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Belgium UFO wave

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From March 16 2012


Question: From November 29, 1989 and approx 2 years on Belgium experienced many many UFO sightings (about 300 people) of triangular craft about 20 feet on each side. Also during this time some people reported seeing huge rectangular craft approx 330' by 200' that looked like upside down aircraft carrier. What can you tell us about these vistors?


From Micheal

  It appears that at least half of the sightings were valid, even if embellished, and a few outright lies and high-profile hoaxes, of course . These craft do not appear to have oringinated off planet, but were of an experimental nature for what might be considered an international level of government. These were not visitors, then, but human beings. The reason it appears that belgium was the focus was for the sake of generating legitimate sightings. the stealth of these craft needed to be tested in a way that logical, sensible, common peoples feedback would help create a bank of insight into improvements in design and implementation. This is not the only city or region where these have been tested.


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