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Leela Corman

Come - German Song (and a personal moment)

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Leela Corman

I went to see my favorite American band play a reunion show the other night. They were local and eventually national stars in the 90's, when I was an art student in Boston, where they're based still. I've mentioned them before, and posted songs by the frontperson, Thalia Zedek, who's had a great solo career since. But this stuff hits the deepest for me. It always feels like she's singing my life to me, but never moreso than with Come, and that feeling is in the music as well; the guitars sound like my heart and blood. This is one of many songs of theirs that has deep personal significance to me. The other night, she dedicated it to me. I was shocked. I wondered if there was another person with my name in the audience. But I was standing right at her feet, and we know one another now. After that, as soon as I realized what song they were playing, I started to cry, the kind of shudder-crying that you do in the merciful darkness of a rock club, when the spotlight is on someone else. Halfway through it I realized I was gripping my arm painfully hard and that tears were running down my face. It was part catharsis and part agony. I've had a very hard/good/exhilarating/awful/crazy year on a personal level and it all came crashing in with this, the swelling of the guitars, the lyrics, full of longing. Here's the song, and the video, by video artist Sadie Benning. Great footage of grittier old Coney Island here, too.


Ugh. I'm still crying.



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