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Michael Speaks: Shadow Fragments (TLEGG 2018)


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I wasn't at TLEGG this year, so I was not sure sometimes which student was speaking. If I assigned a question to you erroneously or you are an anonymous "Student" and you would like your name added, please message me privately and I'll fix it. Likewise for any errors you see in the transcription-- just message me privately and I'll fix it. Thank you all for the quality control!



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29 minutes ago, DanielaS said:

We can get into that in another exchange, but the mathematical elements would have to do with the way the Overleaves work in reaction to each other, especially from the negative poles. To simplify a response to that question, we would simply say that if there is a Shadow Fragment dynamic happening, it would not matter what Overleaves were involved. There would be negative poles involved and when those negative poles are involved, there will always be clashing. There will always be a mathematical or electrical circuitry that is causing part of the effect.


For Overleaves that are on the same Axis, such as Acceptance and Discrimination, when these are in the negative poles, these can tend to be even more abrasive if they're on the same Axis. But we can elaborate on that in another exchange as we are losing focus through Troy, now.


This response reminded me of my mother. I remember when I received the profile of my mother something that caught my attention and that my mother and I have Overleaves in the same axis.

my goal and acceptance. My mother has Discrimination as goal.

my attitude ... idealistic. the attitude of my mother Skeptic

my mode .. passion .. my mom's fashion and Observation but slide to Reserved

so I wonder if my relationship difficulty with my mother may have something to do with it ..

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Ok so my mom, my boss, a co-dependent friend, a elementrary school friend, a pestering friend, my deceased grandpa and a few older teachers of mine are all Shadow Fragments.



"For you, for most of the later Mature and Old Souls, part of what you are witnessing is a shift not unlike a Third Internal Monad on a collective level, where there will be those who fall short of questioning authority and those who take a stand to question authority. So, it is on a collective scale, especially specific to the United States. There is a growing pain happening there to move from the Third Internal Monad collectively to a Fourth Internal Monad."


Woot! This validates my Collective Internal Monad theory!

So America may be moving through the 3rd IM of Mature Level 3.

While the world may be moving through the 2nd IM of Mature Level 1.

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  • TeamTLE

Thank you, @DanielaS. This was perfect to read right now. And it validated my solution regarding living with my sister the fuckface supporter, that is removing her from my environment. It wasn't an easy or convenient decision, but I'm really glad I did that.

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Here's my guess at where America is in its Collective IM Status:

2nd IM recently completed in +Pole. 3rd IM was completed in -Pole but is now circling back through +Exploration, +Consciousness and +Ideals. Is now at the 4th Stage alternating between -Anger and +Choice.


Here in Canada, I think we are also in the 3rd IM of Mature 3 now, but only just starting.

I believe we have completed the 2nd IM in the +Pole and are now entering -Rebellion.

I believe we'll see similar activist movements here in the years ahead as America.

I think that we'll be at -Demands and -Anger by the time of next Canadian Election in Q4 2019.

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This seems to be reminiscent of Carl Jung. Since I'm not particularly conversant with Jung's work, I can't really say how close or far it is, although the description of Shadow Elements is certainly similar to common descriptions of the Shadow.

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This is some great information, once again. Thank you! I have a request for the formatting though, for better readability in transcripts it would be good to leave out fillers such as um, like, you know etc, and false starts and other incoherent and unimportant parts of conversation that don't add anything but just make it harder to read. Unless you're using a transcribing program and it would actually be more work to do that, in that case, don't worry about it of course 🙂🙂

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