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Michael Speaks: Shadow Fragments (TLEGG 2018)

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Michael Speaks: Shadow Fragments


Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2018

Transcribed by DanielaS



We are here. Give us a few moments to come through a little bit stronger as we speak to you, but hello to each of you. You are welcome to . . . greet us back . . .


Group:  Hello.



. . . if you choose to.


There may be some stops and starts as we come through. Bear with us.


We understand that the subject tonight that we will discuss is based on the concept of Shadow Fragments that we have introduced a few times. This is a concept that we offered as a way to bring some insight and understanding to those relationships in your life that trigger you, especially as you grow into your Old Soulness. You will still have things that you want to learn. You will still have challenges that you want to face. You will still have growth that you want to pursue, and sometimes this requires friction. But you would like to approach these challenges and pursuits of growth and expansion and general experiences of discovery without Karma, and this is where Shadow Fragments come in.


This is not to say that all Shadow Fragment relationships are Karma-free, but that Shadow Fragments in themselves and the triggering process that occurs in the dynamic between you and the Shadow Fragment tends to be Karma-free, regardless of how much it triggers you. There is usually no interruption or interference of choice to the extent that Karma is created, because that is at the core of creating Karma. There must be some form of interference of choice. In fact, Shadow Fragments tend to provoke you into a more conscious navigation of choices because of your being triggered and having to deal with this.


Shadow Fragments tend to show up in three different ways. There are the temporary Shadow Fragments. These are individuals who trigger you on a random basis and often in public or in your environment that is not necessarily intimate, but still is shared enough for this fragment to trigger you.


There are these symbolic Shadow Fragments that are far outside of your sphere of a shared environment, but still represent to you behaviors that may trigger you. These Shadow Fragments tend to show up on the public stage on a larger scale, in some way that triggers you and often many others at the same time.


And then there are persistent Shadow Fragments. These are individual Essences who over time from the beginning of your incarnations start to notice that you are capable of triggering each other without harming each other within certain lifetimes, and your Essences begin to negotiate a relationship that is based on this entirely. And so, these persistent Shadow Fragments will show up in your lives, across your lives, and be that individual who pops into your life, pisses you off, and triggers you, and may leave or step outside of your intimate space at some point. Or they may remain. They often do not stay too close to you because of all of the triggering. But these are fragments that you develop a very close bond with, ironically, because the trust levels must be there at the core of your Essences in order for you to trigger each other to the extent that you take that triggering as an opportunity to grow, rather than take it as a form of harm or hurt.


Understanding that these temporary, symbolic, and persistent individuals exist in the world can help you to navigate your being triggered in a way that adds depth to your reflection, adds depth to your self-examination in what your part is in that relationship. This does not mean that you do not have to hold the other individuals accountable. It does not mean that they have permission to do whatever they would like, but there is a difference, and you probably will be able to sense this as older souls. There is a difference between those opportunities where you are triggered and those experiences where you are harmed. And having that moment of clarity that this is possibly a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, can turn the focus back to what you can do to grow from that experience rather than what you can do to avoid or defend or fight. There may be times where you have to avoid, defend, and fight if the intensity levels get too much, but adding even a moment of clarity that allows you to use the opportunity for growth can change the dynamic tremendously.


What is triggered in you is what we refer to as Shadow Elements. Shadow Elements is a phrase that we . . . or terms that we use to describe the parts of you that you do not like to see, the parts of you that you thought might have actually been outgrown, the parts of you that you thought were healed, the parts of you that you thought did not exist. These are the parts of you that we refer to as the Shadow Elements. They are brought to the surface and often surprise you and may even disgust you. And these can be compounded on top of each other so that you are so surprised and so disgusted by your own reactions that you make it worse for yourself because your focus then turns towards judging yourself, condemning yourself, feeling betrayed by yourself, out of control of yourself, and so forth.


