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Long-Time TLE Members: a request

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I am collecting and organizing an archive of Michael content on TLE that was channeled by Troy. 


Because a ton of content was transferred from older sites when this new site was created in 2016, many of the member-supplied forum topics/blog entries do not indicate the original session date. 


If you have posted content obtained before July 2016 and have some time, would you please look at your posts and add the original session date if it's not already there and you can track down the date. 


The content is valuable with or without dates, but I think it's very useful to see the evolution of Troy as a channel as well as the evolution of member questions based on the content that existed at the time of each session. 


A further request would be this: if you have material you're willing to share that originated before 2016 but has not been posted on the current site, it would help me with my archive project if you would go ahead and share that sooner than later. I am particularly interested in content received before 2011. 



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Thank you for doing this, @Janet. I know I will appreciate it even more when I return and am looking for Michael and the Teachings. ❤️


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Thank you so much @Janet for bringing attention to this. The original dates of channeled sessions are indeed something I appreciate, and even always notice.

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