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20000518 Michael Speaks: Open Floor

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This session was recovered from the old Yahoo group.


May 18, 2000



Note: Otterly = Troy Tolley


Transcribed by MARYBV and Moderated by Sandra Dent


NOTE from Troy: A section of this transcript was edited out. It was on the 7 female archetypes. Since the piece was noted by Michael to be incomplete and inaccurate, I'd like to work with them further before publishing this. Thank you for your patience.


We are here now. One moment.


Hello to all of you.


We realize we have another "open floor" night, so you may begin your questions as you please.


<Silkee_99> I was hearing a voice, then repeating or translating to another person... when I woke up it seemed like I had been channeling. Was I dreaming that I was channeling, or what? I mean, was it just a dream, or just expressing an ego/desire, or is something telling me to channel.


MEntity: It appears you have 3 students of your own that are Astral. Young fragments that have grown to "trust" you. While you are physical, you can act as a teacher for your "friends" while they themselves are Astral, between lives. Teaching and guidance are not one way. What you experienced as "translation" was an "uploading" if you will, of information from your own Instinctive Center and conveyed to these Students. They are seeking birth, a priest, and two warriors, it seems. As part of their reintroduction to the Physical, they sought you for some insights. This does not preclude your ability to "channel" in the classic sense, but this is our perception of the "dream."


<Barb> The numbers on the clock - 11:11 have become very significant to me but I don't know why - is it just for me or is this some kind of cosmic event?


MEntity: Many symbols that appear to be repetitive tend to give sentience a sense that they are "meaningful." The meaning of11:11 has taken on significance because of a larger portion of people placing significance on it, but before digital clocks, it was a simple reference for time. If you find it "strikes" something within you, it may be of importance to you to seek the larger context that created significance around this number.


<Barb> But I don't understand what that significance is.


MEntity: That is part of the fun. We do believe you may find significance in the teachings of a Mature Priest, a female. She has written and created a context for this number, giving some valid significance to it. We believe her "name" is Solara. Though we do not discount the validity of the created context for this number, it is personal and not a Global or universal truth.


<Julie> Michael, I assume that most fragments carry over talents/aptitudes from previous lives. I am interested in your comments as to what mine might be, and how they can be encouraged in all of us.


Your assumption is not entirely valid. Though some lives will retain characteristics of another life, it is not always the case. Lives appear to have clusters, themes, and they are not necessarily sequential. In addition to this, as your life unfolds, certain "parts" of it will resonate to various lives, even finding a different life resonating for your "relationships" versus "work," etc.


We do not have a forum that allows clear enough connection for us to determine yours specifically at this moment.


Past life "aptitudes and talents" is not something that need "encouragement." They unfold "naturally," with or without your conscious interactions. When seeking to implement a talent or aptitude that IS NOT "naturally" relevant, there are techniques to draw those in from other lives, yes.


<Julie> Could Michael suggest helpful ways we might determine which lives are resonating for us in different aspects of the current life?


The most significant techniques for determining resonance from another life is to simply ask yourself. Choose a context in your life you seem to feel might have resonance with the past, and ask. Within moments, you may receive images and various indications. Allow these to flow. Regardless of your knowledge of history or geography, allow the basic pictures and elements to be pulled in. This may seem to be the "imagination" when you do this. This would be valid, but what has come to be dismissed as "just the imagination" is a actually a human's highest frequency owned. It allows transcendence of the physical, WHILE physical. All Sentience has this portal.


To go into elaboration would require the entire time allotted for this exchange, but this might be a start.


To summarize: Create a list of obvious categories, Work, Recreation, Intimacy, Family, etc. Include in this a context of an OVERALL theme applying now. Take a moment while showering, going to the bathroom, bathing, meditating, anything that allows the Instinctive to release its normal 'control' and ask. One Category at a time. One a week. Then take the basic pictures, time frames, etc., and search the Internet if you want more striking impact and references for validation.


<Julie> Are you saying, then, that "nothing" is truly "just the imagination?" That all thought creates "something?"


MEntity: In answer to your question, anything you Imagine IS Imagination, but it is a most important tool. The significance of which has only been seen in some instances in your history. There is a difference between Imagination and Fantasy, and your own sense of self can begin to sense the difference.


<Barry> It has been the subject of many theories and of philosophers. Do you perceive a "force" or energy that permeates everything on the physical plane and perhaps nonphysical planes? Some call the force LOVE, some call it SPIRIT. Is it actually all part of the Tao?


MEntity: Yes, we would call it TAO. There is nothing in your known world, imagination, perception, sense, tangibility, etc., that does not spring from TAO and WITHIN it. Each plane is couched within the one "above" it. Each Plane is an extension of the same. Within "your own" plane you can see a parallel and example of this. Breaking down the creation of an event: it may begin as a THOUGHT, then a FEELING, then ACTION, all the while being "tangible" and "real" to the CREATOR. Determining the related "force" within each of these stages can bring great insight. The Physical Plane can be said to be the ACTION level or Moving Center of the Tao. ALL Centers have ALL other Centers as part of itself.


