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The - and + Poles of Today's Generations

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The Ms said before that each generation has its own characteristic - and +poles.

By extension then, these poles would affect how that generation expresses itself and affects the world stage of politics, government, society, technology, institutions etc. in destructive or constructive ways.


Naturally I've hypothesized what I think these might be for each of the gens alive today (Silents to Homelanders), but instead of posting them, I want to create this forum so we can discuss them together.

We can talk about how generations have shaped us, affected us negatively or positively, how we're shaping them, what we think of them and their contributions, who we know that's from them and how they differ from others or us, what we wish each gen would do, what terms we would use for their poles etc.

We can relate it to politics, social norms and social movements too.

Or we can talk about the generations of the future even, and what we wish to leave for them and how we wish to go about that.


To me, Generations are like the voices of humanity, so if they're not in sync it can lead humanity away from clarity, resolution, progress and our true voice.

Hence I find discussing & resolving generational conflicts/differences highly valuable and useful.

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There's something that @Christian mentioned in another transcript that Baby Boomers and Millenials are pretty divided on the terms of activism, capitalism and racism.


Most Millenials outside of developing countries concur that Capitalism is an inefficient system destroying the planet. Many prefer a more socially equal economy like Communism or even Socialism

They also band together under social issues like lgbtqa and diversity to represent the power of solidarity for each other. 



Because of these things, many Boomers feel threatened because the convenience of consuming what they want to or have always consumed is being "taken away" by Millenial's consumerist habits.

That's why we're getting all those articles on how Millenials are killing certain industries & institutions that Boomers have used for decades.

This includes institutions like racism and sexism that many Boomers have gotten used to in terms of power privileges.


Christian mentioned that the key to this generational divide lies in the Gen X that straddles between them.

Gen X then has the choice to align with older values of isolationism and convenience- which they strongly lean to because of their more apolitical and anti-establishment stances. They strongly value their closest family & friends, but distrust society and humanity as a whole & so remain stuck in a limbo of work-life balances that are simultaneously reliant on the powers that be, while also resistant to them.


Or Gen X has the choice to align with modern progressive values of community and consequence- which they may lean to because they are practical skeptics who can refine the zealous ideals of boomers & the optimistic ideals of Millenials to create workable solutions that bridge the two.

This would require that Gen X see there is value to these social movements, rather than just resign from all of them because staying put is more comfortable.


Gen X is the glue that either will bring cohesion in this crisis, or refuse to.


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Another thought I have on Gen X.


Gen X as I said is strongly anti-establishment and decidedly prefers the comforts of insularity over conductivity.

Because of this, in the same way that Boomers & Millenials butt heads now, Gen X and the upcoming Gen of Homelanders will also butt heads- but less intensely.


The reason for this is because Homelanders are set to bring Virtual Reality to the world as a new way of life. And that VR is going to be the new Establishment that all of humanity operates under.

This will scare many Gen Xers for their anti-establishment practices- because to them, it may feel like their power of freedom will be taken away and that the powers that be have won and will take over humanity like puppets on strings under a sort of death of personal choice.


Those that are not scared will apply their postmodernism to VR and make an effort as the new elders to keep everyone as sane, sensible citizens that don't use ideology, unity and solidarity as an excuse to do disrespectful things.

They'll essentially bring their helicopter parenting tactics to the world at large and work out the more practical mundane rules of VR.


Either way Gen Xers will have to deal with the karma of resigning from or supporting establishments and social intelligence in the 2020s to 40s.

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I'm thinking a bit on what the next gen after the Homelanders will grow up like.


This New Gen naturally fits into the cycle as one that's born to a world of Stability, where status quo norms are enforced and social cohesion is valued.

They're in place to be the Gen that always rebels against that status quo & ushers a reactionary awakening time.

The Ms state they will be the 1st Gen to live in a completely Mature Soul Paradigm though, and that they may come to be known as the Savior Generation.


I looked around at what other internet nerds thought this gen may bring to the fore, and I think I've got a good preconception.

First off, their story all depends on how the resolution of this Crisis of Collapse Period goes, and whether the Homelander/Virtual Gen will root themselves in their - or + Poles.

The Homelanders I am imagining will play out the spectrum between -Escapism and +Involvement.

This Gen will either escape into the structures they create- or use them to bring people together. I think we already see this with how conscious this Gen is of issues like war, racism, economic divides, information saturation etc.



If Virtuals usher Escapism, then Saviors will likely usher Reality Checks.

If Virtuals usher Involvement, then Saviors will likely usher Breakthrough.


Some of the issues I think Saviors will tackle are:

1. They will end the use of Virtual Reality as an escape or distraction from Real World issues and shift it towards more responsible uses that do not consume the public but inform and enhance it.

2. Ending the Culture Wars that will still brew under the time of Stability. We will prob get one last hurrah after the next Stable Period where people get intensely divided on whether to value Technology or Nature more- and Saviors will end that war.

3. By extension they will likely see to it that Technology and Information are ALWAYS used to nurture well being.

4. Leaning toward Polygamy and Polyamory- which will upset many Millenials who still value Nuclear Families, Monogamy and Monoamory. I think this would occur especially because of the diversity of virtual communities Saviors will form online that will be subject to Millenials standards for what is+isn't a relationship. They'll get tired of those standards.

If this doesn't occur with them, it will gain speed in the next Disintegrative Generation.

5. If Universal Basic Income is not implemented in the next decade, Saviors will make sure it is- and that no money or power is centralized at the expense of the people. I dunno if it will go as far as outlawing Capitalism, but for sure it will no longer be the dominant economy towards the end of 21st Century.

6. Likely ending Religion altogether. Saviors will lean toward Personal Spiritualities and shun any organized or fundamentalist belief system- even those that are New Age. They will differentiate cults from communities- and stop seeing love as a passive rather than active concept.

If this doesn't occur with them, it will gain speed in the next Disintegrative Generation.


7. Environmental Stewardship and being actively involved in tackling Climate Change will likely be hot topics for Saviors- regardless of whether we commit to that now or not. They'll prob be doubly committed.

8. Likely they will end the Social Media "rat race" where everyone is expected to keep up in posting and appealing to keep their followers engaged. They'll be more lenient with people's variable standards and expectations.

9. Saviors will prob be one of the first to propose a new time management system that differs from our Gregorian Calendar. This will be necessary anyways in our shift out of Capitalism, Consumerism and Earth-centric Time. They'll see it as necessary with Space Exploration too.

10. And by extension, I imagine their divide may be in terms of Staying on Earth vs Shooting for the Stars. The question of Humanity's Home will prob come up with them.

11. Saviors will likely try to find as many Renewable Energy Sources as possible. And they may promote things like the Resource-based Economy and Veganism as cause without blinking an eye.

They will be way stronger Activists.

12. They will be the first to tackle Discrimination against genetically-enhanced babies and populations. And they will also tackle the start of humans being lab-born en masse.


Oh and the Gen as a whole will prob. be STRONGLY INDIGNANT towards all the previous gens that didn't work on the issues they will. 

They will likely be very divided on how conscious their parents, grandparents and ancestors were- since they will inherit the world we created.

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I happened across this article today and so will bump it, in case anyone has anything to say on generations.

No one responded last time, but I think it's worth another shot. 🙂

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