So, understanding that these Shadow Elements are an opportunity to see the ugly, to see the less refined, to see the parts of you that may still be broken or wounded brought to the surface. This is not an indication that you are failing or that you are someone different than who you thought you were, but it is an opportunity for you to find a part of you that may have been lost, forgotten, repressed, and so forth, so that you can bring that light and healing to those parts of you. Sometimes that healing and that light comes simply in the moment of your recognizing that you are capable of such surprising reactions. Honoring the fact that that was a part of you, a part of the spectrum of you, may be all of the healing that you needed. It may be that one final step needed to move you closer to a sense of wholeness and presence with who you are. Because as you grow in this world, regardless of your Soul Age, there will be parts of you that are taught to you are bad and should be avoided and behaviors that are not productive or useful. Possibly even dangerous. When, in fact, these parts of you may be the very thing that you needed in order to move forward or to heal or to grow by bringing them to the surface.


Before we move on, we will ask you in general, and you can answer as you feel the impulse: Do all of you recognize that you may have a Shadow Fragment of some form in your life?


Group: Yes.


MEntity: We would invite two or three of you, whoever feels they may have a clear example to share, what that is in your life, how you recognize it, how you have responded to it, and what you might have discovered as a Shadow Element and what you might call that. And how you navigated this. We invite you to discuss this.


Maureen:  I already spoke with you about this, and I think a good example might [be] my mother and my brother who identified as being Shadow Fragments and, um, they triggered in me anger. And what they, what you do with it was, it encouraged my self-confidence, and it backfired. Maybe to some degree, to a large degree. And it felt abusive. Um, so yeah, how I handled it is, kind of not really well for awhile. And then I guess eventually I did sort it out, to where the anger, I think, in this lifetime is finally being dealt with. So, perhaps they did help more than I think that they did.


MEntity: That tends to be the case. Often the benefits of the relationship that were so triggering and difficult are not seen until much later. This is . . . we wish to clarify here that relationships such as this are difficult because, especially if it is a persistent Shadow Fragment, because while the Essences have a tremendous amount of trust with each other and a deep and ancient relationship, your Personalities are completely new to each other. And when the Shadow dynamic is brought into the picture, the Personalities can be consumed by that and take it too far and shift away from the original ideas and intentions of Essence. Of course, as you all know, your Personalities can override any plans for Essence, and move into such territories that you described as abusive. Abuse was probably not in any way a part of the plan, but the Personalities may have taken it too far and moved into that territory. This is why we wish to make it very clear to you that Shadow Fragments are not harmful and their intentions are not to hurt you or interfere with your choices. But, if that gets added on top of it, it can become very complicated. And your working through that and rising above that, so to speak, is Good Work. And taking from it what your Essences agreed upon is a part of what happens when you manifest Essence and listen to the original plans and take from it the original intentions. That can bring its own form of healing to the relationships that were abusive.


Are there other examples?


Michael:  I have a co-worker who is, who triggers me a lot, and triggers frustration and anger. And she has taught me to be more patient and helped me to realize that I thought I was a patient person, but I'm learning that I'm not as patient as I am, and she's also helping me to become that person that I thought I was. Or I want to be. And, like you said there, we are developing a trust in the middle of this, but there still is those triggering moments no matter how much I try to avoid them.


MEntity: That is a good point, that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic in your life, just when you think you have worked through one layer, another will come up. That will be a fairly permanent dynamic between you, and this is important to note because this is where you learn about boundaries and your limits. To the extent that you are able to say, I am done with this, and be okay with what you learned from it and walk away from it if you can. If you cannot, if the dynamic is something that is built into the infrastructure of your work environment, you will have to be creative and use some psychological tactics to let the effects roll off of you, if you get to that point. But you do have a choice in whether to engage in that or not. We tend to find that once you have learned what you feel is enough to have gained some insight into yourself and to have seen a part of you that you see is valuable enough to work on, so to speak, the triggering effect is diminished and easier for you to let move around you instead of hitting you. Do you understand?


