!


* CocteauBoy is bringing in Michael now...
* CocteauBoy is now known as MEntity


[MEntity] ***********


[MEntity] The concept of "Essence" or a soul is one that is quite complicated for most who are extant, even when one is fully embracing of the general concept.


[MEntity] When one is Infant, the lines between Essence and Personality are so blurred that there is no differentiation. When one is Baby, the concept is so skewed that Personality becomes the main navigator. When one is Young, the rejection of Essence is so strong, it does not matter much.


[MEntity] When one is Mature, the concept is revisited through experimentation and intensities that promote a return to the blurring of differentiation.


[MEntity] When one is Old, there is an eventual state that has no blurring, no skewing, and no rejection. One simply IS.


[MEntity] Everything outside of that is imprinting.


[MEntity] For the Old Soul, the wholeness that is Essence and Personality is inherent. To sustain a differentiation takes effort, requires lies, and feels painful in both tangible and vague ways.


[MEntity] For the Old Soul, the effort to sustain a differentiation between Essence and Personality is the equivalent of trying to imagine NOTHING. Personifying Essence as something seperate from you can be useful, beneficial, and insightful, but only temporarily. To presume a personification of Essence as separate from you is like trying to sustain a the concept of Nothingness.


[MEntity] If you try to imagine nothing, you imagine SOMETHING.


[MEntity] You imagine something as representative of nothing.


[MEntity] That is because there is no state of nothingness in the known Planes and Universes. It can only be represented, symbolically conceptualized, and usually only in comparison to something.


[MEntity] The concept of Essence is similar. It never was NOT "you." It was never separate. It can never be rejected. It was always "you."


[MEntity] We speak often of Essence and Personality being "separate" for the sake of learning and teaching about the various dimensions of "you," but this is no different from helping you understand how your hand functions during rehabilitation, even as your hand was always connected and a part of the whole of your body.


[MEntity] The more your hand can function effectively, the more it is a part of the whole of the body. The more your Personality functions effectively, the more it is aligned with the whole of Essence.


[MEntity] However, just as you focus your attention on the rehabilitation of the hand through exercises, experiences, rest, stretching, etc., it is that very "you" that transcends the divide between hand and body, between Personality and Essence.


[MEntity] Because Essence is a spectrum that ranges across all Planes, Times, and Bodies, the necessity for focus is vital for the continual reawakening process, or "rehabilitation" of parts, if you will. Every lifetime is a part of the body of Essence.


[MEntity] In some lifetimes, that focus is intense and myopic. In other lifetimes that focus is expansive and multidimensional.


[MEntity] Relatively speaking, the Old Soul, extant, exhausts the body trying sustain differentiation of Essence from Personality. This is from the vast ocean of imprinting available from the Physical Plane about the concept of Essence, or soul. It ranges from being outrageously omnipotent and perfectly knowing, to being parental and absolute in guidance, to being non-existent.


[MEntity] One thing that rarely has the same appeal and embrace is the idea that Essence... is "just you."


[MEntity] In all of your mistakes, fears, cravings, longings, excitement, desires, appetites, pride, aloneness, joy, intimacy, distance, beauty, plainness, extravagance, indulgance, restraint, sadness, happiness, failing, successes, etc. YOU are Essence.


[MEntity] From the perspective of Essence, the experiences of the Physical Plane and body are never NOT new. It may have experienced sadness a million times, but this does not mean it transcends the experience of sadness. No matter how many times a hand may touch HOT, it will always be HOT.


[MEntity] Consider that no matter how many times you touch HOT within a lifetime, it will always be HOT, and always a new HOT; t is still always HOT, and always NEW. For Essence, across a multitude of bodies, that experience is never old, and never not true, and never not meaningful.


[MEntity] This is the same of your experiences beyond mere touch.


[MEntity] The only difference in your experience is your focus.


[MEntity] When you first touch HOT, it may seem the end of the world, but when you have touched it a thousand times, it is still HOT, but you know you will survive. You know it is temporary. You know it is a natural part of experience. You know it is informative. You know.


[MEntity] Expand upon this and you have your phases of depression, your phases of joy, your phases of intimacy, your phases of aloneness, lifetimes of suffering, your lifetimes of bliss, and Essence grows to know that it can survive it all, learn from it, and always gain from the experience. Always.


[MEntity] By the time you are an Old Soul, you know this, too. And it gets harder to not know this.


