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A paragraph missing or just left out?

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Here's the transcript:  Energy Report July/August 2011

Here's a excerpt in the Library:  Pragmatist


The sixth paragraph in the Energy Report is missing in the excerpt in the Library, probably unintentionally left out:


"A simplistic example might be one who “knows” that he can get on the other side of a wall, because he knows that others have done so, so he rams himself into the wall. This is an experience that tells this person that ramming into the wall is probably not the most efficient or practical means for applying his theory that one can get to the other side. The Pragmatist in the Positive Pole would then try to climb it, or crawl through a window, or use the door, or just go around it, or all of the above, comparing each experience to determine the most practical solution, but also including feedback and experiences from those around him so that he can experiment with those, too. The Pragmatist in the Positive Pole knows that the shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line, so to speak."

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The Library articles are not necessarily word for word duplications of the original transcript. Either Kurtis or I must have decided that the omitted paragraph wasn't necessary for the library article. It is particularly difficult when taking info from the Energy Reports to decide what is relevant to someone seeking to learn more about an Overleaf vs. a description that is more specific to that Energy Report. 


That's why the link is provide in the library article to the original transcript. Context is often everything. 

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