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Ask Michael - September 2, 2018


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For reference on the Scholar function question, here's the post with the channeling where @DanielaS got more info on Role tasks for the entity and how they function. It's near the bottom of the session.


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Thanks for  asking this, @Eric. Taking care of data and the Scholar to process that data diligently needs to be neutral about it. There are oftentimes many instances, where the experience of another that I am processing, is so vastly beyond my ethics, that it is a challenge to deal with it. I think how I handle conflicts like this is I acknowledge my own response to someone elses experience, I accept that this experience is non desirable to me and/or I want nothing to do with it, and I kind of begrudge having to process it for posterity, but, I persevere and process it. In many ways for me, this is what I do in my professional life regularly too. In that I care for someone who has caused a motorvehicle accident who was intoxicated and who needs a trauma scan, and who needs to be treated fairly and caringly irrespective of the destruction and damage that they may have caused. This is no different. Many a time a Nazi comes in and is kind of *cap in hand* and amenable to emergency treatment, and they have swastika tattoos and/or  gang affiliations, and they are nice and polite, but you realise were they not in hospital they would be arseholes and should you be person of colour/female/lesbian/radical or liberal, then watch your step. 


Also, I am making a point of taking a side, or, speaking out and being contradictory even if that is politically dangerous. More and more I am seeing the point of having integrity and doing what I do despite the audience, and in refusing to remain silent if silence means complicity with injustice. Interesting question.

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Being an avid martial artist, I've often wondered if I'll have any kind of opportunity to put my taste for fighting to productive use on the Astral.  Seems like a state of existence where nobody can actually be hurt or killed would be the perfect arena to explore combat as an art form.

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