[MEntity] Because, by now, you know: You Are Essence.


[GeraldineB] Question: If we are Essence, then why would we need to check in?


[MEntity] You can pretend, imagine, lie, presume, fantasize, romanticize, and fragment yourself as Essence, but you will still know.


[MEntity] Geraldine, Troy described the topic for our discussion with you; we are prompted by that description. We do not hand these topics to Troy. He decides upon them from his own ideas and perceptions.


[GeraldineB] [laughing] OK


[MEntity] However, we will return to that description in a moment, as it is relevant.


[GeraldineB] Nevermind the interruption 🙂


[Martha] ha h aha


[MEntity] However focused one may be within Personality, one is always Essence. Even "the worst" of peoples. This is because Essence is vastly inclusive and incapable of truly rejecting experiences that parts of itself (Personality) bring to it.


[MEntity] To presume that one person is not of Essence over another is like a fish judging another fish for not being of the same body of water. To try to convince someone of Essence, then, instead of allowing for their own growth and awakening, is about as useful as a fish trying to get another fish wet.


[MEntity] "Checking in" with Essence is a valid phrase to consider while within a lifetime and body because most forms of "checking in" only occur in death. Death is the ultimate "checking in."


[AnnH] lol

[GeraldineB] Good Ole 7th IM


[MEntity] As you embrace the idea of your being Essence, you will find that the phrase of "checking in with Essence" means something even more profound that previously romanticized. It is a checking in with yourself.


[MEntity] This may not be as romantic as the idea of checking in with some higher parental guidance and force that is laced with religious and cultural imprinting, but it is far more profound and empowering. It is the ultimate responsibility for your life, your choices, you.


[MEntity] Before we continue: How do you feel or think about this ownership of Essence as YOU, with Personality merely being a focus, instead of as a concept of being a flailing fragment tethered to omnipotence?


[Martha] "flailing fragment tethered to omnipotence" lol


[Martha] I do feel comfortable with it


[GeraldineB] Well, I accept that fragment is a part of Essence, is the spiritual body, but I don't quite understand how Essence can be ME and still not be tuned into whatever I'm doing


[Nadine_AP] It feels right.


[Martha] I feel like Essence IS tuned in, but I don't feel much of a sense of conversation, other than just talking to myself


[GeraldineB] Well, it's the paradox of Personality having all choice, not Essence . . they design, we dispose.


[Janet_] I am comfortable about the concept.


[Diane_HB] I think this is a much more peaceful concept than thinking of myself or others as separate from Essence.


[AnnH] What Martha said.


[MEntity] Geraldine: what makes you think Essence is not tuned in to "whatever you are doing?"


[GeraldineB] If they are tuned in, I wouldn't need to review or check-in


[MEntity] Geraldine, this presumption would not be true.


[MEntity] Even while in a body, stretches of time can pass where you were fully engaged in your day, but if we were to ask you about a specific day and what meal you had on that day, or what someone said to you that day, or what tv show was watched on a certain day and time, you may not be able to call up that memory to save your life, so to speak, even though "you were there."


[MEntity] However, you may find that you remember entire experiences from even further back in time.


[MEntity] This is the difference between "checking in" and not.


[GeraldineB] Do you mean that checking in is actually a way of accessing forgotten memories?


[MEntity] Your brain will continue to store all experiences, from the most minute to the most profound. Your Essence absorbs all experiences for the Akashic Records, like a brain for the soul, but what matters to it is "remembered," and this can be enhanced through "checking in."


[Maureen] I never feel disconnected from Essence. When I feel separate is when I know "I" am making a conscious choice to disregard Essence for awhile. When I do that I feel like a kid who wants to experience something on her own -- without any "influence".


[MEntity] Checking in can help recall, but we prefer the term to be thought of less as a tool, and more of as a state.


[MEntity] By this we mean:


[MEntity] When you feel disconnected from Essence, in need of guidance, support, etc, that you not dismiss YOU as the greatest force behind your own life, choices, feelings, memories, plans, etc. but that you "check in" with yourself, allow for all of the feelings and fears, but not at the expense of your power, force, presence, and wholeness.


[MEntity] Wholeness allows for all of it, so fear and panic do not need to be rejected for wholeness to return. Ironically, in the embrace of your wholeness and power, the fear tends to dissipate, transform.


[MEntity] Checking in with Essence is a return to you. A recollection of the fragmentation of your mind, your heart, and even your body.


