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How to Report Editorial Issues

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As of November 2018 we have over 5,000 items on TLE when considering blog entries, forum topics and library articles. The great majority of current items were transferred from the older TLE sites by a small team of volunteers who did not have the time to proofread or consider any editorial updates in what they were transferring. Sometimes the formatting was affected by html code that came along with the transferred item; sometimes long-existing typos, duplications of content, missing content, etc., were transferred along with the item. 


TeamTLE is an even smaller group of people than those that transferred content to this site. We volunteer our time as we have it, but we ARE volunteers, so we are not managing the site full-time. Thus we DEPEND on people to notice issues and report them. 


There has not been a preferred method for reporting editorial issues, so we get reports via personal messages, via Support Tickets, via messages in comments. The latter is most commonly used, but it is problematic: TeamTLE does not see every comment that comes in on the site, and so suggested fixes are missed.


This forum (Site Suggestions and Feedback) has been largely idle since the days when the site was created. We are now going to use it for tracking suggested fixes and updates to forum topics and library articles. 


If you see a typo, a formatting issue, a duplication of content, a potential for missing content in any forum topic or library article, please do the following: 


1. Open a new topic in this forum with a title that suggests the type of error found. (For example, "Misspelled Word in a Transcript")

2. Identify the item that has the issue. A link to the item is preferred, but the full title and date of the item can be used if you don't know how to provide a link.

3. Identify the issue you have found. 


TeamTLE will monitor this forum and from time to time will take steps to manage the corrections needed. While the issue remains open, others will be able to see that it has been reported and this will avoid duplication of reporting. When the issue is corrected, the forum topic will be closed. 



  1. Blog entries are owned by individuals and TeamTLE will not fix those. If you find an issue in a blog entry, please message the individual that created the entry. 
  2. If you see an issue that may be a bug on the site -- not just a single topic or article -- then please use the Report Site Issues and Bugs forum to report the problem. 


Thanks so much for your assistance! All Michael students that use this site appreciate it.



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For those who have blog entries who get requests to fix formatting, etc. -- if  you do not know how to do this, you may also open a topic in this forum and request assistance from TeamTLE. It's not that we can't update blog entries, but that we do not feel that we should alter your personal content without your knowledge and approval. 

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