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ENERGY REPORT: December 2018

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Leela Corman

@DianeHB Thank you! Such an interesting answer, too. Typically, they give just enough information for all of us to be curious and maybe explore on our own a bit. 


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11 hours ago, Juni said:

I had an extremely brief and fierce depression spiral for about a day, the middle of the Nexus, but that seems to have resolved. It sucked hugely at the time, though.


Me, too! I cried a whole night and was nearly planning suicide. Not the usual can't-breathe-crying, either, but simply rivers of tears flowing out without a sound.
Then went to a deep calm and realized I love some people so much I can't leave. Weirdly, the fact that other people love me wasn't convincing enough.
Then I ended up organizing and throwing out lots of stuff I've moved from one place to the next several times.

What a deep dark emotional mess this one was... but I feel both lighter and more grounded now.


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8 hours ago, Leela Corman said:

Today after lunch at a friend's house I came home, drank an espresso, and promptly passed out into an anvil-heavy sleep for over an hour.


Weird, the same happened to me twice around Christmas. Second coffee of the day in the afternoon and then an hour or two of perfect deep sleep.



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