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The Power of Five


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Anthony Horowitz is psychic.

The Power of Five is a series of five books about the end of the world, written by Anthony Horowitz, and it is a book series I haven't read in a while, but I was OBSESSED from adolescence up through young adulthood. I grew up with this series - the first book came out in 2005, the final book in 2012 (which really tied into the Endtimes themes of the series). And today I often wonder about Anthony Horowitz, the author, and how psychically 'tuned in' he was to Humanity's collective consciousness.


In the story, many millennia ago, Earth was ruled by some awful primordial creatures, heavily inspired by Lovecraft's "Great Old Ones". Humans existed as food, entertainment, and labor for these primordial rulers. Some humans even worked for the Old Ones, participating in the oppression of their fellow humans in exchange for wealth and status. Many more humans chose to resist the Old Ones and fight for their right to be alive. No single army could defeat the forces at the Old Ones' command (imagine having to fight a spider the size of Manhattan) and it did not seem likely that any efforts towards resisting would bear any fruit, until five people were born ten thousand years ago at the precise same moment in different parts of the world, each endowed with a specific power which manifests gradually as these five people grow up.


By the time The Five are teenagers, they have each inspired a resistance movement in their corners of the world against the horrid conditions of life under Old One rule. Through impulse and synchronicity, The Five find each other across oceans and continents, and find that when they are all gathered in one place, their powers are exponentially amplified. After combining their followings into a Global Resistance, The Five lead their combined army into battle against the Old Ones. The battle goes disastrously for Humanity, but thanks to a clever and costly trick, The Five defeat the Old Ones and successfully banish them from our dimension, erecting a series of powerful Gates to keep the pathways between our dimension and theirs tightly locked.


The first book of the Power of Five series begins in modern day, where efforts are underway to break open these Gates and allow the Old Ones to return, which has prompted The Five to reincarnate, much like they did ten thousand years ago, in different parts of the world: an orphaned student in England, a homeless street urchin in Lima, Peru, a biracial (English/Chinese) girl living in Hong Kong, and Native American twins living in the southwest United States. As they become teenagers, The Five are plucked from their individual lives and thrust into a deadly struggle for the survival of a familiar 21st Century world which, unlike ten thousand years ago, isn't even aware it is being invaded.


After being a fan of Power of Five for so long, I was struck when I first read about Michael's description of the impending potential Infinite Soul manifestation taking place through five people all across the world. It's not a perfect correlation, because the Power of Five is all about The Five coming together against all odds, and the five Infinite Soul manifestations don't need to do that to be effective, but the similarities are still striking: Five people intervening to wake up Humanity in order to prevent the end of life on Earth. I think Anthony Horowitz was 'tuned in' to current events more than he knew.

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  • TeamTLE

Fascinating. I've not heard of the series, but from your description there is an intriguing connection with the five IS appearances. 

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