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My Descriptions of Cadences

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In a recent session on Advanced Casting, the Ms described how Cadences can best be seen through how we each relate to others.

They then gave an example of the Artisan Cadence's experience of relationships when I asked.


So I wanted to make some Cadence Descriptions for all of us to use as templates until we better understand the dynamics of each.

I used the description given for the Artisan Cadence to form my guesstimation of all the others.



Server Cadences tend to find relationships quite burdening and constricting as they work their way through BONDAGE and into SERVICE.

They will tend to have to see the value/meaning of others, and how you can add to their life, or how they can add to your life- in order to bond & open up. Since they do not focus on useless, trivial bonding, there must be a strong reason behind why they would bond with you. But once that is secured, they will dramatically shift towards nourishing and supporting you & being keenly attentive to your presence, needs and responses.

Their focus is always on binding or nurturing bonds- creating dynamics that are safe and comforting for one another- and inspiring meaningful, helpful exchanges.


Priest Cadences tend to find relationships quite intense and compelling as they work their way through ZEAL and into COMPASSION.

They will tend to see the potential achievable in and between everyone they meet & encourage all to reach those heights- but since this can cause much drama and resistance, they must learn how to detach and surrender so that others can own or reject what they share at a personal pace. As such, this Cadence learns when it’s best to intervene, and when it’s best to just let others be/grow on their own- and experiences the same dynamic from others who try to twist, turn or change them.

Their focus is always on imposing or guiding bonds- inspiring empathy for any difficulties one another have- and raising everyone to their highest quality of life.


Artisan Cadences tend to find relationships quite chaotic and confusing as they work their way through DELUSION and into CREATIVITY.

They will tend to have to strip themselves of any inclination to project and learn to see people for who/how they actually are- as opposed to how they wish to see you, how they wish you would behave, or how they wish to be seen by you. Through this, they learn how to build appropriate relationships from a real rather than imaginary common ground & consciously navigate towards healthy relationships while moving away from those that are not.

Their focus is always on creating or destroying bonds- forming structures to help them navigate chaos in relationships- and expressing self to others through innovative means.


Sage Cadences tend to find relationships quite distracting, distracted and theatrical as they work their way through ORATION and into DISSEMINATION.

They tend to use lots of levity and comical fun in their efforts to bond, so as to encourage a sense of commonality rather than animosity; listening to all of the stories and behaviors others express, and then promptly joining in to encourage more socialization. However, this can often come across as too scary or obnoxious to others, so this Cadence then learns how to either be themselves despite outside opinion- or present themselves on the same wavelength so as to convey their words/truths in ways that are more intelligible and captivating. They also encourage the same responses from others.

Their focus is always on liberating or amplifying bonds- relying on sound communication to make sense of relationships- and expressing self in ways that teach, entertain and inform others.


Warrior Cadences tend to find relationships quite challenging and threatening as they work their way through COERCION and into PERSUASION.

They tend to have quite high standards for who is & isn’t valid, or who can & can’t be trusted. As such, they require others to pass a series of tests that will determine whether you’re fit for bonding and loyal support- or whether you are an untrustworthy threat and must be forcefully removed: distanced from that which they strongly protect and care for. Regardless, this Cadence will encourage those they relate to to become stronger at facing challenges and fears when bonding, with bravery- and they will experience the same directed back from others.

Their focus is always on protecting or strengthening bonds- actively pushing through and into relationships- and persuading lasting allegiances that can bridge any conflict/antagonism.


King Cadences tend to find relationships quite reckless and disobedient as they work their way through TYRANNY and into MASTERY.

They tend to quickly learn how to manage, delegate and control others into appropriate roles, and how to direct themselves into proper roles when with others too. But they experience difficulty when it comes to those that fight this supervising, and must also learn how to work with everyone’s nature to create true peace in relationships: not just false or forced peace. As such, they tend to be the first to assume authority and responsibility for any issue that shows up between them and others- and then direct all involved into a common resolution.

Their focus is always on delegating or authorizing bonds- taking charge when no one else will be accountable- and mastering difficulties that arise in relating, while also transcending them so as to be as objective and effective as possible.


Scholar Cadences tend to find relationships quite paradoxical and illogical as they work their way through THEORY and into KNOWLEDGE.

They will tend to form theories about how to navigate relationships by listening to others experiences in them, and then discredit or imitate what they learn. But they have to actually dive into relationships to know for themselves why others behave the way they do- putting themselves in others shoes. Through this they can then extrapolate that experience as information to help them better empathize & relate to others they couldn’t understand before- and thus unlock new experiences in relating that open up new dimensions of bonding to explore.

Their focus is always on understanding or experiencing bonds- using logic to neutralize any resulting confusion- and immersing into others lives to grasp abstract concepts.


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