[GeraldineB] this makes sense to me


[MEntity] It is a moment, a practice, and eventually a state, that makes room for all of it without forgetting. It is ownership of your KNOWING.


[MEntity] Your fragmentation, your fear, is merely forgetfullness.


[MEntity] You cannot UN-know, but you can forget.


[MEntity] Checking in is a practice in remembering.


[MEntity] Keep in mind:


[MEntity] In the same way that you do not have to consciously breath, neither do you have to presume that your knowing, your embrace of self as Essence, means having conscious access to all that is Essence. The hand does not have to understand the eye for itself to work, and the eye does not have to control metabolism for it to work, and metabolism does not have to know how to walk for the body to move, and so on.


[MEntity] However, no part can be said to function independently of the whole that is the body.


[MEntity] And so it is for you, as a part of all that is Essence. The hand is itself and does its own thing that the eye cannot, and the body, as a whole, gains from functioning of the hand. The hand, then, for its best and highest functioning, would consider itself as the whole, even if not completely aware and monitoring of all of the parts. To presume itself cut off, or to not consider the whole, is akin to being numb, or amputated, which benefits neither the hand or the body.


[MEntity] The more you own your part in the body of Essence, the more the whole and all of its parts functions and benefits.


[MEntity] This ownership of remembering, responsibility, power, presence, and wholeness is more than half of the battle for getting the best out of your life, healing the past, and creating the future.


[MEntity] Before we move on, we will open the floor to your comments and questions regarding what has been shared, so far.


[MEntity] ******


[Diane_HB] This makes sense to me. I have been moving toward this perspective in some ways.


[Diane_HB] And, I check in with myself fairly frequently. I don't feel "myself" if I don't.


[Maureen] You are right Michael -- in that people are often looking for omnipotence or some woowoo with Essence when actually Essence can be quite quiet and will "come to you" when you are still or "in the moment".


[MEntity] The search for Essence is much like the search for a lost pair of sunglasses that are later found to be on your head.


[Diane_HB] lol

[Maureen] LOL


[Martha] 🙂


[Diane_HB] I know what that's like. 🙂


[Nadine_AP] lol


[AnnH] heh


[Maureen] I'm getting a 3D Deja Vu on the sunglasses -- maybe I dreamed about this last night.

[Bobby] Is any fragmentation caused if you imagine the relationship as a partnership?


[MEntity] Bobby, as you may have come to see over time, the concept of "fragmentation" is even more of an illusion (a useful one, but an illusion, still the same) than the concept that one is seperate from Essence. To personify Essence can be helpful, even if as a temporary illusion. Dreams are illusions, but the symbolism is incredibly useful. Illusions (and fragmentation) are not to be thought of as things to avoid, but tools for use as necessary. When they are considered conclusive, then they can become problematic.


[MEntity] Fragmentation is merely scattered foci.


[MEntity] Illusions are merely symbolic extensions.


[MEntity] Both are useful and important.


[MEntity] Neither can sustain continuity or existence for long, relatively speaking.


[MEntity] We highly recommend personifying Essence, particularly so if one can do so while holding the contradictory notion that it is not separate.


[MEntity] We can recommend this, because Essence already does this. In being you, in the first place.


[GeraldineB] Sparky!

[Bobby] 🙂


[MEntity] And it is the nature of Tao. Our fragmentation from Tao is a profoundly beautiful and useful illusion, and all of our bodies through the planes are always creative personifications of our most current idea of who we are.


[MEntity] The differences in higher planes is that we have learned to enjoy it more, to allow it, and to know that all of it changes.


[MEntity] Your body, no matter how battered, worn, sick, suffering, pleasured, fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful, is your own idea, given form. All descriptions of our body that are born of comparison are as superficial and temporary as a preference for chocolate over vanilla, or one brand over another.


[MEntity] Those preferences are meaningful and provide their own part in the dance of experience, but they will never supercede the perfection of reflection.


[MEntity] This is not to say that one must accept his or her lot in life with the body that one has, but that the dance that your body prompts is far more relevant than your preoccupation with it for comparison.


[MEntity] It is not YOUR Body. It is YOU.


[MEntity] It is not YOUR Essence. It is YOU.


[MEntity] Checking in with Essence, then, is the embrace of yourself as part of the bridging of all of these parts.


