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Summary of Topic Suggestions

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This thread summarizes the current list of suggested topics for future sessions. It will be updated over time. 


Please note that the table below contains ONLY the suggestions that were made in a way that allowed a setup question to be framed for the Michael session. There are other suggestions in the forum that need to be updated, reworded, reworked, etc., in order to be useable. 


The problem is that some suggestions are overly broad, and some suggestions are far too limited for the needs of a Michael Speaks. Therefore, if an appropriate setup question cannot be formulated, the suggestion will not be added to the list below. 


Update from Janet, December 2019: If a suggested topic remains in place for more than 2 years without any suggested updates that allow a setup question to be formed, the topic will be locked and removed from the list. Otherwise this forum grows too large and is not useful for Troy when he needs to pick out a new topic for a coming session. 


Note: You may use the comments to suggest improvements to this method of communicating the summary list of proposed topics, but please do not use this forum to talk about whether or not you like these topics: use the link to the thread for each topic to express your interest. 


Last update: August 25, 2020


Table 1: Proposed Topics with Suggested Setup Question (Sequenced by submission date)

Proposed Topic Date Submitted Link to thread Setup for Michael
7 Categories of Illnesses 09/16 7 Categories of Illnesses

In a recent Ask Michael session this exchange occurred:


[Question] Do each of the emotion types when blocked or repressed (or stuck in negative poles) have certain types of illness/ailments to them that manifest?

[MEntity] Yes, there can be. However, by the time most ailments are showing Physical symptoms, it is often a mix of two or more Emotions that have remained restricted. We can delineate these in another exchange. We would, first, want to share how illnesses/ailments can be broken down into 7, before correlating.


Please provide a topic-length discussion of the 7 types of illnesses/ailments and resulting physical symptoms.

More Cycles of Life 12/16 Follow-up on Cycles of Life

In the Workshop on Personal Cycles of Life there was not time to complete all the cycles available. As time permits, can you please expand on any of these cycles that were not covered in the original session: Cycles of Expansion, Cycles of Purpose, and/or Cycles of Discovery

Color as Communication and Evolution 12/16 Color as Communication and Evolution

During a session about soul colors as mentioned in the Michael Newton books:


Janet: Can you suggest a future topic for more information about color, and maybe its association with Essences, or is there not sufficient info for a topic-length session?

MEntity: We can suggest as a topic description: COLOR AS COMMUNICATION AND EVOLUTION


Please provide the suggested topic: Color as Communication and Evolution

Music: Role, Centering and Axis 12/16 Music: Role, Centering and Axis

In response to a question in September 2000, you said:


MEntity: What draws a fragment to a certain type of music is usually linked to their Centering and Role. We will also add that two other factors in determining the draw to certain types of music is the predominance of your Overleaves as they are arranged on the Axis (more Action, or more Expression, etc.). And we add that “timing” and events in a life will create a draw for what is most “needed” appropriately.


Please provide a topic-length discussion of how affinity for types of music is tied to centering, role, overleaf axes, etc.

Collective Karma 12/16 Effects of the Holocaust

In the November 2016 Energy Report, you said:


MEntity: As we said, Collective Karma is a “real thing.” And you are now in it on a scale not seen in long time by us. You are now clear on experience that once led to and allowed the rise of Hitler, both in documented terms and in terms of Essence. That event traumatized humanity in ways that we have not explored much with our students. We did not know when this collective approach to balancing that Karma would come, but it is here. There are many sets of Collective Karma to address within humanity, and this is just one of them.


Please provide a topic-length session on collective karma, including a description of the major sets of collective karma to address within humanity and an emphasis on the collective karma TLE students are facing/working on currently.

Female and Male Archetypes 04/17 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes

In a recent Ask Michael session, you said:


MEntity: In our teaching, we have elaborated upon this as the 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes. Every Personality carries within him or her a combination. These have profound effects upon relationships, effectiveness in the world, and behaviors. … We can elaborate upon these in a dedicated topic so that the full context can be shared, because the Male/Focused, Female/Creative Energy Ratios, as well as the Physiological and Psychological gender play roles in determining one's Anima/Animus and what the positive and negative traits are.


Please devote today's session to this topic.

MMW: Inputs 06/17 MMW - Inputs

This proposed workshop would expand on our knowledge of Inputs by describing the impact/use of Inputs in relation to the Overleaves of the participants.

Cycles of Annual Overleaves 07/17 Cycles of Annual Overleaves

ckaricai: My question is about the energy reports. The overleaves seem random but I'm wondering if there is a pattern and if so what is it? It might be helpful for us to figure out what the overleaves will be ahead of time. Knowing if there is a pattern might help us also just understand the energy reports better as well.

