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Exponential Reincarnation Across Parallels

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I was thinking.


What I have written here is not material from Michael, it is a mapping of  what happens when the concept of Reincarnation is merged in the imagination with the concept of Parallels. I would like to ask Michael to verify this, or if someone else would like to, have at it.


My most-recent lifetime was Carl Solomon. Before Carl, I lived my first lifetime as 4th Old, and I have not asked Michael anything about this lifetime. It remains mysterious to me. Before the unknown life, I was Adam during the American Civil War.


The conventional way of seeing this would be as follows:



Parallel Reincarnation Take One.jpg


But then I started thinking. Carl Solomon died of lung cancer at the age of 64, after botching his 5th Internal Monad. In other parallels, Carl is still alive today, probably in NYC with many of you. Those parallel versions of Carl will die when it is their time, and then they will undergo their own Life Reviews. When those Parallel Carls plan their next lifetimes, they will help create a new Personality which will live that life. And that new Personality, like me, will be my Essence's 3rd lifetime as 4th Old. But it won't be me, will it? The Carl who didn't die of lung cancer at 64 lived a different life, was wounded in different ways, healed different parts of himself, grew differently from the Carl I know in THIS parallel. So it stands to reason that Parallel Carls would be interested in creating new lifetimes which could be very different from my own. It further stands to reason that the new lifetimes created by Parallel Carls would NOT be me, they would be their own Personalities.


Then I start thinking about how Carl Solomon was created by one parallel version of my 1st Lifetime at 4th Old. The Unknown Life would have had its own range of thousands of parallels, each of which spun off their own unique Personalities after they died, and Carl Solomon was only ONE of those Personalities. Who were the other ones?


This is where words begin to fail, so I'm including another image, Exhibit B. Think of the brightest line in this second image as the very same line from Exhibit A.



Parallel Reincarnation Take Two.jpg


And if that hasn't fried your neurons, remember that neither of these exhibits are taking Concurrents into account. It makes me wonder just how many Personalities a single Essence generates across a Grand Cycle. Millions? Existence is so Vast.


I think there are definitely a lot of pieces that I am missing, and this probably isn't accurate, but I can't stop thinking about it.

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I've thought a lot about this as well. I think that what qualifies as a split into two+ different personalities would relate to how many Personal Timelines that personality developed. The Ms qualify a timeline as a bundle of parallel realities that diverge enough to have separate Environments/Bodies, separate Rates of Progress and separate Root Assumptions. All 3 of those must be intact for a new timeline to form for a Personality, Sentience or Universe.


Let's take my life for example, I think I currently have 5 Personal Timelines.

The first is the Anchor version of me that went through normal school life and university and getting jobs to make a living- albeit he was very slow at committing to anything due to his comforts, resistances and experiments.

Anchor me had a choice in childhood to move into sports, which my Essence tells me developed into its own Humor Timeline because it helped me befriend new friends and support groups that taught me the value of levity and community.

According to my Essence, either one or both of my parents died in a winter car crash in 2011/12/13 and that formed a Discipline Timeline for me because it made me confront reality checks I'd been resisting in the Anchor.

I also have a few Child Timelines that became mired in self-destruction and conflict as well.

And the version of me you know is supposedly in a Beauty Timeline due to my commitment to Art as a hobby, passion, career and lifestyle.

However I may be evolving/shifting into an Enlightenment or Muse Timeline due to my awakening to activism, resource-based economy and other profound lifechanging perspectives. Dunno.


Each of those Timelines of me will eventually die, but because they live in such different Environments/Bodies, with vastly changed Root Assumptions and Rates of Progress through my inner/outer monads their Astral experience and Essence Recognition and Manifestation will be very different, possibly leading to different personalities they take part in creating and shaping.


Also keep in mind that parallels also converge at some point. So various lines, if they have not diverged into new Global Timelines for our whole sentience, will eventually merge their realities in the Late Physical to Late Astral. Global Timelines only merge in the Late Causal.

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I find this to be a very interesting topic and will need to give some more thought into it. Michael did once share with me that a single lifetime begins as many seeds which become the base for various origin parallels. One thought that comes to mind is that these seeds of a new life are based on parallels or variations of personalities who came before. They also shared that a single lifetime is resonating to and rising from a selection of cumulative experiences that came from lifetimes before.


This was my session here where the spoke of this topic:




There was another session where they spoke about how concurrents are born of parallels so removed from the core that they do not collapse.




"However, there comes a point when a branch or parallel becomes so removed from the core that it is not collapsed, but continues on its own trajectory.


And this is how Concurrents are "born.""


These topics may not answer your questions but might provide some more ideas to chew on.


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@Connor I assumed that there were multiple versions of me born into multiple parallels because of course my parents would have had many versions of themselves by the time I was born. But Michael said not. They said only the me born into my original parallel is me. So, you're probably right that there may be many Personalities created by Essence across parallels that are approximately in our time frame, but that are not "us."


From Parallels:


Janet: So when I asked how many parallels I am in, I presume that the number I participate in is a much smaller subset than the total created.


MEntity: The number of parallels generated at any given time can only be approximated, but your current life exists at this point across approximately 14,186 variations/parallels. [Note: I still smile at Michael's use of the word "approximately" here.]


Janet: Starting from how many versions of me that were born?


MEntity: Every life starts from a single point of origin. You are either born or you are not. Parallels can begin generating within minutes of being born, of course, but most do not begin before the age of 7. There are a multitude of scenarios that may generate parallels before the age of 7, but these tend to require deaths or separation from caretakers.


Janet: So even if there were multiple versions of my parents, the child born to them in another original parallel would not have been me?


MEntity: In most cases, you choose a single parallel into which to be born.


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Oh one other thing I've thought about on this:

I think Karma has an influence on diverging personalities as well.

If one version of you ends up living as a murderer I'm pretty sure that his parallels and deaths would be locked into that karmic ribbon. His choices created ripple effects that affected many other lives and created new realities, and while he is still you I think his future lives would be seeded with that resolution of karma in mind- especially if he reaches a point where he simply can't heal to merge with you until Late Astral.


If one version of you chooses to say, start up a charity fund for poor, struggling and disabled people, he would affect different consequences on the world and would create new positive karma that would likely create entirely different ideas and ideals for future personalities from his point on.


The same would apply to versions of you where you create a lifechanging career, or relationship, or social group, or spirituality.


If these sorts of intense choices in different parallels change the 3 Contexts I mentioned above, then I do imagine they would live out different concurrent timelines by way of the karma they caused and must resolve.

In that case I imagine that if a future life gets to a point where they can see, reconcile, heal and merge the different life paths you lived out, then they might create a vacuum effect for concurrent personality lines to close.

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