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Michael on Asteroids


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Originally published on March 22, 2012


I will follow-up with Michael to get more information on the Asteroids as this answer was quite truncated – but in the meantime this is a good start.


Maureen:  Please comment on the action of Asteroids in the Natal Chart and as well if there is much effect as they make their transition around the Chart. I’m specifically asking about the main ones – Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Juno – but comments on any and all would be appreciated.


MEntity:  These familiar asteroids are representative of components of the Creative or "Feminine" Energy side of the Energy Ratio.


MEntity:  This will take more than the time allotted for comprehensive exploration, but we will quickly state that Vesta is the Pleasure, or the Expressive, Ceres is the Nurturing, and the work of Nurturing, or the Action, and Pallas is the Healing, Resolution, or Inspirational aspect, and Juno is the Continuity, Commitment, or Assimilative.




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