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My Descriptions of Entities

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The Ms recently noted in the Advanced Castings Transcript that the influence of our Entity in our lives can be seen in how we relate to the world.

So I wanted to make some descriptions that incorporate each Entity's position, relationship to the world & what's already written on each in the TLE Library- into a resourceful summary.

Keep in mind it is my perspective written here- these will be updated when Michael elaborates more. Feel free to comment on whether you resonate or not.


If you are Entity 1- You are a Server Entity.

E2 is Artisan. E3 is Warrior. E4 is Scholar. E5 is Sage. E6 is Priest. E7 is King.


2 Notes:

 -There was no description at all for any Entity 4, so it is the most hypothetical description here- but it does resonate with Scholarly qualities so that is what my summary is based off of.

 -Keep in mind when I say "world" it can allude to any larger circle beyond oneself and one's intimate bonds. This can be the literal world, but also any kind of community, project, workplace, family etc.



Server Entities tend to not care for or engage in the world around them much- unless there are certain events/people in it that they know matter to them/others, and that they must simply trust, nurture and nourish that even if they do not fully want to. Once this is found, they then feel inspired to act in ways that lay the foundation their world needs most to happily grow and evolve.

As such, they navigate between reducing everything in the world to SIMPLICITY just to make enough sense of its fundamental nature & their inherent place in it- and then discovering a strong singular PURPOSE that fuels them to be in it until they determine that is no longer needed.

This is done first in BINDING, obligatory ways that they/others force them to adhere to- and then as an act of kind, meaningful SERVICE to the world.


Priest Entities tend to focus on caring about all events/people that arise in their life, believing that each must add something of value to all others- seeing what’s best for all involved- and aiming to live from that highest good for their world.

As such, they navigate between CONNECTING to these various events/people that enter their life/world by living with them, resonating with them & joining them with one another even if it forces them or others out of comfort zones- and then seeing the HARMONY all those parts make/contribute when working and moving together.

This is done first in ZEALOUS ways as they force these events/people to get along at all costs, or feel forced into unnatural states by how those events/people affect or splinter them- and then from a space of integral COMPASSION that realizes what each part already naturally adds to the whole, while understanding the difficulties we all face in the world and can learn to grow from.


Artisan Entities tend to aim to carefully or chaotically create things of value in their world, and see all events/people therein as resources that can help them form that world, or voices that lead them to totally deny and destroy that world.

As such, they navigate between the chaotic effort to BALANCE all forces in their life/world that are pushing and pulling them into extremes or disorder- and then finding a place/perception of STABILITY to create a sense of grounded structure and order from.

This is done first in DELUSIONAL ways as they react to fantastical, imagined forces in the world as if those are real- and then from an impulse to see what’s actually real in the world & use that as a platform to more intentionally CREATE what they desire in it.


Sage Entities tend to talk about their world to better comprehend it or make a point to others about it. They often stretch or feel stretched by the events/people in their world- prompting a sense of fun expression, inducing dramatic shifts & exploring fringe trends.

As such, they navigate between a constant sense of ADVENTURE as they move their life/world into new+unexpected territories that can be rather offensive, insane or scary to everyone involved- and then feeling a sense of EXPANSION as they process, build and discuss that mountain of new experience in ways that prompt their world and perceptions of it to grow.

This is done first in ORATIVE ways as they pointlessly express, engage in & stir up drama in the world just to provoke it- and then done as a way to DISSEMINATE truths that actually communicate something of substance to the world & help teach it of new experiences and lifestyles.


Warrior Entities tend to courageously protect, support and secure events/people that have been overlooked, dismissed, dissuaded etc. in the world so as to preserve, strengthen and value their identity and impact on all life.

As such, they navigate between finding, collecting and promoting a VERSATILE variety of people/events they resonate with- and then feeling a sense of ENTERPRISE as they bring these various factors together into projects/movements to create or encourage something new in the world.

This is done first in COERCIVE ways as they pretentiously force these events/people toward or away from the world to keep them safe and sound- and then in PERSUASIVE ways that motivate those events/people to courageously stand up for themselves, strengthen their being & draw out new perspectives and factors in the world that can help shape, correct and support it.


King Entities tend to leave a huge impact on the world around through forming events/people that then can teach, imprint, exemplify and contribute their values to all others through the nature of cause and effect.

As such, they navigate between ECLECTICALLY searching for & promptly holding onto some specific and often random part of their world/life so as to feel like they matter or are making a difference- and then INCULCATING that niche place/identity into them and the world as their signature contribution to life.

This is done first through TYRANNICAL behaviors as they don’t care for their actual impact on the world, only trying to hold onto something they can live for- and then from an aim to MASTER their natural skill with dignity and sovereignty.


Scholar Entities tend to put the most effort into understanding the crazy dynamics happening in their world, so as to conjecture and know how it works. They then aim to record all events/peoples they encounter in that world, seeing them in relation to one another- while also hearing from all the perspectives they can to distill the most accurate truth possible.

As such, they navigate between trying to ACHIEVE the next step of clarity and empirical evidence when faced with illogical events/people- and then CONSOLIDATING those factors into a sense of clear and solid understanding, even if it does not fit their initial logic or prejudice.

This is done first through forming THEORIES about why and how the world is shaped, as well as what shapes it- and then discussing/validating/applying those theories with the world as a way to better KNOW the actual factors involved: rather than just from a place of speculation and scientific hypothesis.

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