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Translations of Michael material


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I want to point out that Johanne has begun a project to translate Michael Speaks transcripts into French. She has completed two transcripts thus far, and has also provided her translation dictionary for others to use in case someone else would like to attempt translations. The French transcripts have their own new TLE section: Transcripts in French.


If someone would like to attempt translations into another language, a section for that language can also be added. 


Please congratulate Johanne on her efforts. If you want to know the best method for attacking the translation of a transcript, just follow Michael's advice, as given at TLEGG (Ask Michael: TLEGG 2018?


BFBobby: Johanne has a question. "What would be your advice regarding the translation in other languages of the three TLE English books? I would be interested in working on a French version, and I know other TLE members have done translation in other languages."


MEntity: Oh, we would give the same suggestion that we have given to our channel, and that is to start. [Laughter] In other parallels where these similar projects have occurred, there were variations on the projects occurring where, such as in your case, the translation began on individual parts that were then compiled together to match the English versions. It did not have to wait until the English versions were in completion for it to begin. And so, the individual translations of our various transcripts that are on record was the start, and then from there, the compilation to match what was happening with the English version occurred. So we can suggest to simply start, and start with what is interesting and what captures your attention, because these will come easier as a way to start. Does this help?

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Congratulations @Joanne!

I can understand french and your translations are very crisp and clear.

I'm excited that you feel excited about translating the teachings.

I can help provide many links to various topics on the overleaves if need be.

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