<Barry> So we should attempt to determine the related "force" that makes each stage... what? Possible? That is, the "force" at work behind THOUGHT, etc.?


MEntity: You call it "force" because you are Physical. There is a need for new terms before recognition of this you seek can be "found." All of the answers to the Universe are held within any Plane, but each plane's 'vocabulary' extends and the mysteries are more and more comprehended. Illness and disease hold the greatest clues within the Physical Plane as to the nature of manifestation and consistency within each other "plane," ironically. The Warrior/Priest, Louise L. Hayes, has some significant breakthroughs in this "force" you seek.


<Barry> So is there a type of illness or disease on planes other than the physical?


MEntity: Yes, there are. Fear remains as a potential through the Causal, but in ways in which you have no reference.


<Barry> What about tracing an ACTION backwards to root FEELING and THOUGHT? Helpful or not?


MEntity: Yes, quite helpful. More importantly, choose an EVENT to trace "backwards." Such as your "move" recently. Choose an EVENT, then seek what ACTIONS manifested it, what FEELINGS supported it, and what THOUGHTS generated it.


<Leela> The writer Philip K. Dick had a very powerful mystical experience that he called VALIS. I was reminded of it today, and I am curious as to what he was experiencing. I hope that this question is meaningful to people in some way. He found himself living in a parallel life in Rome, and various other things happened as well. He wrote about this all his life. This question may or may not be relevant to anyone.


MEntity: Philip K. Dick (an Artisan/Scholar from Cadre 1/Entity 3) appears to have been writing a valid account. There does not appear to be a discrepancy here. This is material capable of catapulting many an imagination into the possibilities inherent. Though there are personal embellishments in terms of interpretation, it seems to be "honest."


<Hector22> Are there any physical attributes, such as hair length e.g., that affect the intensity or quality of input & output of centering?


If you believe so. Though that would be a personal truth. Hair length, style, any physical appearance can diminish or enhance any input/output as a result of personal self-image acceptance or rejection.


Sometimes a shift in personal appearance can preoccupy the Instinctive and distract from "other" input/output as it adjusts.


<MaryBV> Michael, could you tell us a bit more about the people who where the "first wave" of ensouled beings on this planet (the Atlanteans). What were they like and about how much time did we, the second wave, overlap incarnate together? Is Michael a part of this first wave?


The first ensouled species on this planet were not human. They were silicon-based and you would have recognized them more as molten lava-like creatures. Agate pieces found today are literally their "bones."


As far as a "first wave" and "second wave," we are unfamiliar with this concept, though a few of our channels may have their own theories. We do not exclude Otterly in this.


Many of you were participants in Atlantis. The "first wave" and "second wave" may be a differentiation between the average Soul Age at the times. A parallel race, what has come to be known as "Lemurians," may also be what is referred to. As far as we know, we are of the same "wave" as you.


<JJTan> Can Michael say anything about which civilization (humans or aliens) built the Great Pyramid and what was its original purpose?


This is a question that requires a bit of a stretch in imagination. We can elaborate on this more at another "time." What you see as the Pyramids are "from your future."


There are a few anomalies that allow this kind of looping of time to exist and though they certainly ARE from your "past" it was not until what could be called "your future" did the concept for them occur.


Many mysteries that surround the building of the Pyramids are only "mysteries" because their "reasons" for existence have literally not come to pass. To integrate within the belief structures of that era, certain aspects of each "time" were utilized.


<Barry> Are you saying that in "our future" we somehow cause the pyramids to be built in "the past"? Or were/are they sent there?


Specifically, in answer to your question, your race helps build them alongside an 'alien race,' the second alien race which contacts you. Based on events that, to you, occur in your future, a need for these constructs is then created.


The pyramids have been "destroyed" in some timelines, wherein the races "go back" as a means to RE-construct them.


We do not "know" if this will occur "again," but this is their "history." The Pyramids have many histories.


Their purpose is to act as a means to stabilize forms of transportation through time planes.


We realize the science fiction aspect of this. It is not required that you accept this version of the Pyramidal reasons for being.


<Julie> So then, physical plane "time travel" is/will be a reality?


MEntity: It "already" is. Nearly 2/3s of your "UFO" sightings are your future, we would say. Which may or may not include actual "aliens."


<Barb> Can we accomplish this as individuals - time travel?


Time travel is available to all of you instantly through Imagination. It is only within the confines of dismissal that the truth of this is missed.


We will close now. Goodnight.

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On 9/20/2018 at 2:03 AM, Janet said:

Time travel is available to all of you instantly through Imagination. It is only within the confines of dismissal that the truth of this is missed.




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