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UPDATE: Troy's Beating Heart

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Mari Lynn

Troy, I know hospitals (esp vomit-piss infested ER rooms) can be hotbeds of getting more germs coming in than prior to arrival! I hope you are feeling better, taking care, resting, getting/receiving nurturance, etc. 


The NRG'IES are intense this week, (full moon, etc) so a great time to hunker down, go within and well....rest & replenish. Your heart is bigger than anyone I know...please take care. Sending you all the love I can muster----->???

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@Troy.  I'm very late to this discussion, but am delighted that your heart is healthy.  I was once hospitalized for five days with a pulse of 150.  It was the only reason they kept me in at the ER, despite multiple other symptoms I was having.  No one messes around with heart issues.  Take care of that cold and get a lot of rest.  I agree with @Bobby about the timing being so near to TLEGG.  Your body was probably recalibrating after the emotional overwhelm.  Take care and keep us posted.  Love ❤️ you.


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