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MMW - November 17, 2018 - Your 2018

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MMW - November 17, 2018 - Your 2018


MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

We are asked for assistance in assessing or reviewing your time frame of 2018 so as to extract that which might be meaningful enough to you to carry into 2019. In doing so, this may help "make the best" of 2019.

Reviews are always beneficial, even if very little is extracted, and even if what is extracted is not terribly pleasant or exciting.

There are many ways one can approach a review and most of those will be used in various ways in various reviews, but today we are going to focus on the TRIAD REVIEW.

We suggest that each of you be prepared for responses to questions we will pose. We suggest documenting these separately for later consideration, but we invite you to share here, as well, if you choose to do so.

What we suggest as a technique for a Triad Review is to start with a Triad set that is the most intimate and personal and then we will work our way with you through other Triad sets that broaden in assessment and consideration.

The most intimate and personal tier for review using a Triad Set is to use the POSITIVE/NEGATIVE/ASSIMILATIVE set. This Triad asks of you to consider these questions:


There are going to be many BESTS and probably more WORSTS, depending on your perception, but truly own these in your review. Feel and recall the best. Wince and cringe at the worst.

For those who wish to participate and share here, we will pose the first question and you can respond below it.


Susan: A reconnection with a very special friend
Janet: Being a new grandmother
Bogi: Opening myself up to new possibilities in intimate relationships.
Uma: Having my own space again
DianeC: Bonding in my family
Bobby: Being willing to try different opportunities whether or not much came of them or not
ClaireC: Similar to Bogi, learning more about myself through new relationships.
Maureen: Sharing time with a nephew and helping to "save his life' with my sister.

MEntity: As your mind begins to focus on the best of 2018, you may find that it is a struggle at first, but as you settle into the idea of one best experience, you may begin to see it triggers a chain of connections or resonance to other best experiences.

Before the end of the year, we suggest posing this question again and letting yourself follow those threads and let them weave a blanket of goodness to carry with you into 2019. It is not a futile or pointless exercise. It is a practice in neural therapy, if you will.

Your neural pathways strengthen and grow based on your repetitive thinking and in a year like 2018, your neural pathways have strengthened to sort reality primarily in how bad it is.

The next question may be difficult, not because you cannot come up with a WORST, but because you can come up with many or difficult concepts that are so big they are difficult to put into words.


Susan: loss of a parent and the impending loss of a friend
Bobby: Seemingly hopeless familial relationships
Uma: fuckface is still president and corruption is more rampant than ever
Janet: on a purely personal level: a health issue that is finally forcing me to accept prescription meds
ClaireC: It feels like a year where not many of my expectations have been met.
DianeC: Serious health concerns for me and for my youngest son and also feeling distance from some family members
Bogi: Confusing myself with other people´s supposed motivations.
Maureen: The stress of staying on track (focused) with all the awareness and patience I could muster.
ClaireC: I should change that to desires rather than expectations.

MEntity: In this assessment, let this be the worst of 2018. No need to follow threads or connections. Shift away from the neural pathways that have you seeing the worst in many ways in many places. Let this be the worst.

Hold this worst of 2018. Cup it in your hands in some symbolic form. Think about this worst of 2018 in the most loving way you can. You have nothing to lose here. Wash this worst thing in your love, your light, and your kindness and patience and understanding. This does not mean you love that thing or give permission to that thing or like that it happened. You are merely bombarding it with love and symbolic light in a way that helps to repair the inner damage caused to you by the experience.

Love the people affected. Love the people who need more strength. Love the person who died and not the dying. Add imaginary light to a very real dark pattern in the world, not because it will magically alter reality, but because you need that kind of relationship to the darkness you experience.

You need to remember and find and connect with whatever light there is when you can only see darkness.

These may seem to be rather poetic and "new agey" terms for us to use, but we trust our students to know that these are symbolic methods for helping to shift a perspective and dynamic.

Love that your body is hanging in there, doing its best, and that there are resources that can help when your body needs it.

Love the worst of 2018 with as much love as you can for any reason you can.

Because that is what you want to take with you into 2019. Let the worst of 2018 prompt for just a moment the greatest love from you and this is what you can take into 2019.

You can get back to being frustrated and angry and hurt and struggling soon enough.

For just a moment, hold the most ridiculous amount of love for your worst of 2018 and let it be okay that you can love that much.


You will have learned a great deal, but what stands out at the moment or stands out as a theme? "Good" or "bad."

Janet: I am strong enough to face whatever comes.
Susan: I am still a conduit for healing and a necessary asset
Maureen: I learned there is so much love and support, everywhere, it's mind blowing.
Bobby: That my source of support is very broadly based and not limited to a special few
Bogi: I learned that clear communication is vital.
Uma: Recognizing the spectrum between Patience/Restraint and Withdrawal due to fear
DianeC: That you need to be where you need to be
ClaireC: I've learned that I have to be true to myself.