Michael:  Yes.


MEntity: But that is an important note, that you do not have to endure all Shadow Fragment relationships. Get what you can from it and then make the choice of how you would like to move from there. Another example?


Connor: [Name redacted], my former asshole of a manager when I bartended at the Walnut Street Theater for a few weeks back in 2015. This guy would shame his workers when they did not have his desired availability, which was every day of the week. He would summon his employees like dogs, not by calling out for them, but by whistling and expecting somebody to appear. One time this guy decided to open a box full of M&M packets by tossing the box up in the air and letting it just fall onto the ground. He does this a couple of times. It did not work. And when he opened the box, all of the M&M packets had burst and they all come tumbling out. Anybody else had done that they would have lost their job right then and there, but he was the manager so he stayed. Uh, eventually I moved on, but he triggered anger, frustration, and I suppose helplessness because I felt like, well, it's the job. He's the boss. Got to do it. Um, long after I left, though, he emails me with another offer of work, and I didn't have very much money. I probably should've accepted, but I told the son-of-a-bitch, no. I think I did get what I wanted out of it. That was one of the first times I stood up and said no to a potential avenue of work, putting personal happiness as a factor worth considering in the decision.


MEntity: That is another good example of the dynamic of recognizing that it is the helplessness that is being triggered, and making a choice that does not necessarily ignore your helplessness, but honors something greater alongside it. The helplessness and your concern about work and income does not disappear simply because you take a stand, of course, but taking a stand can help you to generate the energy, the inspiration, the value in what ends up being your next choice. So, that is one of the ways that you can gain from these relationships when you were done and recognize what you learned from it. It may feel as if you have to, such as in your case, go back into the relationship because of circumstances, but if you can choose differently and recognize why you are choosing differently, then it benefits the choice that comes after that. Do you understand?


Connor: I do.


MEntity: Any other examples?


Diane:  I also have a previous boss that really triggered me. He's probably an Old Scholar and not a bad guy, but he was a terrible boss because he was kind of clueless and didn't like his job. So, we were the only ones in the accounting department, and he refused to learn anything to do with my job, and just kind of dropped it on me. And that triggered a lot of helplessness and anger, and it also triggered my own difficulty with communication and with setting my own boundaries because I didn't really . . . I tried to leave three months in instead of setting my boundaries with him because it wasn't where I really wanted to work, but for various reasons I decided to. It actually pushed me to start my own business, because I never wanted to have someone like that have control over my life again. And in the end I did realize I had a lot of stuff getting triggered that was my own thing, my own difficulty with communication.


MEntity:  And likely the dance that you may have been having with the process of justifying your right to pursue your own creative solutions in paths. Sometimes a Shadow Fragment dynamic can put you in a position where you suddenly feel justified that, well, now I'm not going to do this again because I can't go through that again. Sometimes that is what a Shadow Fragment relationship will do as well, is trigger you into a position where you are motivated to fulfill something that you had been putting off on a regular basis before that.


Diane: Yeah. That's true.


MEntity: Do any of you recognize a symbolic Shadow Fragment [Laughter] affecting the world? [Laughter] What do you feel may be the focal point of being triggered within each of you? You can speak up in order or just randomly toss out your ideas.


[Multiple Students express individual thoughts and feelings]


Where to start!


Yeah, really. It's a smorgasbord.


It's more helplessness, I suppose. Our political assassination days seem to be over. And I don't want to see the inside of a jail.


Fear and helplessness.


Anger and injustice.


Rage, and how he's just blundering his incompetent ass through all of our norms and setups, and he doesn't even want to learn. He doesn't care or want to learn anything outside of his own . . . I don't want to call it a brain. Anyway. [Laughter]


It's triggering contempt, for me. It's contempt for all the people who validate him. I feel such contempt for him, but also for the people that support him. And that they are really rallying around him, and I feel this anger and contempt for THEM, which is an unpleasant feeling.