[MEntity] If you are in this particular workshop, you are probably "done" with the distraction of fragmentation and the weight of being bothered with superficial comparisons. You know this. You cannot un-know it. But remembering this, and returning yourself from forgetfullness, is something you must take on as your responsibility from here.


[MEntity] This is where this teaching is intended to help move your consciousness. Not just toward the novelty and brief comforts of remembering, but toward your capacity to live in that remembering, in your knowing. In Essence.


[Martha] Sounds like vividry


[MEntity] Here are three things that you can note to yourself as phrases for sustaining your wholeness, and allowing for everything to exist within that:


[MEntity] When you feel ugly, fearful, anxious, upset, angry, helpless, lonely, etc. we suggest that you embrace those things, but always along with the phrase, "It is okay for me to forget for a while."


[MEntity] This conscious embrace of forgetfullness does two things: relieves you of the internal conflict of fighting against those natural reactions, feelings, and thoughts so that they can move through like thunder clouds in the sky of who you are, but also, ironically, keeps you from actually forgetting.


[MEntity] On a daily basis, at various points in the day, when nothing in particular is happening, it can be helpful to state out loud, or internally: "I remember now: I like me."


[MEntity] This simple phrase can do two things, as well: it can bring a moment of remembering and awareness, of course, but it can also be a confession against all of your imprinting and superficialities of being bad, wrong, ugly, too fat, too thin, too alone, not enough, etc. This confession is more truthful than any of those things.


[MEntity] You may only barely like yourself, and you can always like yourself more and more as you aim for agape, but if you are breathing, you like yourself enough, to some small degree, and this outweighs all of the "bullshit."


[MEntity] We pause now to ask each of you to answer this question as sincerely and as honestly as you feel inclined: DO YOU LIKE YOU?


[Diane_HB] YES!!

[Maureen] YES!!

[Janet_] I do like me. 

[GeraldineB] Yes, I do!

[AnnH] For the most part.

[ClaireC] Yes.

[AnnH] Actually, I get a big kick out of myself.

[Bobby] I will say it's much easier when everything is not taken so seriously 🙂

[Nadine_AP] yes, i do

[Martha] Yes!


[MEntity] We only ask this question to help you in seeing if you prefer forgetting over remembering. You would not be in this workshop, studying our teaching, wishing for more people to accept you, trying to accept others, standing up against injustices, moved by suffering, aiming for higher visions, etc, if you did not like yourselves to some great extent.


[MEntity] Everything beyond your liking yourself is a lie, is imprinting, is useless for anything more than information about how to make your next choices and decisions.


[MEntity] The third suggestion of phrasing that we can offer, then, is that part of your remembering include that it is okay that others may also tend to forget. Just like you do. Even more so, that many have not even remembered, yet. They may not know, like you do.


[MEntity] "The more often I remember, the more often others can know."


[MEntity] This is because you are the trainer of your reality, which is just to say that you are the one who chooses how you experience EVERYTHING. There are no exceptions. You may not be able to choose everything that happens to you, but you will always have the choice in what that means for you, and how you experience it.


[MEntity] The more often you forget, the more likely your world is experienced as forgetful.


[MEntity] The more often you pretend to not like yourself, the more likely you would keep others from their opportunity to like you.


[MEntity] The more often you presume that others must remember and know as you do, the more you are forgetting, and making excuses for your forgetting.


[Maureen] Michael -- so Alex Jones and Larry Pratt have just forgotten who they are? How can we see them as "Essence"?

[AnnH] hrh

[AnnH] heh

[Martha] hahaha


[MEntity] Maureen: there must be a remembering and knowing before there can be a forgetting.


[Maureen] so their forgetting is a choice to forget -- with Essence "on board" with Personality?


[Maureen] just like it is for the "rest" of us?


[MEntity] The inherent nature of fragmentation, personification, and the Physical Plane, in particular, is amnesia. Evolution is a process of remembering. Forgetfullness, in higher terms, is a defense against responsibility and ownership.


[MEntity] Every lifetime is a practice in remembering. Every death is a practice in "checking in."


[AnnH] I love that.


[MEntity] Your notions that a "bad guy" is less Essence than that of a "good guy" is based on a romantic idea that Essence is already "good." It is not. It simply IS. It goes through its processes of growth just as an individual personality does. That is why we describe Soul Ages.


[MEntity] Soul Age describes where one is in the capacity for remembering while in a body.


