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Parallel Realities and Karma


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I was watching the new Black Mirror episode "Bandersnatch", which revolves around the concept of choice creating parallel realities and I started to wonder about Karma. 


In the concept of parallel realities as we know it, every choice possible plays out somehow. So even if we make one choice, there's a parallel reality where we make a different choice. Now, I wonder how this relates to the concept of Karma. Like, there might be an instance where I do have the choice to kill someone, but in another parallel, I don't. It made me wonder because usually, as Old Souls, we tend to try to not create Karma anymore, but doesn't the very idea that every possible choice will play out somehow mean that we will create Karma indefinetly? Can someone help me out here?

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This has been on my mind since last year and it's been bothering me as well. Especially when you take into account not only the different variatons of one's Personality across parallels but also Essence's concurrents and their parallel selves. At least some fragments are bound to create Karmic Ribbons that have to be resolved on the Physical Plane. When and how does it all stop?


I would also really like to know how the parallel versions of a Personality who have not created the Karma are affected or NOT affected by it. I've been wanting to ask Michael about this but I won't mind if someone else does.









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I think there is a difference between Parallels and Probabilities.


Probabilities, or potential pathways, exist for just about anything, I would think, because the imagination is the limit for determining what is probable from any given moment.


Parallels only branch off when there is a major choice to be made. If you're standing in the produce section of a grocery store, unsure of which fruit to purchase, I don't think you'll need to generate an entire Parallel to explore the reality where you chose Apples instead of Pears, so Parallels are by no means infinite. In fact, @Janet recently asked Michael about how many Parallels she had, and Michael's answer was over 14,000, which is a lot, but nowhere near the amount there 'should be' if a parallel was generated from each tiny decision.


Also bear in mind the fact that Parallels exist up to and throughout the Causal Plane, which includes the Astral. So if you create a new parallel by murdering somebody, that parallel version of you would probably have its own parallel afterlife, and their karma would not spill over into your parallel 'here'.

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I agree with @Connor's description of this. 

Intentions/Thoughts remain amorphous probabilities on the physical plane at least, until they involve, intent and ACTION, until we take ACTION on a thought. On the physical plane, anything is a probability, but the difference between a reality and probability, is that a reality requires ACTION over space and time (unfolding/transforming/evolving) to become manifest. If the probability doesn't involve ACTION, then it remains inert/latent/unactivated/half baked/unmanifest/incomplete. So I somehow doubt that probabilities would create any karma because no ACTION has happened with them.


I imagine that the Artisans and Warriors might have quite a bit to say about this... about focusing or failing to focus ACTION on a specific intent with follow through to completion. Our thoughts/intentions/imagination energies are our realities, but they are more um solid and empirically physically evident/obvious to ourselves and others, when ACTION is taken on our thoughts. If you know what I mean.


To get something manifest:

Set your intention,

Then plan as many strategies to execute the ACTION required to manifest the intention,

Perform/execute the ACTIONS required to make the intention real/manifest,

Evaluate the outcomes to measure outcomes against intention. This is a reality and has gone beyond being a possibility or a probability. You might or might not sow karma with this. That sort of thing. I may have taken a long tangent here but that being the point of making something real...


For a bad analogy, I guess it is like an auction, you place your bid, and you don't win until no one else can outbid you. 


Edit: Now that I have read @Connor's post regarding quantum entanglement -a concept which is news to me lol, -I might have to revise what I describe as "evidence of action having occurred".. but if one particle is interacting with another particle, then that interaction is action... (which then leads to concepts of proving that one particle interacted/entangled with another - way out of my league here) ....but yeah

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  • TeamTLE
8 hours ago, Nadine said:

the very idea that every possible choice will play out

This is a concept that Michael corrected for me in the same session that @Connor mentioned. All choices can lead to parallels, but they don't necessarily all play out. In Parallels, there is this exchange: 


Janet: ... My understanding is that all parallels that could occur will occur when a divergence takes place, so I assume that there is at least one parallel now where the Democrats were not successful at the polls. Seth says that what we experience as our life is based on the parallel(s) in which we have chosen to focus our attention. I'm relieved I'm choosing to focus my attention in a parallel in which there is hope for our Republic. Is it inevitable that I am also focusing attention in a parallel where Trump and his cronies now completely have the upper hand? In other words, for parallels generated collectively, do we as Personalities have any choice about which parallels we're going to experience? Do we have a choice as Essence? ...


MEntity: ...
Keep in mind that your parallels are not always chosen. They are always created, but not always chosen.


By this we mean that you may have chosen something else and this was hooked into a parallel being generated. Many do not choose to be in parallels of nuclear devastation, for example, but can find themselves in these parallels due to bonds with others who are interested in those parallels.  ...


Janet: So if I choose not to participate in a negative parallel, and I am not drawn in by bonds, what happens to the personality known as Janet for those who know her who DO choose to participate.


MEntity: Parallels (realities) behave very similarly to how dreams work in that you can have a population in your dreams that is just for you. People in your dreams are "real," but they are fractions of an individual being used as a kind of representation or symbol "just for you." This is true in parallels, as well. In your scenario described, "you" would generate a placeholder version of you that would be a very real version of you, but would rather quickly become distanced and fade away in the life of the bond, or you would "die." ...


Note: I don't think everything we might interpret as "choice" leads to a parallel because Michael somehow distinguishes between "decisions" and "choices" in a way that isn't at all clear. In The number 12, Michael told me:


Pivotal points in the life that generate parallels tend to come from a path of 12 Decisions that led to the Choice that creates the branching.


Of course, this math is not something easy to fathom or point out in a linear context, as if your past can be mapped out in steps of 12, but it is there, in multiple layers, all managed by Essence.


Sometimes it can be obvious. Most of the time it is 12 Decisions within a sea of Decisions, all generating their own choice points and branching.

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