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How Parallels are Created


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Note from TeamTLE: This session is from Geraldine's Human Timeline Project, which has now been moved to the members-only Fringe & Whackadoodle Club. However, this session describes in detail the source and causes of Parallels and Timelines, and so it is cross-posted here for public reference and discussion. 


Originally posted March 13, 2015


The Timeline Project

More Parallel and Timeline Background Information

March 13, 2015

Channel: Troy Tolley


MEntity: Hello to you, Geraldine and Bobby. We are here, now. We can begin.



And, a very happy Causal Friday to you, Michael 🙂


I want to take a pause from asking about the individual Timelines to get an expanded set of definitions about the differences between Parallels and Timelines (branches to the Anchor Timeline), etc. Secondly, I would like to know “how” or “who/what” creates Parallels and Timelines. I need this to be more of a topic-based session.


We were told that Essence generates Parallels in response to our choices. However, there seem to be many long-lasting Parallels that involve many Essences — such as the recent Convergence of last summer where a 200+ year Parallel was merged. Who or what generates this type of parallel?


Students are still struggling with the differences between Parallels and Timelines – could we have another set of analogies that might help clarify the differences? Also, are there any other terms to introduce on this topic?



We will respond. One moment.


As we define the terminology, we may have to circle back for context, so bear with us.




Decisions are those minor moments of choice that do not generate anything more than the fulfillment of preference, conscious or subconscious.


The different path home today, the different brand of toothpaste, the different line in the grocery store, are all DECISIONS.




We will introduce "Ripples" here as the effect that Decisions have upon your existence.


You cannot move through the waters of existence, however carefully, without generating Ripples.


Ripples exist even for everyone and speak to the presence of a consciousness in the ocean of time and space.


Ripples move out and away from a fragment, so to speak, and cross with other Ripples creating INTERFERENCE.


Interference is generated by the crossing of Ripples by your Decisions and those of others.


Interference, then, shows up as either HIGHER or LOWER AMPLITUDE.


In other words, the Ripples either increase in "size" or they are diminished in "size." Ripples fade out or increase.


Ripples that move into Higher Amplitude could be described as becoming WAVES.


The more COHERENT the Wave, the longer it is sustained with effects.


COHERENCY of a WAVE is determined by the sources that are either the same, or of the same frequency, if you will.


In other words, if you continue to make the same Decisions, creating Ripples, they would become Waves.


If others around you are making the same or similar Decisions that create Ripples, they become Waves.




We have, usually, simplified this equation by saying that Decisions create the path to Choices, but this is a more in-depth look at how that works.


PARALLELS are generated by CHOICES.


Your choice in toothpaste will likely never generate a Parallel, but that Decision may create Ripples that Interfere with someone else's Ripples that turn into Waves that lead each of you to the same point of CHOICE.


An aside:


Agreements are negotiated in the Ripples, and secured in the Waves, if you will.


Or diminished/abdicated.


GeraldineB: Many will be interested in that statement.



This is where analogies can come up short, but we will do our best: If your lifetime is a swimming pool, then swimming lanes could be said to be parallels.


When a Ripple turns into a Wave that "spills" beyond the "lane," it is now a Parallel. It has moved beyond the confines of one lane.


Your existence is duplicated into a new lane.


In order to sustain that Wave, "another you" keeps it going.


So, you have the Wave that continues forward in your own lane, but it spills beyond your lane, too, and so "you" do too.


Eventually, you have multiple lanes with multiple sources of Decisions, Ripples, Waves, and all are still cascading out and about in ways that create Interference, Amplitudes, and Coherence.


So a CONVERGENCE is when the Wave of one lane matches the Wave of another in Coherence.


A DIVERGENCE is when a Wave "spills over" into another lane to have its unique effect "there."


So one can have a swimming pool, or life, with multiple "lanes" going.




If the Waves generated by that pool are large enough, they can spill over into an entirely different pool, and that new pool is a TIMELINE.


