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SOPHIA Perfect Mind 100 AD

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My Thanks to all of YOU here on TLE !!!
With an excerpt of the gnostic poem perfect mind 100 AD, I wish us all that our Imagination will bear fruit, for the New Year ahead.
"I am within.
I am of the natures.
I am of the creation of the spirits, and request of the souls.
I am control and the uncontrollable.
I am the union and the dissolution.
I am the abiding and I am the loosing.
I am the one below, and they came up to me.
I am the judgment and the acquittal.
I am lust in appearance, and interior self-control exists within me.
I am the hearing which is attainable to everyone and the speech which cannot be grasped.
I am a mute who does not speak, and great is my multitude of words.
Hear me in gentleness, and learn of me in roughness.
I am she who cries out, and I am cast forth upon the face of the earth.
I prepare the bread and my mind within.
I am the knowledge of my name.
I am she who cries out and I am the one who listens.
I appear and walk in
I am the defense.
I am she who is called Truth, and violence.
You honor me and you whisper against me.
You who are vanquished, judge them (who vanquish you) before they give judgment against you,
because the judge and partiality exist in you.
If you are condemned by this one, who will acquit you?
Or, if you are acquitted by him, who will be able to detain you?
For what is inside of you is what is outside of you,
and the one who fashions you on the outside,
is the one who shaped the inside of you.
And what you see outside of you, you see inside of you;
it is visible and it is your garment.
Hear me, and learn of my words, you who know me.
I am the hearing that is attainable to everything;
I am the name of the sound and the sound of the name.
I am the sign of the letter and the designation of the division.
And will not move the name to the one who created me.
And I will speak its name.
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@John Roth  Thank You, yes, I meant "excerpt", English is one of the languages, I learned this lifetime, along with many others, so sometimes I just seem to loose it, me personally I don't care, as long as the message comes across. Glad you know and maybe like the long poem too, and the richness for contemplation it has still today.   

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