MEntity: What comes to mind that describes what you learned in 2018 gives you an idea for what you wanted to learn. Not every experience is shaped by what you seek to learn and what you learn is not always based on what you wanted to experience, but when you look at a block of time in review and determine what you learned, it does reveal to you what you WANTED to learn.

This is because you would have learned something different from the same experience if you wanted to learn something else.

This is why each of you are describing different things that you learned in 2018.

When you can look back on 2018 and see what you learned and own this as something you wanted to learn, it can help you to soften the edges of your experiences that were more difficult.

Maureen: I like that!

MEntity: This is what you want to carry with you into 2018. Not the jagged edges of experiences that challenged or hurt you, but that core strength within you that found a way to make the best of difficult experiences.

Uma: Seems like 'owning' it is the key

MEntity: Again, we do not suggest that you created experiences to suit what you wanted to learn, but we do suggest that you wanted to learn and this is what you learned.

This is your first and most intimate Triad set for reviewing your year so that you can take the best and the worst and what you learned and launch into a new block of time with some peace, healing, and enthusiasm. Because you will do this again. And you have done this for many years. You will always have the best and worst of a year, and you will always learn.

For the sake of time, we will describe these next Triad sets and then you can assess these on your own to share in your discussion thread for this topic.

The next Triad set would be in terms of LOVE, BEAUTY, and TRUTH. These can be fairly self-explanatory and may build upon the first Triad. LOVE = WHAT/WHO EXPANDED MY CAPACITY TO LOVE IN 2018? BEAUTY = WHAT/WHO POINTED TO MORE BEAUTY IN 2018? TRUTH = WHAT TRUTHS DID I DISCOVER IN 2018? (this is bit different from "what did I learn?" in that this question asks what you discovered as already true that you did not know was true about you, someone else, the world, people, etc? It may be the same answer, but it may not be.)

The next Triad set would go into even broader assessment and address your GOAL, MODE, and ATTITUDE. GOAL = What did you do to further accomplish your Goal in 2018? MODE = How did you find yourself relating to people in 2018 in terms of your Mode? ATTITUDE = Do you think you interpreted 2018 from the positive or negative pole of your Attitude?

The final Triad set we can suggest using for reviewing your year is the Triad of BONDS, BOUNDARIES, and BREAKTHROUGHS.

What bonds did you nurture in 2018? What Boundaries did you establish in 2018? And what Breakthroughs did you make?

These sets of Triads can cover the various levels of you and your year and your inner and outer worlds.

The answers you have already shared in response to the first tier are plenty for consideration and can do most of the work of helping you to start your 2019 with the most beneficial approach. The other tiers can help explore broader themes and experiences to add to your depth of value to gain from a year.

You can also take your responses from your first set of questions and see how they contribute to the other Triad sets. For example, did the Best contribute to your Goal? Did the Worst contribute to your Boundaries? Did what you learn contribute to Beauty?

DianeC: Amazing!

MEntity: However much you gain from your assessment and review of 2018 as a way to better enter 2019, it is most important to know that of everything you take into 2019, you are the best of the year before. This is not said as a way to flatter you or provide false notions. It is simply true. You are the meeting ground of everything good and bad, best and worst, loving and fearful, etc. You are a universe of everything and you will continue being that meeting ground, sorting and learning and growing. And what comes out of all of this will always be the best. Will always be you.

We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Good year to each of you. Good life to each of you. Good Work from all of you. Goodbye.

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My responses to this assessment where:


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On 11/17/2018 at 8:53 PM, Bobby said:

ClaireC: I've learned that I have to be true to myself.


@ClaireC, you know, even back then during the session, somehow I felt that what you said about staying true to yourself is actually what I have learned from 2018.

I agree. You can move into a lot of different types of relationships, but it is imperative to stay true to yourself.


Now, that I am finally finalizing my 2018, and moving into 2019, this is what I have taken with myself from 2018.

Honoring my Truth over the Truth of someone else. It is called INTEGRITY.

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On 2/28/2019 at 11:29 AM, Bogi said:


@ClaireC, you know, even back then during the session, somehow I felt that what you said about staying true to yourself is actually what I have learned from 2018.

I agree. You can move into a lot of different types of relationships, but it is imperative to stay true to yourself.


Now, that I am finally finalizing my 2018, and moving into 2019, this is what I have taken with myself from 2018.

Honoring my Truth over the Truth of someone else. It is called INTEGRITY.

That's interesting,  @Bogi, because I always feel that your posts speak to me and resonate deeply with my current experiences.  I believe we are growing in similar ways.  It's important  to stay true to our goals and intentions and not let others' agendas derail us.

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