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NEW PRIVATE CLUB - Fringe & Whackadoodle

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Private Study and Exploration of everything Beyond The Teachings

Annual Subscription - $60 includes...


  • LIVE CHATS with Michael about... Ancient Aliens, Alternate Time Lines, Origin of Species, Supernatural, Paranormal, Unexplainable, and The Unknown realms and dimensions of existence throughout the universe and beyond. Live Chats begin in March of 2019. Only members of F&W Club can attend live chats.


  • ARCHIVED MATERIAL and TRANSCRIPTS of all Fringe & Whackadoodle
    Only members of F&W Club can access these transcripts.


  • And the continued collaboration to complete THE GREAT GERALDINE PROJECT
    Only members of F&W can contribute to and offer feedback on this project.

This group is private and closed because this material does not necessarily represent the Michael Teachings and is part of an exploratory, cutting-edge, and experimental direction with Michael. This group is for those who truly wish to help, support, and study these worlds between worlds and can help us validate and expand upon material that is difficult to verify, but this group is also for anyone who is curious and excited for exploring the weird and wonderful in this universe.


This group is a work in progress and is currently in the process of being organized and populated with decades of articles. Please be patient as we build and expand and add to the club. 





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