It makes me suspect and dislike people that otherwise have been friends because they still support him, and it makes me very suspicious of them and not want to be around them, just because of that.


I don't think there's ever been something in my life, other than say just a straight-up KKK-person or something, but I've always felt people could have different opinions.


Makes me feel World War III.


I'm hoping that it's like a big pus boil getting poked, getting punctured, bursting out all over. Hopefully that means we'll be in the wonderful, fantastic timeline down the road.


I get triggered by his selfishness, too. And his destroying things that I value out of his own selfishness, needs, or wants.


MEntity: We have a few things to say. [Laughter]


This individual is a symbolic Shadow Fragment, not only for you but for the Soul Ages that are aligning with this individual. This individual is reflecting THEIR worst selves, their surprising levels of betrayal to themselves, and they are not protected from the triggering any more than you are.


For you, for most of the later Mature and Old Souls, part of what you are witnessing is a shift not unlike a Third Internal Monad on a collective level, where there will be those who fall short of questioning authority and those who take a stand to question authority. So, it is on a collective scale, especially specific to the United States. There is a growing pain happening there to move from the Third Internal Monad collectively to a Fourth Internal Monad.


But the way it is affecting you, aside from the rainbow of adjectives to describe your Shadow Elements, it was mentioned that you are feeling the need to draw a line between those who are aligning with this symbolic fragment and to step away from them. And this is new to feel such an inclination. But that is because part of the evolution of the older soul is to get to a point where you know your limits in your capacity to save the world. You can contribute to the world. You can contribute to your loved ones. You can participate in the world. You can participate in its progress. But at some point you must step away from excusing, ignoring, avoiding, being lenient, being polite, to those who represent some of the more reprehensible qualities of humanity that they must grow out of and grow through.


And so your drawing these boundaries up in your personal life is not a bad thing or a harmful thing. It is part of the dynamic of growing up, not only for you, but for the individuals you are stepping away from. They must immerse themselves in the ugliness that they are seeing come out of themselves. Even if you do not see that they see this, and it is quite perplexing to see some possibly be even proud of this, but there are inner workings that are happening, an inner growth that is happening. You will not always be privy to that while you are alive, but it is happening. And your separating from them allows them to grow in the way that they need to grow. You cannot save them from themselves. You must care for those who can be cared for in the way that you can care. Do you understand?


Group:  Yes.


MEntity: This is not that different from a parent who must step away from the child who has moved into states of rebellion that cannot be controlled and cannot be communicated through, cannot be removed from that person's trajectory in life and evolution. The parent must simply step back and create the space for the individual to make the mess that they may make, while allowing you to be as free from that mess as possible. It is not possible to be free from it entirely, especially on a global scale, if the mess gets too big. But the boundaries that you are drawing, that are surprising you, that are being triggered in you in a way that feels ugly and difficult, is the part of you that, as we said earlier, was taught to you was a wrong way to be, a bad way to be. But it is a healthy way to be when it is necessary, and that is what many of you are learning, however painful it is that sometimes you have to walk away and let your self-care be the priority. Do you understand?


Group: Yes.


MEntity: We do have a list of terms that we could use to identify the Shadow Elements to help you navigate more accurately, but we probably will not be able to get all of them through. But some of you have brought them up, such as rage. We will add violence, helplessness, defeat. These are familiar terms relevant to the Shadow Elements that are brought to the surface when one is triggered. Do you have any questions about these concepts that we can take to help expand on it?


Cong: So, what's the relationship between our Shadow Fragment and those who play the Discipline Position, or to who you're playing the Discipline Position? Because I feel in a Discipline Position there tend to be triggers.


