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Child activists of our time

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Is this an unusual time in our history, when children can actually be heard, and do things of "power" by protesting and social media? Another teenage activist that is getting heard, not by planning big stuff or  having big influence by coming from a rich family, but simply using citizen's disobedience to protest against injustice and inactivity. I think it is amazing that this sort of things are happening. It is a clear sign things are changing in our lifetime.

If there are others you would like to share, go ahead! It's inspiring.


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The first person that came to mind for me was Genesis Butler, an 11 yr old Vegan Activist with what seems to be very cardinal overleaves.



I also thought about some kids Ive seen on news media.

One got popular simply for acknowledging and talking to her local african garbage truck man. She'd wait for him with her parent every time he came by to get their garbage. When it was his birthday, she got him a present of some sort I believe and he nearly cried.

She considered him a close friend.


Another boy was less than 10 years old and stood as a local manager for his community on what I think was waste clean up, but I could be wrong. It's been a while since I saw his story.

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@Miizle, thank you for mentioning Greta Thunberg. I was going to bring her up myself. She has this deep and quiet determination about her, a gentle fearlessness. Very cool and interesting.


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