[GeraldineB] And the circle is rejoined and completed


[MEntity] It also describes where Essence is in its capacity to remember its path home.


[GeraldineB] OH . . .please expand on that


[MEntity] Or rather, that it never left home/Tao.


[MEntity] Soul Age is a description of the process from fragmentation toward reunion.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that horrific personalities and the choices they make are not much different to the body of an Essence than one's choice in diet while in a body. The soul is omnivorous. It can survive the most toxic of experiences. The personality is the feeder of Essence.


[MEntity] Your choices, and interpretations of experience, feed Essence, feed you. In much the same way that your realizations of what you eat actually do matter to your body, so do the Personalities, eventually, with their ever-growing capacity for remembering, begin to choose more consciously as to what its diet of experience is.


[MEntity] So it is fair and useful to "see" the Essence of even the most hurtful of people, because your remembering of their soul helps. Your condemnation is pointless. Remembering the Essence of any individual is not the same thing as conceding to their actions and impact. It simply gives you a broader footing for what choices you will make, yourself.


[MEntity] All of what we shared today helps in your creation of your next moment. And as you can see from where you are in your life right now, those moments add up. They become your life.


[Maureen] ...I can do that. Thanks for helping me remember more Micheal 🙂


[Maureen] (my comment was related to seeing other people's Essences...)


[MEntity] And your life is no different from your body. It is something that benefits from your compassion and embrace, not your comparisons for condemnations. Your experiences of your life are your own idea and feelings, given form (interpretation) across time, in memory, and in motivation. It is Good Work to see your Essence across all of this, to see you, in everything.


[MEntity] Today, in this workshop, if you have been engaged, you have "checked in" with Essence.


[MEntity] While we did not share the words in this exchange with you merely to elicited comforting feelings, we did share them with you so that you can remember that you CAN be comfortable in your skin, in your body, in your life, in Essence. When you just take a moment to remember. To check in.


[MEntity] And you did not have to die, to do so.


[Martha] whew

[Diane_HB] Heheh

[Nadine_AP2] hahaha

[Nadine_AP2] yeah, good.

[GeraldineB] Neither did Ann when she changed Soul Levels

[AnnH] hahaha

[AnnH] Not this time, anyway.

[GeraldineB] Maybe that was the real purpose of doing it . . .to experience brith / death / brith while conscious 

[AnnH] yes, I think so


[MEntity] We will conclude with one last consideration:


[MEntity] Remembering others, even when they forget themselves, is healing, is helpful, is meaningful. It is not lost on them, even if you cannot see proof of that.


[MEntity] This is why we "came back" to teach.


[MEntity] Because we remembered you, too.


[MEntity] Everyone will inherently, eventually, remember "everything," but it helps if there is someone who remembers what you forgot.


[MEntity] Or what you do not even know, yet.


[MEntity] Good day to each of you.

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  • TLE12

This session was a synchronicity for me and brought in some tears. This morning I was lying in bed thinking about the nature of our reality and the perspective of different layers of the self ranging from the Tao and Spark to the personality experiencing physical life. The thought came to me that the concept of fragmentation is an illusion. That the processes of experiencing the different planes from physical to buddhaic is not about reconnecting with Essence and Tao in a literal sense but a process of remembering that we never left home and that we were never not whole to begin with. Then I came across this session.


Parts that stood out for me:


"[MEntity] Because Essence is a spectrum that ranges across all Planes, Times, and Bodies, the necessity for focus is vital for the continual reawakening process, or "rehabilitation" of parts, if you will. Every lifetime is a part of the body of Essence"


"[MEntity] Bobby, as you may have come to see over time, the concept of "fragmentation" is even more of an illusion (a useful one, but an illusion, still the same) than the concept that one is seperate from Essence."


"[MEntity] And it is the nature of Tao. Our fragmentation from Tao is a profoundly beautiful and useful illusion, and all of our bodies through the planes are always creative personifications of our most current idea of who we are."


"[MEntity] Soul Age describes where one is in the capacity for remembering while in a body.
[MEntity] It also describes where Essence is in its capacity to remember its path home.
[MEntity] Or rather, that it never left home/Tao."

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On 21/05/2016 at 1:46 AM, Kasia said:


To presume that one person is not of Essence over another is like a fish judging another fish for not being of the same body of water.

To try to convince someone of Essence, then, instead of allowing for their own growth and awakening, is about as useful as a fish trying to get another fish wet.


Love it.


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