MEntity: Yes, there is a difference, but a Shadow Fragment makes an excellent Discipline Position in one's life. So, the lines can become blurred. The difference is that the Shadow Fragment will trigger you, will provoke a reaction in you that you then must catch and identify, and then make the choice from there. Whereas, a Discipline Position tends to simply present you with opportunities to make a choice, to make a better choice, to determine a structure that works better for you, and so forth. It is more complex in its effect in your life. It is the position that helps you to learn how to say "yes" and mean it, and how to say "no" and mean it. But, it is not always done through simply triggering you so that you are provoked into a reaction. Do you understand?


Cong: Yes.


MEntity:  But it can be.


Janet:  I'm going to ask a similar question about the connection and differences between a Shadow Fragment and interplay of Chief Features. Because I had a co-worker that I think was a Shadow Fragment. When I asked you about what is it I had with her, and you said it was an interplay of our Chief Features. So, how do you distinguish between, you know, just being triggered because your Chief Feature is in play that time versus this is somebody that's triggering you because they're playing the role of the Shadow Fragment?


MEntity:  There really is no difference.


Janet:  Okay.


MEntity: The Chief Feature will always be involved.


Janet: Okay.


Ann: I have a question whether-- this harks back at personal experience-- but whether or not, like, it can be something that first that you're friends with? It seems like a friendly relationship and then it turns, and then something, you know, it's something that becomes triggered. Is that, can that be a Shadow Fragment relationship as well?


MEntity: We would need more elaboration.


Ann:  Okay. For example, there was a woman I was friends with, actually a few women. And, um, and it was really fun and friendly and then it just got nuts, you know, where we became, I became very triggered by things that I felt that they were doing. And in some cases they were, indeed, doing them. And it provoked rage. I became enraged. And, um, and so I'm wondering if that can also be a Shadow Fragment relationship, where it starts out friendly, you're not triggered right away, but then you become triggered at some point?


MEntity: Oh, yes. Yes. Often your most effective Shadow Fragments are those who slip their way into your life, and then--surprise. [Laughter]


Kasia: I have a question about violence. Because out of the Shadow Elements that you mentioned--rage, violence, helplessness, defeat--is the one that seems to, like, hurt. Like rage, helplessness, defeat is internal. Violence seems like an external thing. I have trouble accepting that, as like the person who has trouble accepting violence being, like, acceptable under any situation. How do you accept something that is that unacceptable versus, you know, hurts other people intentionally.


MEntity: Violence does not necessarily mean it hurts anyone. It can be as simple as feeling so compelled to break your TV or to throw something. We are not speaking in terms of a Shadow Element that crosses the line into harm to another. Even yourself, because rage can also harm you, harm yourself. It can make you sick, literally. So, we are speaking about the moment that you feel these triggers, these reactions, and then capture them and call yourself out on these or at least to question them. But, if it crosses into the territory of harm, it is a different story.


Kasia: Okay.


MEntity: And accepting the unacceptable is solved by accepting it. [Laughter] It takes work.


Martha: So my question about the Shadow figures. One of my sisters, I think, is a hundred percent one of these. And over the past year I've read, reread, accepting the unacceptable like a dozen times trying to get--anyway. So, my question is, um, she sort of gaslights some of the family members and that stuff is just built up over the years, where she used to be fun and everybody loved to hang out with her, but now she's just sort of evil to people she's put on her bad list. And, so, I would think that the triggering is going both ways. Although I would, I think, I could give you a laundry list where you'd think I was right. The point is, like, she treats me like a child. All these things that she does that trigger me, she's clearly pissed off at us too. Right? So I'm hearing from her end, you know, she thinks we're the, I mean, she would say we're the Shadow people that are triggering her because we refuse to do everything the way she wants it. So, that's sort of my question is, is the other side of the Shadow relationship, if it's someone in your life, are they seeing YOU that way as well? Reciprocal.