Of course, our metaphor requires massive pools for this to work, but we trust you understand this.


GeraldineB: yes, I do 🙂


Bobby: a little sea sick but I too understand 🙂


MEntity: In addition to this consideration for the imagination, each pool is populated by a multitude of people; not just one. But imagining only a single person can help keep the metaphor clear.


GeraldineB: So, the choices are all made at the fragment or Personality level -- no "higher power" or grouping of Essences, i.e., Entity, Cadre, Energy Ring, or Sphere is creating these Parallels or Timelines.


MEntity: No. ALL Parallels and Timelines are generated by Personalities.



I think that's what I said. 🙂

However, the structure is so rigid -- i.e., only 12 Timelines total



Yes, we were agreeing by saying "no" to the latter part of your statement. As Essence, one can "go back" into a set of Parallels or Timelines to insert itself, but it would still be the Personalities that might generate new parallels.


Yes, there can only be UP TO 12 Timelines. It is no more rigid than there being "only" 7 Roles.


GeraldineB: No limit to Parallels but a limit on Timelines


MEntity: Yes, that is the same equation within a lifetime. No limit to your choices for one Personality.


GeraldineB: Bobby? Any Qs?


MEntity: No limit to your experiences, but one species. No limit to your choices, but one Role. No limit to your Grand Cycles, but one Essence.



One Spark


But, I think most of the students will be helped by this clarification, thank you


MEntity: We know we added terms and details here that may seem confusing and convoluted, at first, but they should work in helping to bring a better idea in the end.


GeraldineB: And, the use of "branches" for Timelines is just an analogy for the Anchor Timelines being a "tree"?


MEntity: The truer nature of this subject is not as "clean" as a growing tree. It is much messier and more astoundingly ordered among the seeming chaos.


GeraldineB: Someday I may ask for more, but first I need to adjust to what we have now -- understanding isn't instant


Bobby: Perhaps it's due to your abilities to "see" probabilities in that you can notify us of upcoming Convergences/Divergences but are these things that we can calculate in anyway?



In some ways, Bobby, yes, and in other ways, no.


There are ways one can easily anticipate the consequences of Decisions and Choice.


But because of the vast range of variables involved, which include the Decisions and Choices of others, as well as the cumulative effects of your own Decisions and Choices, it can be difficult to calculate probabilities on the fly.


You can always determine the degree to which you know the consequences of a Decision or Choice.


Bobby: Ok. I know we do already pick up on the effects of these things such as increased dream activity but wasn't sure if we could actually predict them ourselves.



For example, you decide to take a different route home. You can, in all likelihood, anticipate that the greater probability here is that it is simply that: a different route home.


Or, for example, you choose to move to Alaska over California. You can, in all likelihood, anticipate the greater probabilities of fulfillment and success and abundance and joy based on what you know about each location, its people, its offerings, your relationships, your connections, your preferences, etc.


But, in both of those scenarios, you cannot account for everyone and everything. You may get hit by a car on your different path home. You may end up full of joy and making wonderful new sets of friends in the location you know the least about.


We will conclude here, for today, in this parallel. However, we may continue on with you in another. "You never know."


Good day to each of you.


Goodbye, for now.


GeraldineB: good bye for now 🙂


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I'm not even a quarter through and got chills. One of my favorite movies is The Adjustment Bureau. If you haven't seen it, the plot centers around a couple whose guides are attempting to keep them apart for reasons haha. Anyway, the term "ripple" is used to described how much the guides can interfere with their personal choice. As in, they can inconvenience them in some ways but anything more than a dropped call would cause "too many ripples". I'm totally off topic but it's so nice to get those moments of true resonance. I finally see why I'm so attached to the film and make everyone I know watch it!

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11 hours ago, Janet said:

We will conclude here, for today, in this parallel. However, we may continue on with you in another. "You never know."


Haha! Cheeky Michael.

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