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Michael Speaks - November 25, 2018 - Open Floor

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Thank you for asking about asexuality, Luciana. 

It is really hard in this world to understand our natural sexual preferences.


We are told you must want to have sex regularly to be a healthy human.

We are told we must transcend our sexuality,

we are told that we must transcend our gayness.

We are told that a healthy sex life includes a lot of adventurous positions and kinks.

We are told to have sex once a night.

We are told to ejaculate regularly to ward off prostate cancer.

We are told that withholding sexual impulse can help us transmute sexual energy into manifesting our desires.

Is there one topic as divisive , confusing as sexuality?


It is so important to shake it all off and ask ourselves 

“ If I was being real with me? What does MY sexuality look like?”


Whatever comes up, let that be true for you! 


Honestly, the importance we put on genital sex ( either supressing it or over identifying with it) is the cause of so much unnecessary suffering. 

In reality, genital  sex is just a form of pleasure. Just like any food you might enjoy, or movie. It is not more vital or serious than that.

We don’t NEED it. 

You are still having sex everytime you create, every time you want something and move towards it. You are having sex everytime you feel beautiful and acknowledge the beauty in others. You are having sex everytime you allow others to see your beauty. Sex is that part of us that loves to show off, appreciate physicality, taste life, explode with desire of what you want to taste next. 


I happen to love genital sex ...I don’t see it as a lesser means of connecting with someone. You can learn a lot about someone else through sex. You can also learn a lot from a great conversation. Both are wonderful, we each have our preferences.


Sexuality is an obsession of mine because it is such a fascinating energy inside ourselves. It is that part of ourselves that desires. That part of ourselves that feels tension , tension , tension, wanting a release. Whether that release is orgasm or manifesting a creative idea, sexuality is a force that feels its way through.


That higher moving center at work.

negative pole , desire.

positive pole, beauty.



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