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Glory At Sea!

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Glory At Sea! is a beautiful short film, 25 minutes long, and I've embedded it below.
This film is stunning, and I'm still settling down from it. When I finished, it was like waking up from a dream. It is strange, abstract, fantastical, and simple, owing a great deal of its success to the authenticity of the characters and to the effortlessness with which the musical underscoring brings emotion to the surface. The story told by the film is actually kind of disturbing when I think about it, but what floored me was how I noticed but didn't even care, because the actors' performances and the music told the story in such a moving way.


This is the short film whose concept was tweaked and reworked into another immensely beautiful movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012), which I will probably post about separately later.

Honestly, I think I would ruin your experience of the film by explaining too much, so I'm just going to leave the brief official description below, and I'll see you on the other side.
Enjoy! And post what you think, if you feel inclined to do so.


Glory At Sea! (2008)
Directed by Benh Zeitlin
Music by Benh Zeitlin & Dan Romer

A group of mourners, and a man spat from the depths of Hades, build a boat from the debris of New Orleans to rescue their lost loved ones trapped beneath the sea.

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