MEntity: It is often reciprocal but is not required. It is not a standard built into the dynamic. The triggering can be unidirectional, but it does often tend to be reciprocal, which is one of the reasons why it is very difficult to break out of it, because "no matter what you do," even in your best efforts, will be interpreted or land in a way that simply provokes reactions. This is why some of you have moved into positions to back away and draw a line as well, because there is an inner intelligence, an emotional intelligence in you that also recognizes that you will simply compound the situation by addressing it. This is not the same thing as giving up or ignoring or walking away, but recognizing the validity in breaking the dynamic that could become compounded, especially unnecessarily. And, so, you step away from those individuals that you know you cannot communicate with in a way that is effective. And that is precisely because if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it will never land properly.


Martha: Right. Yeah, and it just gets worse. It just gets worse as times goes on.


MEntity: Yes. Understanding that that is part of what is built into the relationship can also free you from the anxiety of having to question whether you are doing something bad or wrong or failed. This is not to give you permission or to justify ignoring or walking away from any difficult relationships or conversations, but we know that most of our students will know the difference between when a Shadow Fragment dynamic is in play and when it is simply a difficult situation, and you are allowed to call it and walk away if you can.


Maureen: If it's not too personal, I'd like to know if Troy's mother was a Shadow Fragment.


MEntity: Oh yes. [Laughter]


Student: As you're speaking about the subject, a question comes up. For me, I feel like a lot of the Shadow Fragments that I can identify in my life or other people's life experience, you know, you can find it in the family system. And family system is harder to walk away from, but at certain points you can and you mature. As I get older, I feel as though I have fewer. Like, I've dealt better with the actual Shadow Fragments in my life, the people that have served that, and now the bigger emphasis is on the symbolic ones and the temporary ones. Is that common as you age that you tend to manage the more intimate ones and then you find yourself dealing more with the symbolic and the temporary one?


MEntity:  Yes, because it becomes fairly annoying to have it so close in your space after some time, and you would rather work on these elements from an Old Soul's perspective, on your own terms. So, the symbolic . . . the evolution even within a single lifetime away from the more intimate and affecting Shadow Fragment dynamics and a move toward the symbolic, allows you to work on broader themes that are being uncovered in you that you would like to approach and heal and evolve and so forth. And, so, yes, that is a common pattern.


BFBobby: In a recent channeling session with Troy, Michael spoke about there being two general types of people, proactive and reactive, and then sometimes people are a hybrid of the two. And not to put emphasis on Troy, but Troy is a proactive person and I tend to be more reactive and I'm probably closer to being a hybrid. I think proactive people can often be perceived as provocateurs or instigators. And I think he may have already somewhat answered this a second ago when we were talking about older souls or Michael students just having to use emotional intelligence to know the difference between a Shadow Fragment and someone else who's not a Shadow Fragment. But is it truly the Shadow Elements that we need to identify just to determine in a given situation, yes, that person is probably performing a Shadow Fragment role in my life, as opposed to just being a very proactive or provocative person in my life?


MEntity:  Yes. The difference between a difficult person and a Shadow Fragment is the level of intensity that is identified as foreign to you when it is triggered as a reaction. It is not the same thing as knowing where your boundaries are, knowing where your lines are, knowing that what you do and do not like. In a Shadow Fragment dynamic, it usually comes as a surprise how it strikes you and comes up and out of you, and that tends to be the clearest differentiation between those difficult relationships and an actual Shadow Fragment dynamic. Did this answer your question?


BFBobby: Yes. I was not trying to define Troy as a difficult relationship for me. [Laughter] I think proactive people might sometimes get a bad rap. And I just wanted to make sure that . . .


MEntity: We know who you are speaking . . .


BFBobby:  I'm not trying to make this about Troy. I'm just giving him as an example of a proactive person, and proactive people can sometimes be perceived as provocative or, like, why are you getting in my business?


MEntity:  He is listening.


BFBobby: They're not the same as a Shadow Fragment triggering you.


Martha: We're talking about boundaries, maybe, and somebody that is . . .


