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The Truth, Love and Energy of Astrology ~ Part Three


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KEYWORDS ~ How Truth, Love and Energy is expressed through each House

Maureen:  What is Michaels’ take on what to use as a simple word(s) for each Natal House? 

MEntity:  You are asking for more a simplified, yet comprehensive, keyword for each? 

Maureen:  Yes – Please!

MEntity:  Though there are a number of terms that could work, we can simply alter some of what you already have, then, so that you have a House of: Emergence, Reflections, Presence, Evolution, Lessons, Context, Imprinting, Contribution, Creation, Constellation, Wholeness, and Mergence, respectively.

Negative/Positive Poles as applied to House Pairings

Maureen:  Is it possible or would it be of benefit – to have a NEGATIVE/ POSITIVE assigned to each Natal House?

MEntity:  As for polarities of each House: we would say that could be quite helpful, if it is understood that the base polarities are already intact with the opposing Houses (e.g. 12th and 6th).

MEntity:  Our own system is similar: The axes, themselves, are already positive and negative poles. Re-evaluation is the negative pole of Inspiration, while Growth is the positive, for instance.

MEntity:  It could be said as a starting point for your consideration that the 1st and 7th Houses are negative and positive poles of what contribute to the Mode; the 3rd and 9th of the Attitude; the 5th and 11th of the Goal; while the 2nd and 8th are of The Path; the 4th and 10th of The Resources; and the 6th and 12th are of The Plan.

MEntity:  The "negative" poles/houses would indicate those more solid and limited structures in the life with which the Personality must contend, while the "positive" poles/houses may indicate how and/or what is built upon that.

Maureen:  That's excellent Michael

MEntity:  Transits, and even Progressions, would indicate what part of the life, at the time, is being activated and explored.

Maureen:  more contracted (inward) times vs expansive (outward) as well – excellent

MEntity:  Understanding the planetary symbolism as they pass through each House can be quite insightful for the life unfolding.

MEntity:  For instance, the entire spectrum is explored subconsciously every 30 days in some way, and so knowing where one's Moon is can help understand the undercurrent of emotions and subconscious motivations at the time.

Maureen:  LOL Michael – "we" are truly in sync – I was just thinking about the Moon!

MEntity:  Each Planet is symbolic of Karma, either internal or external, and understanding these as they are activated around the Natal over the lifetime can lend insight into many internal and external dances with life.

North/South Nodes, Chiron and Uranus

Maureen:  Michael on Astrology: My North Node is in Capricorn conjunct Chiron (11th house) – opposed South Node Cancer (5th house). How would Michael describe this influence in my life?

MEntity:  The Nodes refer to the Karmic dynamic range of the lifetime so that yours indicates the spectrum between Dependence/Co-dependence and Independence, and what that means for you.


Chiron symbolizes where the greatest wounding might be, and as a result, the greatest healing, which in this case might be that wounding that comes from simply being different, rejected for "who you are" and the subsequent regaining/redefining of that as a means for healing and wholeness.


There is no equivalent in our teaching, but we can read these symbols to some extent and translate them into our understanding.

Maureen:  Also Uranus is conjunct the South Node as well – and in opposition to the North Node/Chiron – any comments.

MEntity:  This makes sense as it is exactly that from which you seek to heal: from being a "freak," or from being legitimately strange and a glaring oddity; so there would be a tendency toward packaging the strange, the different, the unusual, into very acceptable packaging.

The eventual understanding would come that packaging can only go so far in "hiding" the unusual, but can make a great deal of difference in making the unusual approachable.

The extraordinary in the ordinary.

However, in your case, it seems there will always be a "flair" to even the best attempts at "ordinary."


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My Chiron is also in the 11th House, in Scorpio.

It has a loose Square to Uranus(2nd House+Aquarius), a fair Trine to Jupiter(3rd House+Pisces), a loose Quincunx to Sun(4th House+Aries) and an exact Semi-Square to Moon(9th/10th House Cusp+Libra).


My interpretation:

My Chiron urges me to pay attention to all opportunities for transforming my feelings about how I get along with others, and how I believe they view my behaviors.

The Moon semi-square in particular, means this dynamic affects the emotional well-being I unconsciously express in the world.

The way I express myself will be perpetually based upon how crippled I feel for how the world sees me.

But once I dive into this wound and the power I feel it has over me, I can discover means of actually expressing these feelings in understandable ways.


What do you gather from this placement, Maureen?

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