MEntity: There are patterns, but no obvious patterns because the point in time in which we "take a snapshot" and then the amount of time included in that snapshot are arbitrary. ... However, that being said, the patterns that exist that are more accessible are the patterns of generation, implementation, integration, and review. ... Yes, we can discuss this as its own topic. It is a valuable question.


Please provide a topic length discussion on the patterns of annual overleaves.

Physics of the Astral Plane 09/17 Physics of the Astral Plane

In an Ask Michael session in August 2017, there was this exchange: 


PeterK: My understanding is that Astral matter is very malleable and that one may form it into whatever one wishes. What are the properties and characteristics of Astral matter that give it such flexibility?


Astral matter is, basically, a less-dense form of Physical matter, so it retains a great deal of the same properties that govern the Physical Plane, but while Physical matter is locked/frozen, if you will, in time and space, Astral matter is not. ... The Astral, then, could be said to be a vast range of properties more akin to properties of light, but far more than are understood while Physical. ... This is a topic worthy of a full exploration.


Please use the time in this session to more fully discuss the properties of the Astral Plane.

Electronic Devices 08/19 Electronic Devices

Please speak about electronic devices, radiation (4G, 5G, wifi, bluetooth, EMF), etc., in our world today. How do they affect us, how we can protect ourselves if needed, and if there is any other interesting information about their use, meaning to our species, and so forth.

TLEGG 2240 12/19 TLE Great Gathering 2240

You have described a 'TLE Reunion' taking place around 2240, in which future incarnations of TLE members found and remembered each other, found the old TLE archives, and then tried to figure out who was who. You said, "Our channel would have to unpack that particular reunion, and we can dedicate a session to that for a future exchange with you." Can we start unpacking that reunion? How and why did it come to pass? How did our future selves find each other? Where did the reunion take place?

Mysteries of the Universe 1/20 Mysteries of the Universe

When Bobby asked Michael about a particularly large black hole in the Dec 2019 Michael Speaks, the response was, "We can discuss these and more 'mysteries' of the universe in a dedicated session if that is of interest." Please use the time today to tell us all about these mysteries of the universe.

Collective Consciousness 3/20 Collective Consciousness

MEntity: It is NOT the pandemic or disease or virus "teaching" any of you anything. It was not sent or generated as a lesson, punishment, or opportunity. It is simply a part of the nature of the Physical Plane and the scathing that all risk by being alive. The pandemic and virus are no different from an avalanche, tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, drought, flood, etc. It is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, but it is not an independent source teaching you or evolving you or punishing you. [from a session by DianeHB in March 2020]


Question: If the pandemic is a force of nature that reflects processes within humanity, what are those processes? What are the constituent parts of Earths collective consciousness? How does the collective consciousness function and what is the mechanism leading to 'real world' effects? Is it possible for groups to form within the collective consciousness? Would it be possible for such a group to have influence on the greater collective and in this case is 'the whole greater than the sum of its parts'?


Topic covered in Michael Speaks: Collective Consciousness, August 2020.

The Matrix of Essence 7/20 The Matrix of Essence

We can further describe the matrix that is Essence and how it evolves. We have shared various parts of this subject, but can pull it all together with your questions and/or as a dedicated subject. It may require multiple exchanges.


JanetE: How would you suggest we phrase the opening questions? You probably have a desired sequence of presentation.


MEntity: "Would you expand upon the Matrix of Essence and all of its Personalities and how these are born and evolve over a Grand Cycle?"

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  • Janet pinned this topic

I have updated the topic list, simplifying it to show only suggestions for which an appropriate setup question could be determined. I have added comments to all the suggestions that are NOT in this list to identify what is needed to make the suggestion usable. And I've locked some very old suggestions that need to be redone as new suggestions made in a way that the topic can be introduced to Michael appropriately for a 1- to 2-hour session. I will be removing these old suggestions -- or moving them to another forum -- sometime soon. 


This was necessary to make this forum more useful to Troy when he needs to select a topic. I suspect we'll try to do another poll soon to see which of the existing suggestions gain support for possible sessions in 2020. I'm pretty sure we completed the top 3 session ideas from the last poll we had back in 2017.


Please think about new topics you may suggest based on more recent sessions. Many of the suggestions are quite old at this point. 

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  • Janet featured and unfeatured this topic

Bumping this topic: I have updated the list of topics for which we have proposed questions. 


Now, some of these topics have been around for almost 4 years, so I suggest that you review them and if some of them are CURRENTLY really to your liking -- that is, you think the topic would work really well right now in the latter half of 2020 -- then please use the link to the topic(s) you like and bump them with your comments. 


OR, create a brand new suggested topic within this forum. Just be sure that your suggested topic would work well for at least an hour-long session AND include the proposed introductory question to Michael for your suggested topic. 


(Use comments within this topic to suggest alternative methods of summarizing what everyone has proposed. This topic is not a good vehicle for indicating your preferences.)


We may have a vote sometime soon to pick a coming topic. 

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