BFBobby: There are some people good at pushing boundaries, and like, trying to open up space to create, talk about something that's uncomfortable and that's not the same as triggering.


Martha: But it's an important distinction.


MEntity: We will also point out that some of you . . . while all of you can be Shadow Fragments in other people's lives . . .


Group: Oh, no! [Laughter]


MEntity: Many of you will not be. It is a very specific type of role that an individual will volunteer to play as an Essence, and some of you will never be that fragment in someone's life. So, it is not a dynamic that simply randomly comes up. It is quite carefully orchestrated over time and refined over time, and some of you do not want to, as Essences, do not have any interest in that. Even if you are not interested in being a Shadow Fragment, it is quite compelling, however, to be at the receiving end of a Shadow Fragment dynamic because of the opportunities for evolution. So, while you may never be a Shadow Fragment, you will ALL find a Shadow Fragment in your life in some way.


Cyprus:  I have a question. Going back, I'm thinking of the same session that you are. When you start out in a relationship with someone, do you already have the plan to do the Shadow Fragment aspect, or is that something that could just develop because circumstances worked out that way and then it kind of went into that?


MEntity: No, it is built in.


Cyprus: Always?


MEntity: Yes.


Student: Is it like an Agreement?


MEntity: Yes. It is a fairly . . . for the persistent fragments it is a persistent agreement and it will always be a part of it. For the temporary moments, these are built in. They may seem random, but they can be negotiated on the fly, and they are done, we say "on the fly" from our perspective, but it is much more carefully orchestrated from your perspective. Or rather, to be clear on what we just said, from our perspective it is quite quickly negotiated. But, it may look as if it's random in your everyday lives. Our point being that none of them are random in any way. They are built into the relationships. Even the symbolic ones.


Kasia:  So, with Shadow Fragments is it always a one-on-one thing? I mean, obviously for symbolic ones, for example, Trump triggering a group of people. But can there be, like, a group Shadow situation?


MEntity: Yes.


Kasia: And how does that work?


MEntity: In most cases, there tends to be an institution involved, an institution that has become representative of a provocative element that can trigger groups of people. And the way that works is the Shadow Fragments who wish to contribute to that group dynamic will . . . it must be an opt-in circumstance. Such as, for instance, the Ku Klux Klan, would be an example of a group dynamic where the institution itself represents the Shadow Fragment, and opting into that contributes to it so that it affects groups of people.


Kasia: What about on a more personal level? Groups of three or four?


MEntity: What example would you have for that?


Kasia: The reason I ask is, I found myself living in situations where I've been triggered by, like, neighbors, and it's been a consistent pattern in very many places that I've lived around the world. And I'm trying to figure out if that was, like, is that like a group of Shadow Fragments that just keeps always reappearing, like, all around the world?


MEntity:  We would have to look more closely at that to give you a definitive answer. But if you notice a pattern where you are triggered in some way that the individuals involved are not intentionally doing so, especially in a way that is directly aimed at you, it may be something different.


Kasia: Okay.


MEntity: We cannot give an example at this moment of what that might be, but it is not always that. If the pattern is in you on a regular basis, there may be something else to look at there.


Kasia: Okay. Thank you.


Maureen:  Is there a mathematical component to Shadow Fragments?


MEntity: We can get into that in another exchange, but the mathematical elements would have to do with the way the Overleaves work in reaction to each other, especially from the negative poles. To simplify a response to that question, we would simply say that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it would not matter what Overleaves were involved. There would be negative poles involved and when those negative poles are involved, there will always be clashing. There will always be a mathematical or electrical circuitry that is causing part of the effect.


For Overleaves that are on the same Axis, such as Acceptance and Discrimination, when these are in the negative poles, these can tend to be even more abrasive if they're on the same Axis. But we can elaborate on that in another exchange as we are losing focus through Troy, now.


Do you have any more questions before we head out?


Student: I just have one quick question. Is Putin a Shadow symbol as well?


