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Body Type ~ by Conception Chart


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Originally published on April 4, 2012


From a Private Live Chat on April 4, 2012: 


Maureen:  I can’t come up with any configuration that would put the Sun and Mercury AND Neptune in the 10th House at the Midheaven at my time of conception??  I do feel that my correct Body Type is Solar/Mercury/Neptune – so what am I missing?


Maureen:  I can go through ALL my iterations if you like – but perhaps you have a simple explanation so this can be reconciled??


MEntity:  The dominant body type tends to be at the Midheaven at conception, but not all of the planets that symbolize that combination of body types.


MEntity:  Were you under the impression that all of the planets of a body type combination were at Midheaven at conception? Or have we misunderstood the base of your question?


Maureen:  Yes – I was under that impression.


Maureen:  Please explain how it works then – is it "complicated"?


MEntity:  No, it is not the combination, but one {planet} of the combination, which would then tend to be the dominant percentage, while the additional influences may then have angles that tie them together.


Maureen:  OK...


MEntity:  With no actual knowledge of the moment of conception, this can be difficult, but knowing the Body Type combination and the dominant percentage, one can then retrofit a pre-Natal chart by experimenting with the general time frame of conception, putting that planet around the Midheaven


MEntity:  Some of the inner planets, however, move quite rapidly, so even a retrofit cannot give an exact moment.


Maureen:  OK – I can see that


Maureen:  So Sun/Mercury/Neptune is my correct Body Type – as I have been given then?


MEntity:  Oh yes.


MEntity:  Do you have your percentages?


Maureen:  Yes, I do.   Solar: 45%, Mercury: 53%, and Neptune: 2%


MEntity:  The dominant percentage would tend to be around the Midheaven at conception then.


MEntity:  There will be some connection around the chart with those planets representing the body type, so moving the dates and times so that there is a more prominent connection to the secondary percentage and so on, can help you to retrofit, as well.


Maureen:  Ok – I'm glad I asked Michael. Thanks!


MEntity:  Any more questions on that subject?


Maureen:  So we may choose to conceive at the best time for us to have the Body Type we want – for a specific life?


MEntity:  It is an art that develops over lifetimes, yes. At first, this is treated as the least important of details that then becomes honed as priority skill during the Young Cycle, when bodies are commodities and a means for status. This skill then becomes an art for a much greater context of the life.


MEntity:  At first, the effort is like throwing a dart at a moving target, but as the Essence evolves, the capacity for more consciously and carefully moving outside of the linear timeline allows for pinpoint precision.


Maureen:  Thank you Michael. I have enough now on Body Type info. 🙂



UPDATE:  From a Private Live Chat on April 12, 2012:   


Maureen:  I still have a problem with how the Planets are “selected” during the conception process. There are other Planets in aspect in my Conception Chart that I can’t “explain away”. For example – around the time I was conceived – over the whole possible period – (for example) Saturn was in an exact conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter was conjunct both the Sun and Mercury. Do we "choose" some planets and "ignore" others – even if they are in aspect?


MEntity:  We will respond to your question, but will first ask if this is a valid profile for time of conception?


Maureen:  Yes, it is.


MEntity:  It is not so much that Planets are ignored, but that there are some are either in latency, in line, or relative to how they will support another particular energy/Planet in the bodytype.


MEntity:  When in latency, it may be a kind of energy that is underneath all of the others, and not technically a part of the bodytype, but one that has an energy that one might "slide" to, like other Overleaves.


MEntity:  When that is the case, it is usually in terms of the Nature or Health.


MEntity:  Meaningful angles with planets that are not technically a part of the bodytype can tend to be a kind of support for a planet, particularly when a far outer planet


MEntity:  This is a kind of support that often occurs, and this "support" can be anything from sources of challenge to sources of comfort and healing. Using your examples:


MEntity:  If Neptune Energy becomes difficult to manage, or starts to be ignored, you may have your Saturn support it. This might mean that the higher visions and unusual perceptions that can be represented by Neptune may require a kind of endurance and stamina to uphold them, and Saturn can do this.


MEntity:  Or rather, Saturn may symbolize the fact that you turn to endurance and durable people for support.


Maureen:  Yes I do – I prefer stable over "WooWoo" !


MEntity:  Jupiter may then support the Solar/Mercury, or the core of your bodytype by symbolizing that your rejuvenation and vitality come from laughing, being around those who bring levity, and take on life in big ways.


Maureen:  I can see that as well.


MEntity:  We have much more to say about bodytypes and their Progressions and Transmutations, and those may factor into your interpretations, as well.


MEntity:  Bodytypes not only morph over a lifetime, but progress in a rather linear way over several lifetimes, and this can often be seen in the Natal chart in these apparent discrepancies. Sense will come of this over time.


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