MEntity: We will [Troy laughs] say yes.


Student:  Okay. Thought so.


MEntity: We were going to turn the question around because we think you know the answer.


Student: I just wanted validation. Thank you.


Petra: For the Shadow Fragment, as I understand it, has the quality to go very deep, like, surprise, surprise. You thought you were done with that and this brings stuff out that I thought I didn't have carrying with me, or thought I'm done with. It's a surprise. And I cannot respond.


MEntity: Yes. You will respond. Hopefully, you will respond after the reaction in some ways so that the choices that you make are yours and not simply out of defense or . . . yes.


We think we have introduced the subject enough for you to ponder your lives and look at relationships in a different way that might bring some clarity and empowerment to your choices. And we can elaborate on the concept in further exchanges with you. But for now we will head out and say goodbye.


Group: Thank you! Goodbye! Good to see you!


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I wasn't at TLEGG this year, so I was not sure sometimes which student was speaking. If I assigned a question to you erroneously or you are an anonymous "Student" and you would like your name added, please message me privately and I'll fix it. Likewise for any errors you see in the transcription-- just message me privately and I'll fix it. Thank you all for the quality control!



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Luciana Flora
29 minutes ago, DanielaS said:

We can get into that in another exchange, but the mathematical elements would have to do with the way the Overleaves work in reaction to each other, especially from the negative poles. To simplify a response to that question, we would simply say that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it would not matter what Overleaves were involved. There would be negative poles involved and when those negative poles are involved, there will always be clashing. There will always be a mathematical or electrical circuitry that is causing part of the effect.


For Overleaves that are on the same Axis, such as Acceptance and Discrimination, when these are in the negative poles, these can tend to be even more abrasive if they're on the same Axis. But we can elaborate on that in another exchange as we are losing focus through Troy, now.


This response reminded me of my mother. I remember when I received the profile of my mother something that caught my attention and that my mother and I have Overleaves in the same axis.

my goal and acceptance. My mother has Discrimination as goal.

my attitude ... idealistic. the attitude of my mother Skeptic

my mode .. passion .. my mom's fashion and Observation but slide to Reserved

so I wonder if my relationship difficulty with my mother may have something to do with it ..


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Ok so my mom, my boss, a co-dependent friend, a elementrary school friend, a pestering friend, my deceased grandpa and a few older teachers of mine are all Shadow Fragments.



"For you, for most of the later Mature and Old Souls, part of what you are witnessing is a shift not unlike a Third Internal Monad on a collective level, where there will be those who fall short of questioning authority and those who take a stand to question authority. So, it is on a collective scale, especially specific to the United States. There is a growing pain happening there to move from the Third Internal Monad collectively to a Fourth Internal Monad."


Woot! This validates my Collective Internal Monad theory!

So America may be moving through the 3rd IM of Mature Level 3.

While the world may be moving through the 2nd IM of Mature Level 1.

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Thank you, @DanielaS. This was perfect to read right now. And it validated my solution regarding living with my sister the fuckface supporter, that is removing her from my environment. It wasn't an easy or convenient decision, but I'm really glad I did that.


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Here's my guess at where America is in its Collective IM Status:

2nd IM recently completed in +Pole. 3rd IM was completed in -Pole but is now circling back through +Exploration, +Consciousness and +Ideals. Is now at the 4th Stage alternating between -Anger and +Choice.


Here in Canada, I think we are also in the 3rd IM of Mature 3 now, but only just starting.

I believe we have completed the 2nd IM in the +Pole and are now entering -Rebellion.

I believe we'll see similar activist movements here in the years ahead as America.

I think that we'll be at -Demands and -Anger by the time of next Canadian Election in Q4 2019.


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John Roth

This seems to be reminiscent of Carl Jung. Since I'm not particularly conversant with Jung's work, I can't really say how close or far it is, although the description of Shadow Elements is certainly similar to common descriptions of the Shadow.


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